100 Million Records and Lots of Swirl Babies

babies 1[Hollywood Street King] He’s said to have a small gang of baby mommas, but we’re told he never really dealt with any major baby momma drama. That’s why, from this OG music man’s perspective, these ratchet times probably really have changed.

Our 72-year-old blind item subject — who’s sold over 100 million records – is credited for using song to rep the Civil Rights movement. Don’t believe me… Just ask President Obama, who honored him, last year.

Over the course of the time he fought for brothas’ and sistas’ freedom, he did a lot of smashing too. Don’t believe me.. Ask Mavis Staples.

Specifically, with four sistas … who he fathered a total of five children with. That would be five of the nine children who call him Dad!

“He was married to two of his black baby mommas, one of them for 15-years. His neighbors though his ex-wife was angry … not knowing she was the owner of the house.”

The man that got away with Trayon Martin’s m*rder is a travesty to our blind item subject’s government name. Now, can you guess who I’m talking about?

Music Man:

Music Man’s Birth Name:

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  1. lizt says

    Bob Dylan aka Robert Zimmermann though I’m not entirely sure what the story is here?
    Is it just that he has more kids than we knew about?

    • lepidoteran says

      4 kids but also 3 additional baby mamas, including a 15-year marriage, that haven’t been made public.

      I kind of feel like – good for him – he kept his private life private and never used it for attention and publicity.

  2. ifyouwannawakeupearly says

    Zimmerman? Oh Jesus… hi, Bob Dylan. So there’s at least one other marriage he’s hiding. Let’s find out who. He’s been officially married twice, but only one wife is known to have been black; she gave him a daughter, and they were only married six years. Of the two marriages, six kids are known. To the extent this may be Bob, that leaves three unaccounted for, probably with the wife of 15 years that we apparently haven’t heard about.

  3. DebbieDo says

    The answer my friend is blowing in the wind
    Music Man: Bob Dylan
    Music Man’s birth name: Robert Zimmerman
    First time poster, long time lurker!

  4. CanadianExPat says

    Music Man: Bob Dylan
    Music Man’s Birth Name: Robert Zimmerman

    I never paid much attention to Bob Dylan’s career to tell the truth but I’d have never figured that he was a baby sprinkler.

    I guess he had that free loving philosophy left over from the 60s.

    Who knew?

  5. jocar says

    Come gather round people wherever you roam, the answer is blowin’ in the wind! Bob Dylan nee Robert Zimmerman. Callin’ him an OG is being kind! haha

    • chiles says

      Nevermind, I didn’t read carefully enough. I’ll change my guess to Bob Dylan as he makes sense for the name, age, Mavis Staples connection, and “ratchet times really have changed” clue. Plus Obama awarded him the Medal of Freedom last year. All that fits.

    • mugofmead111 says

      I think the point of the BI is that he has had more women (and babies) out there than what is publically known.

      I read that his last marriage was kept secret for years; what else could he be hiding? 😉