• Lurky McLurkypants says

      God I hope not! After having already dealt with Amnesia!Cas in Season 7, that’d be just a little too much amnesia 😐 The Season 9 previews do suggest that something bad is happening to him, though.

  1. Quanah says

    Olivia Pope

    (I’ve only watched half of the first episode, so I don’t know if any clues are in this. But, I know that she’s the President’s side piece in the show and her dad is someone important.)

  2. memommamo says

    My guesses

    Don Draper
    Mad Men

    Once Upon A Time

    I hope I am wrong on the Mad Men guess πŸ˜‰

  3. TVespy says

    Don’t watch it but I think Beauty and The Beast can be a clue for someone on the show Once Upon A Time!

    • jasper says

      They already had Belle magically “forget” last season and adopt a new personality, so I hope not. Others have been made to forget certain information at other times, as well. I think when Pinocchio reverted back to a boy at the end of last season, he forgot all his adult memories, too?

      I don’t watch it, but I’m going with Ron “Vincent” Perlman or someone else on SOA, with the B&B reference. maybe Katey?

  4. quinner says

    Dr Grey
    Greys Anatomy.
    She had been fearing Amnesia for years cos her characters mum had it.

    • samsayssix says

      It’s Alzheimer’s, not amnesia.

      Richard Webber
      Grey’s Anatomy

      He was electrocuted in the season finale and his heart stopped for a while during the season premiere.

    • lily is my puppy says

      that was Alzheimer’s… which is a little different than amnesia. The first is a progressive disease, the other a total loss of memory.

  5. audreyyy says

    Character: sam or dean winchester

    Show: supernatural

    something bad is always happening to them

  6. UberClaire says

    McDreamy. Grey’s Anatomy. They need to find a way to write him out of the show somehow.

    • Pushkin says

      I was going to say this too because of the Beauty and the Beast reference (he was the Beast). I watch the show and I would have to say,though, that while plausible, it seems kind of sloppy writing for such a well-written show.

  7. melly123 says

    I’m going to say Meredith on Grey’s Anatomy because she can never be too happy for too long

    • zayragiselle says

      this is what i am thinking. god i hope this doesn’t destroy delena’s relationship.

    • luvprue1 says

      I think it will be Stefan too. Whenever he release from his watery grave. It’s him ,or Matt. We do not know what that Damon did to Matt.

  8. ONIT says

    Beauty and the Beast refers to The CW, so…

    Character: Castiel (returns from being recurring character to main character this season)
    Show: Supernatural

  9. GillieB says

    I’m guessing Ron Perlman from Sons of Anarchy. He was the beast Vincent way back in the 80’s. I hope that Clay gets the total crap kicked out of him but then he will have amnesia and want all to be forgiven….

  10. PrincessTiff says

    Wikipedia says Beauty and the Beast has been moved to Monday nights, paired with Hart of Dixie. Maybe Lemon? Plus, that would introduce a medical tie-in

  11. memememeee says

    Character: Clay Morrow
    Show: Sons of Anarchy

    Ron Perlman was the beast in the Beauty and the Beast TV series that ran from 1987-1990.

  12. Wannabe Sherlock says

    Character: Clay Morrow
    Show: Sons of Anarchy

    Character: Dr. Brick Breeland (is having all sorts of MRIs at the moment)
    Show: Hart of Dixie

  13. superjinnx says

    Olivia Pope or President Fitz (Scandal) The ONLY way Olivia or the President could ever stop beind so deeply in love with one another and stop fracking up theirs and everyone elses lives, is if one of them developed amnesia and forgot the other, other wise it wil never, ever happen. God, I wish I felt Scary, nuts love like these two, their chemistry is amazing.

  14. luvprue1 says

    The Show: The Vampire Diaries

    The Character: Stefan . He might lose his memory like what happen to one of the TVD characters in the book. or Katherine. The cure might have set her back to what she was before she was turned.

  15. YoGo8c says

    Well probably a medical drama because of the ‘amnesia’ clue so I’ll go with Grey’s Anatomy. ‘Beauty and the Beast’ is a clue for sure but can’t think what right now. I’ll be back if I get a brainwave on that one. Could be a male-female combo, given the storyline of BATB.

  16. ABH22 says

    Cristina on Grey’s Anatomy. Sandra Oh already announced that this will be her last season on Grey’s, and this could be the way they have her go…she gets amnesia and can no longer be a surgeon.