1. LiamForeman says

    Lochte? He’s so stupid. He’d fall into a gay orgy before he realized it. So dumb.

    • YoGo8c says

      ^ I suspect you are correct. Not about the blind subject but the general observation.

      “As bag of spanners” comes to mind when discussing Ryan Lochte. Shame, and he’s kinda pretty.

    • ONIT says

      This! It’s a UK source. Daley is spending time in California, and he keeps tweeting about it.

    • AKat says

      DUH! I was so amused at the thought of this that I forgot the rest of the question:
      Sport or Team: Baseball, NY Yankees

  2. jacksonian says

    Is this a British publication? I’m thinking it’s someone who is not American, due to the use of “fancied”.

    • zephyr66 says

      Yes it is. I suppose it could be an American, but usually the British sources mean someone from the UK.

      • YoGo8c says

        The blind says ‘put in an awkward spot’, not ‘he’s not gay’ so this could be someone bi/gay who was forced to confront that, or someone not gay. It’s a bit ambiguous really.

        Tom could fit the profile but there are so many sportsmen out there all turning up to parties it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack. Also we have no idea how old this blind is, but it’s likely British because the publication is.

        A few names could be: Tom Daley, any high-profile British-based footballer, Freddie Flintoff (cricket/boxing/mild gameshow flirting with Harry Straight ;)), Kevin Pietersen (cricket), F1’s Lewis Hamilton (hee!). The list goes on…

  3. pscheck2 says

    Well, come on! there are so many possibilities (several posted already!)that it might include several who are iconic types, and if you follow these Bi’s they can be considered more than ‘gay friendly!'(ha!0)

  4. Alissa48 says

    I would go for either Beckham or Louis Smith, both been in the press for recent nights out.