Cupid’s Bow Strikes Again

cupid 3[Allie Is Wired] Remember Cupid, his bow and the bad romance? Click here for a refresher on this blind…

The former co-stars hooked up and she fell hard, but he is riding high on a second wind of fame and fangirls.

After realizing she wanted a ring, he dumped her to return to his on-again-off-again fling with an underwear model who is more into his reheated status than a deep rooted relationship.

The model wants more public PDA with Cupid, but he is adamant that they keep things as quiet as possible. Why? She is well under half his age.

His PR team feels his penchant for dating models would not sit well with his growing fanbase.

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30 comments to Cupid’s Bow Strikes Again

  • guessingbg

    I thought the original blind was about Ashton and Mila, but as far as I know, they are together. So, I’ve got no clue.

    • Tasia

      Cupid’s Bow = Russell Crowe. Perfectly rhymes. Blind hints at a career resurgence, which Russell has had. After the phone incident he wasn’t in demand but now his career is “reheated.” (Hint at his famous temper?) He’s separated from his first wife and was linked to his former costar in Le Mis, which they both denied (keeping things quiet). “He is riding high” could be a hint at his role in Man of Steel (Could he fly? Can’t remember) In Robin Hood he trained to use a bow (“Cupid’s bow strikes again”) and he was in “Heaven’s Burning” which could explain the hints to Cupid and “reheating”. (Stretching here?) I have no idea who the model could be… not sure this is a win but I like that it rhymes :)

  • luvprue1

    It either Bradley Cooper,or Leonardo DiCaprio

  • neartstarlet

    He: Bradley Cooper
    She: Jennifer Lawrence
    Model: Suki Waterhouse

  • Revisionist

    well I guess the 1/2 his age guess debunks all the Ashton, Mila guesses unless he is dating 16 or 17 year old models. And I am not sure that Californication could really be considered a “second wind” – maybe 5-6 years ago but I forgot that was even still on. I just don’t see applying to the clue “growing fanbase”. So I think that eliminates all the Duchovney guesses.

  • zeep

    Thought it was X-Files but who’s the model?

  • ArrestedDevelopment

    Either it’s Duchovny, or Kutcher is dating high school girls.

  • boyjack4

    Bradley Cooper
    Jennifer Lawrence or Zoe Saldana who up and married on rebound!

  • I Am PunkA

    Erin Heatherton
    Toni Garrn

  • aperitto

    GUY: Jeremy Piven for the guy. He was in Cupid (1998–1999) and he is that kind of a man.

    WOMAN: Many Possibilities. It seems though the woman is age appropriate for him, while the model is not.

    1)Paula Marshall. She was on the same series with him, she is very hot (that’s a requirement for him, he is very shallow) she is one year older than him (practically the same age).
    The only thing is that it’s been more than 10 years from when the series ended.

    2) Frances O’Connor. She works with him in the new series “Mr Selfridge”. Two years younger than him.

    3) Many others

  • bumblebea63

    He: Bradley Cooper
    She: Renee Zellweger
    Model: Suki Waterhouse

    I know the Bradley/Renee fling was two years ago, but there were rumours that she wanted to take that next step and he didn’t…so that’s my guess!

  • Cecilia

    was Bradley Copper married? because the previous blind says the actor didnt want to get married again…

  • LBoogie

    Wasn’t the rumor that Jennifer Esposito divorced him because he prefers the company of men? Hence the Zoe Saldana beard… Girl got hitched real quick

  • MaraJade

    He: Bradley Cooper
    She: Zoe Saldanda
    Model: Suki Waterhouse

  • Lisa

    He: Bradley Cooper
    She: Zoe Saldanda
    Model: Suki Waterhouse

  • creeping_thistle

    The biggest hint is “the second wave”. Which actor is currently enjoying a “second wave of fame and fangirls”? Bradley is on the rise, Leo never spent five minutes without fangirls, Duchovny will never have a second wave. I must think harder on this one…

  • Anaishilator


    imma go with b-coop, whose fame crested again after the success of silver linings playbook

    the ex is zoe saldana

    gf suki waterhouse.

  • GossipProblem

    Liam Neeson.
    1. He’s a career resurgence of late as an “action star.” He’s been making movies non-stop int his new niche.
    2. His wife had passed away –> hence the “never getting married again” bit.
    3. He was in Love Actually, in which he played “Cupid” to his son’s budding relationship.
    4. There have been rumblings about him dating several different women, one of them being under half his age.

    Not entirely confident on this one, but that’s all I got.

  • ravenglass

    I know he’s never been married, but this sounds so much like Norman Reedus.(The crossbow wielding zombie hunter from TWD).There were rumours awhile back about he & former co-star Laurie Holden hooking up. Now he’s dating an underwear/bikini model named Cecilia Singley who seems to enjoy flaunting their relationship on instagram while he’s kept tight lipped about it. He is 44 & she is 20. The fangirls hate her & enjoy bashing her on twitter. Plus there is a reference to a “bad romance”. Reedus appeared in Lady Gaga’s video “Judas”. He is also a serial model dater.

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