Pregger Faker

CDAN – Which famous sister is stirring up some wild rumors because she craves the publicity? She is going around saying she is pregnant in the hopes that it lands her some magazine covers. She is taking the charade so far as to make sure that everyone knows that she is not smoking or drinking. Although her clothing choices have always been questionable, they are even baggier and more unfashionable than usual.


It’s Mary Kate Olsen! Source: CDAN

Miss Moneypenny was first with the correct answer.

So what is the deal with the way both Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen dress? Complete this sentence: Mary Kate and Ashley look …

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  1. Luvprue1 says

    The Olsens twins must weigh a 100 pounds combine, so are we sure Mary Kate Olsen is pregnant? Maybe she just need to burp?

  2. Claire says

    Erm, did I miss when this actually happened? I don’t remember any Mary-Kate pregnancy speculation even going back to when this first showed up.

  3. anonymous says

    lol, but Mary Kate is too thin to be rumored pregger? She needs to gain more weight to make her lies more believable

  4. Booby Jones says

    Oh course she is not pregnant. Trolls and humans are incapable of mating together.

  5. anonymous says

    so….does this refer to that time in 2007 or 2008 when she was ‘pretending to be preggers’ – it can’t be a current rumour. I haven’t heard a peep about either troll doll, other than their showing up like clockwork at any fashion show.