Warm Actor Versus Cold Actor

fire iceSOLVED!

[Blind Gossip] This encounter happened last month at the foreign premiere of a film starring several big name actors and actresses.

The cast and crew of the film dined at a local restaurant prior to the premiere. Word quickly spread of their location, and several dozen fans and some local paparazzi gathered to wait outside the restaurant for the stars of the film to emerge.

There was great excitement when the two most famous actors from the film – who are more than ten years apart in age –  walked out of the restaurant together. There was still a lot of time left before the premiere, and the two were sharing a car to the theater.

The younger actor looked around at the flashing bulbs and the people waving to him and calling out his name… and literally ran to the waiting SUV! He did not look at or acknowledge a single person. The crowd booed him.

The older actor, on the other hand, chose to do exactly the opposite. He could not have been more gracious with the fans. He took the time to greet every single person who was there, shaking hands, posing for photos, and signing magazines. He chatted with each one, thanking them for coming and asking them if they were going to see the movie. When the fans on one side began clamoring for his attention, he turned around and waved and reassured them “Don’t worry! I’ll be with you all soon!”

Needless to say, the fans were delighted with his warmth and kindness, and the crowd applauded him when he finally did depart. Yes, the younger actor stayed in the car the entire time. The next time each of these actors stars in a film, guess which one these fans will want to see?

Kudos to the Warm Actor for his conduct with the fans. And a thump on the head to Cold Actor, who really needs to learn how to be more gracious and thankful to the very people upon whom his success depends.

Warm Older Actor:

Cold younger Actor:



hugh jackman jake gyllenhaalSOLVED!

Warm Older Actor: Hugh Jackman

Cold younger Actor: Jake Gyllenhall

Film: Prisoners

City/Country: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Hugh Jackman is consistently reported to be one of the nicest and kindest people in the entertainment industry, and this blind item demonstrates that once more.

This scenario occurred in early September 2013 just outside of Michael’s Restaurant in Toronto, where the cast of Prisoners was dining before the film’s premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Of course, when it came to the red carpet at TIFF later on that evening, both actors interacted with fans. It’s telling though, that Jackman extends himself to the fans no matter what the circumstances, while Gyllenhaal only seems to muster up the interest and niceness when it comes to more formal, staged events.

Both of these actors are undeniably talented. But the positive attitude that Jackman consistently presents may be one of the reasons that he works so much more than Gyllenhaal. Jackman has twelve projects out this year, in production, or in development. Gyllenhaal has five.

Lots of you got this right! Congratulations to CrankyGirl1 for being first!

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    • GossipProblem says


      I met Hugh Jackman when he was in The Man from Oz on Broadway and he was the sweetest man. He is an example of someone who is INCREDIBLY talented, completely grounded, and very grateful. He understands that the fans are very important. I’m a bit disappointed that Jake is so stand-offish though. I guess it makes sense though since he’s basically grown up in the A-List (his mom is a screenwriter and his dad is a producer/director)

      • amyliz730 says

        Jake’s behavior seems really disappointing, but like you said it’s not really a surprise! And it’s wonderful to hear that Hugh Jackman is so gracious when meeting fans. That’s difficult to find with celebrities!

    • woodwn says

      I agree with this. I had a friend who met Hugh Jackman-the actor spent like 15 minutes just talking to and charming random strangers. Really a nice guy.

    • natties says

      First time poster… Ace- thank you SO MUCH for exposing how horribly rude Jake Gyllenhaal is. Two years ago, I was around 16, I ran into him at NYC’s Chelsea Market. He was with his mom having coffee. I came up and kindly said excuse me, and him and his mom stared into each other’s eyes and didn’t respond. He wouldn’t even make eye contact with me or say he was busy. I repeated excuse me, a little louder, and they continued to act as if I wasn’t even there, like I wasn’t a human just like them who deserved to be spoken to. I was never disrespected so much in my life. He is a DISGUSTING person and I cannot thank you enough for showing your readers how horrible he is.

  1. kellyp says

    Warm Older Actor: Hugh Jackman
    Cold younger Actor: Jake Gyllenhall
    Film: Prisoners
    City/Country: Spain-San Sebastian film festival

  2. slimfast10 says

    Warm older actor–the WONDERFULLY warm and down to earth, multi talented Hugh Jackman
    cold younger actor–The cold as ice Jake Gyllenhaal
    movie Prisoners
    where maybe Tokyo

    • PandoraWolf says

      Not an Efron fan, but maybe he just had a second where it hit him that all those people outside all knew about his recent drug issues. Maybe he was embarrassed, maybe he felt ashamed that a problem he was trying to hide got out. YES, these celebrities make money from us going to their movies and all, but they are still human and can’t be expected to be “on” for the public all the time. Maybe he had a panic attack, who knows?

  3. raslebol says

    hugh jackman/ jake guyllenhal for PRISONNERS at TIFF premiere (Toronto)(it’s on IMDB’s message board of the movie or one of actors i don’t remember)

  4. lstelcon says

    Warm Older Actor: Hugh Jackman

    Cold younger Actor: Jake Gyllenhaal

    Film: Prisoners

    City/Country: Toronto/Canada

    • janemare says

      Def. NOT Tiff. I was there and both Jake and Hugh did an incredibly long fan line on Yonge st. in Toronto. Maybe another premiere or fest? But not Tiff.

  5. malkatz says

    Warm Actor has Tom Hiddleston written all over him. He was recently in Korea at the Thor premiere as well.

    • malkatz says

      I don’t know anything about the Thor franchise, so I will go with Chris Hemsworth for cold.

    • Vidalia Q Intrigue says

      Love Tom HIddleston, but it can’t be him. The blind says the actors are “more than ten years apart in age,” and Tom Hiddleston is only 32, just two years older than Chris Hemsworth.

  6. molly15 says

    Warm Older Actor: Hugh Jackman
    Cold Younger Actor: Jake Gyllenhaal
    Film: Prisoners
    City/Country: Toronto/Canada

  7. xoxostelabaltic says

    The picture reminds me a lot of Catching Fire (Hunger Games Series) but that wouldn’t work…

  8. Rapunzel says

    Not sure, but maybe…

    Warm Older Actor: Hugh Jackman
    Cold Younger Actor: Jake Gyllenhaal
    Film: Prisoners
    City/Country: Berlin, Germany

  9. lalaworld says

    Warm Older Actor: Hugh Jackman

    Cold younger Actor: Jake Gylenhaal

    Film: Prisoners

    City/Country: Toronto, Canada

  10. randijane says

    Warm Older Actor: Hugh Jackman
    Cold Younger Actor: Jake Gyllenhaal
    Film: Prisoners
    City/Country: Toronto – Movie premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival on Sept. 6 and HJ and JG had dinner together. HJ is 45, JG is 32.

  11. whatnow says

    I’m thinking this was that Toronto/Canada film festival. I am not really up on who was there for what movie so no guesses from me.

  12. hyork says

    There was an earlier blind about SXSW and cocaine and Zac Efron, so I’m wondering if this:

    Warm Older Actor: Don’t think it’s Ron Livingston (had him as a customer at an LA boutique I worked at 13 years ago and he was a major douche), but other male actor is Paul Giamatti

    Cold younger Actor: Zac Efron

    Film: Parkland

    City/Country: Toronto Film Festival (CAN)

  13. css1014 says

    Warm Older Actor: Brad Pitt

    Cold Youner Actor: Michael Fassbender

    Film: The Counselor

    London Premiere

  14. kattt says

    I want to say the newest Hunger Games since it’s titled Catching Fire, but I don’t think premieres are going on yet nor do the 2 main cast members have a 10 year age gap.

  15. Angel says

    Warm Older Actor: Jamie Foxx
    Cold younger Actor: Channing Tatum
    Film: ‘White House Down’
    City/Country: Madrid

    They were in Madrid in early September. I really hope it isn’t Channing. I like him a lot and he just seems so down-to-earth… of course with celebs, you never really know.

    • e says

      Since when is Jamie Foxx “warm”? He is many things but decidedly not WARM from everything I’ve read and heard.

  16. augustmom says

    Two guesses: Matthew McConaughy and Jared Leto, Dallas Buyers Club, TIFF; or Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhall, Prisoners, TIFF.

  17. La Llorona says

    Eh, I’d give the young one a pass. Maybe he was just anxious and wanted some time to himself before the premiere? Don’t know who it is though.

  18. marzipancakes says

    Warm Older Actor: Tom Welling
    Cold Younger Actor: Zac Efron
    Film: Parkland
    City/Country: Toronto, Canada

  19. jbjoah says

    Long time lurker but first time posting. This sounds like Hugh Jackman as the warm older actor and Jake Gyllenhaal as the cold younger actor at the premiere of their movie Prisoners at the Toronto International Film Festival. Everything Gyllenhaal does always come across as so scripted. Have heard a number of stories which seem to confirm that Gyllenhaal is cold and dismissive with fans. For someone who has spent so much energy pretending to be someone he is not to fulfill his Hollywood dream, you would think he would put some more effort in acknowledging his fans and being mindful of his reputation off-screen.

    • hyork says

      When do you think he’ll finally come out? When his career tanks or is severely on the wane as a means to curry sympathy and PR?

  20. sabrina325 says

    Older actor: Hugh Jackman
    Younger actor: Jake Gyllenhall
    Film: Prisoners
    City: Toronto, Canada

  21. alina says

    Older actor definitely sounds like Hugh Jackman to me. He was incredibly patient with all the screaming fans at the stage door the night I was there. Forever a fan as a result. I don’t know if it’s a calculated move to retain fans or if he’s just that sort of guy, but I’m buying either way.

    • mugofmead111 says

      Hugh Jackman sounds like the sort of guy to be the older “warm” actor. No idea who thr younger “cold” actor would be; what a shame. If it’s Jake Gyllenhaal, he’s been in the game a while and he should know better.

  22. MaybeImRight says

    “Thump on the head” is an odd phrase and clearly a clue. Other than that, I got nothing. Jackman and Gyllenhaal for the win I guess.

  23. ziShe7 says

    Sounds like:
    Warm: Brad Pitt
    Cold: Benedict Cumberbatch
    It was pretty much the same scene at TIFF. While Brad was super nice at 12 Years a slave, going around and giving autographs, Cumberbatch flew into the theatre without greeting the fans. Many were disappointed with him.

  24. pscheck2 says

    I am a little bit confused about some of the ‘hints’ in this blind, butI would say this is Taylor Latnur and Patrick Schwarzneger(?) after the Red Carpet interview. The video shows Patrick getting into the car, immediately, and Taylor going over to his fans, waving to them, signing autographs, taking pics with same and assuring them he would get to all of them before he leaves! But is Patrick in a film with Taylor and the age difference: can’t be more than three or four years difference? Well, anyway, that;s my guess.

  25. sssss says

    If this is Hugh Jackman and Jake G, I hope that there is a good reason for it. I work out at the same place as Jake and he has always been extremely nice to me, although he does come off as a bit shy.

  26. La Llorona says

    He doesn’t seem like a bad guy. Maybe he’s just not into the whole fame game, cause I feel like he’s flown under the radar. Like his star expired a looooong time ago. I feel bad for him but if this is true, I wouldn’t automatically think “Douche”. TBH, I think his acting isn’t that distinguishable and that there are many better cookie cutter actors who have come onto the scene since his Donnie Darko/Brokeback Mountain days. Plus, Gosling stole his thunder and he never got it back.

  27. ivyleaguer says

    When since do people in Toronto care about Movie stars. Tell me these fans were tourists please.