BBC Lonely Hearts

heart british[Pop Bitch] Which recently-in-the-news, high profile BBC journalist once had their phone line disconnected by BT because of the phone bills they ran up as they were so addicted to phoning dating and lonely hearts phonelines?


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  1. Kerzep says

    I’ll go with David Frost also – don’t know of any other that’s been “in the news” lately.

  2. callmedave says

    The only BBC journalist who has been in the news recently is Stephanie Flanders. And I note the blind is gender neutral, so I’d say it’s probably her!

  3. Dizzy says

    I’m leaning towards David Frost for this because he used to present the show “That was the week that was” and I’m sure he used to say the lines “In the news this week”

  4. Incuriosity says

    Andrew Marr has been in the news a lot, due to his sudden stroke, so I’m going for him.

  5. UKGoss says

    Breakfast TV presenter and reporter Susanna Reid? She’s in the news lately as she’s participating in Strictly Come Dancing (UK version of Dancing with the Stars).