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[Blind Gossip] Beyonce used a baby pillow to fake a baby bump that was being carried by a surrogate. But this celebrity couple has taken the baby bump ploy to a whole new level!

We’ve told you about this married couple before. They have a reality show, and they are desperate, desperate, desperate for attention. So now they are faking a pregnancy.

That’s right. She’s not pregnant. Their claim that they are going to become parents soon is fake, fake, fake. And we have some new information about how they are continuing this sham!

There’s a pillow! And a bad one at that. Yes, they are using a pillow to fake a baby bump… for a baby that will never happen!

We found out that there is no surrogate, that they have not been able to arrange for an adoption, and that they are frantic that we have exposed their lie.

So how will this end? As of this week, their plan is to fake a misc*rriage of their fake baby and then shed some fake tears.

Now comes the big question: When will this happen? We found out that it’s going to be a “tragic” second trimester loss. Awww.

And here’s a bonus: They are thinking of blaming us for the misc*rriage! What?! We would laugh if the whole thing wasn’t so completely pathetic.

Will the fake tragedy boost ratings for their reality show? Will it boost sales of the husband’s album? Will it boost ticket sales for his upcoming concert series? That’s what they’re counting on! We’ll know if their plan worked before the end of the year.



kevin danielle jonasSOLVED!

It’s Danielle Jonas and Kevin Jonas of The Jonas Brothers! Source: BlindGossip.com

Danielle Jonas of the reality show Married to Jonas is NOT pregnant. She never WAS pregnant. The entire pregnancy was a lie from the very beginning!

Why fake a pregnancy? They planned the fake pregnancy for two major reasons: to give them a significant story line in their reality show to increase weak ratings; and to increase interest and sales of the Jonas Brothers’ music.

Kevin and Danielle and the rest of the Jonas family were accepting gifts, selling apps to give fans exclusive access to the fake gender announcement, and giving interviews to try to increase interest in the reality show and the now-canceled Jonas Brothers tour and album.

To further perpetuate this scam, Danielle and Kevin bought a series of five fake pregnancy bellies from a company called Moon Bump (makers of fake prosthetic bellies for the television and film industry) in May 2013.

Unable to procure an adopted child for the fake birth, they decided to announce a tragic miscarriage just as the band began their fall tour and released their album. They believed that you would feel sorry for them and would want to support them by buying their stuff and watching their show.

But now the Jonas Brothers tour is off, the album is canceled, and we’ve exposed this lie. So what are they going to do?

Well, they have been tossing around the following options in the past week: They could say that the miscarriage recently occurred as a result of the stress of the current situation (Let’s all blame Joe’s drug addiction!); They could go ahead with the planned baby shower next month, and then have a dramatic miscarriage happen just as the shower is supposed to take place; They could take it all the way to the fake due date in January, and announce that the baby was stillborn; or they could do something in-between. Only one thing is certain for right now: this baby will never happen.

Every single member of the Jonas and Deleasa families were in on this lie from the very beginning. Every interview that Kevin and Danielle and Joe and Nick gave talking about how excited they were to be parents and uncles was a lie.

By the way, the stillborn scenario was Papa Jonas’ preference, as he wanted them to milk this story line for as long as possible. Album sales! Concert ticket sales! Apps! TV ratings! Money, money, money!

The Jonas Brothers have been silent for the past week about the Joe Jonas drug story (which we also broke), and have just pulled down their Twitter account. They knew that they we were about to out them for this horrific pregnancy lie and are in panic mode. They are trying to spin this with E! and Radar and Star and National Enquirer and People and a bunch of other “celebrity-friendly” outlets. They have been lying, spinning, begging, and threatening for the past week. It will be interesting to hear what other media sources will report about the baby while the family goes into hiding.

Also involved in this sham: Ryan Seacrest. He produces Married to Jonas, along with all of the Kardashian reality shows. The ratings for theĀ  “Married to Jonas” have been weak.

Ryan likes to think of himself as a one-man entertainment dynasty who creates quality programming. The truth is that his reality shows have very little relation to reality. He makes money from producing shows with scripted story lines and getting viewers caught up in a lot of phony drama.

But faking a pregnancy and a miscarriage/stillbirth for ratings and money is a new low. Shame on all of those who participated in this fiasco.

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This is a BlindGossip.com EXCLUSIVE. We ask media outlets, bloggers, and social media users to clearly and properly credit and link to BlindGossip.com when discussing this story. Thank you for your professional cooperation!

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  1. stinkerbell says

    The Jonas guy and his wife?

    Is the triplicate repeating of ‘fake’ and ‘desperate’ to signify the three Jonases?

    • ThinkerBelle says

      Doesn’t seem very christian of him, does it? I don’t think Jesus would look too favorably at all the lies. But what eve.

  2. arow444 says

    Super easy—Kevin and Danielle Jonas. You can tell in any pictures taken recently of her that it’s fake.

  3. Mia444 says

    Joe Jonas & his wife, of course.

    Hollyweird is full of fakery & bullsh*t, but IMO there’s nothing lower than lying about a miscarriage.

    • GayleStorm says

      THIS disgusts me to no end! It really is sick, sick, sick.

      As a woman who has experienced a miscarriage (along with many others here, I’m sure), it is beyond me that anyone would agree to this plan and stoop so low.

      Talk about tempting fate….just awful! :(

      • Dana5570 says

        I’m with you GayleStorm. I’ve suffered two miscarriages and a stillbirth at five and a half months. I’m highly offended that they would use what is a heartache for us mere mortals to hype their crap. I wasn’t interested in them before and I this will for sure keep me from ever buying or watching anything they are both on.

  4. guessingbg says

    Kevin Jonas and his beard.
    I don’t even understand what they are going to say for the blame game. ‘It’s Ace’s fault?’ ‘I miscarried because of Blind Gossip!’

    • prleonard2 says

      Stress. They will say that it caused them stress and that made them miscarry. BUT here is the thing, if they were actually pregnant, why the hell would a blind about a couple that aren’t pregnant make you stressed? Even if it wasn’t you and people thought it was, when you have a kid and the people would be forced to believe that you actually were pregnant.

  5. memommamo says

    I thought this blind ran before.

    Jonas – Jonas wife. I can’t remember their names…. Don’t really care.

  6. modelle18 says

    i dont follow reality tv so im really stumped

    all signs seemed to point and Kanye but the blind refers to husband and Kim and Knaye are not married, otherwise all the other clues would have fit

  7. martixo says

    the only thing that comes into my mind is

    husband: Kanye West
    wife: Kim Kardashian

    but 1st thing – i thought they were not married to each other? and 2nd thing: they have already had a kid who actually didn’t help the show a lot so why the should the second kid?

  8. Raito says

    Husband: Kevin Jonas

    Wife: Danielle Jonas

    This is so pathetic, and disgusting. And a whole new level of wrong.

    One thing though; is his PR team so cheap that they wouldn’t even chip in for a proper fake baby bump? Come on now, a couple bucks each would have done the trick!

  9. MaybeImRight says

    YES! Thank you Ace for having the guts to out that sham-of-a-greedy-attention-* Beyonce! Good for you! And this is obviously the gay Jonas bro and his NJ wife Danielle something.

    • tonisl says

      Ditto! Beyonce’s sham pregnancy shouldn’t be swept under the rug. Her attempt at delusion is an insult. Now we get to watch the third-rate fame-wh*re’s attempt to re-create it. *sitting back in my chair with a bowl of popcorn*

    • LeahLynn28 says

      Of course it was.There is no baby,nor pregnancy,Kevin is gay and she’s his beard.You can get one in the internet,and for free…a woman in my country faked a pregnancy and used another woman’s ultrasound from the internet to fool her friends and family.Unfortunatelly it happens…

  10. kcphilly says

    Kevin Jones and his beard of a wife Danielle obviously. What I don’t understand is how they could blame BG? Are they gonna claim stress from the rumors? Please. I just saw them on Rachael Ray recently gushing over “their” sonogram and talking about how “active” the baby is. If they go through with this they are disgusting. If they want a fake marriage that’s on them but the idea that people all over will be sending condolences to these two makes me sick.

  11. thelinds says

    Kevin Jonas and Danielle.

    As someone who has suffered two miscarriages I find this highly offensive and degrading to couples who HAVE actually suffered this kind of grief.

    • srw27 says

      Agreed-it’s disgusting the lengths these people will go for attention (even the negative kind). My condolences to you for your loss…

    • GayleStorm says

      My condolences for your loss, thelinds. Miscarriages can be very painful emotionally. I have been there before, as well, and over ten years later it still makes me very sad.

      I find this so disgusting and reprehensible…I can’t even fathom. These people are sick.

    • tonisl says

      I’m truly sorry for your losses. In addition to the attempt to insult our intelligence about a faked pregnancy, the charade about a miscarriage is absolutely heartless.

  12. sunshinestar says

    Married to Jonas – really disgusting. Wish you could expose these ugly lies and have them rot in fan hate hell forever!

  13. PoniTayl says

    Danielle & Kevin jonas, never watched the show, hate the jonas’ (another Disney product gone bad), and this was too easy to google.

  14. LeahLynn28 says

    As always,Kevin “closeted” Jonas and his “smart” fame-wh*re beard.Who else could these losers be?
    Well,i don’t know how she will fake the miscarriage,but they have no choice anymore,or they fake one and act like poor victims,or tell the truth and face the consequences for lying.These two planned this farce without a second and third plans,now they are in trouble.They are dumb,very dumb.Beyonce faked a pregnancy,but at least they had a surrogate,and the baby really exists,although this site exposed her lies and she bought a baby pillow of low quality,which destroyed her farce too.lol
    Oh,man…Kevin and his fake wife are stupid…lol

  15. Coffee_Not_Tea says

    The closet gay Jonas brother and his beard.

    What makes me so angry about this they would pull,a stunt like this after the tragic late miscarriage of Jack Osbourne’s baby

  16. LouislovesHarry4ever says

    Husband: Kevin Jonas
    Wife: Dani Jonas
    It’s amazing what lengths some people go through all in the name of PR stunts. First a “fake” relationship.
    Second a “fake” marriage.
    Third a “fake” pregnancy.
    Fourth a “fake” miscarriage!!!
    What’s next a “fake” divorce?!?!
    OMG… Why doesn’t Kevin just come out of the closet and lead the way for his brothers…

  17. truebeliever_ says

    Husband: Kevin Jonas
    Wife: Danielle Jonas

    As much as I don’t want to agree with it, they are REALLY trying to push this upcoming tour and the “reality show” along with “concert” confirms it.

  18. AuntieMama says

    Husband; Kevin Jonas
    Wife: Danielle Jonas
    Reality Show: Married to Jonas

    Clues: The words fake and despaerate are used 3 times. The Jonas Bros are a trio where Prince Kevin is the oldest.

  19. Andromeda says

    Husband and Wife: Kevin and Danielle Jonas. Btw I am absolutely disgusted by them if they actually fake a second trimester miscarriage for ratings.

    • Friday Wonder says

      So how are they going to have a fake miscarriage? Stress? an accident? Or some sort of medical condition in the body that kills the baby or fetus before it grows fully in the womb or something like that? Isn’t that what miscarriages are really like? Not simply ripping the pillow off then blaming a gossip website for the “misdeed” as Kevin and Danielle want us to believe.

  20. LawLady says

    Kevin and Danielle Jonas

    I just don’t get why. Wouldn’t adoption be discovered one day? Why not have a real baby instead of faking it?

    And for Beyonce, I’m still not sure it was fake. There were pics online of her showing her pregnant belly. Everyone said Kim wasn’t really pregnant too. Smh.

    • mugofmead111 says

      I don’t think TI and Tiny would fake a miscarriage. They already suffered the pain of having a stillborn baby a few years back (a girl).

  21. Fergus says

    Husband: Kevin Jonas

    Wifey: Danielle.

    BTW: She has a shocking head on her. If it was a dog you would kick it.

  22. Freddia says

    What? Beyonce wasn’t pregnant? Woow
    Okey, about thiss BG I think it’s about that Jonas brother and his wife.

  23. mugofmead111 says

    Hasn’t there been BIs before that some people though were about Kevin Jonas and Danielle Deleasas Jonas faking a pregnancy?

  24. lakelady says

    I am thinking Kevin and Danielle Jonas but that seems too far fetched but I can’t think of another reality couple that the husband is a singer