• PinkSlip says

      “entertainer” though…he’s strictly “actor,” no? The Hugh Jackman/JT guesses are at least in the genre….

  1. whowassheilahgraham says


    It’s amazing that he got hit with so many accusations of sexual assault at once. Some say it all happened when he thought about leaving The Church (not the one in Rome). Coincidence?

  2. ThinkerBelle says

    Hugh Jackman. “Straight entertainer” being the clue. He’s always saying he’s straight and he’s an actor/dancer/singer. And he’s married.

    • GossipProblem says

      What’s the difference if it is him? So, he paid some greedy ex lover of his off because he has a career and, like it or not, he has a family and while he may not have been thinking of them during the affair he certainly is by keeping it out of the public eye. So would it be a shame because it means he’s gay?

  3. lobsterbabe says

    My guess is Justin Timberlake. It says entertainer which is vague, could be an actor or singer and he is both.

  4. kittyconfidential says

    It doesn’t say anywhere that this is a man… So, why the auto-assumption that this refers to a straight man having gay affairs on the DL? I think a married woman paying her guy-on-the-side hush money is pretty scandalous.

    So, married, straight, woman, entertainer, NYC… Kelly Ripa!

    • muuuuu says

      That article says he won the Academy of Country Music’s Entertainer of the Year award for the fourth straight year in a row. Not that he won a Straight Entertainer Year award.

  5. oldstephens says

    Entertainer means more than one genre. So Bonjovi, JayZ, Will Smith types.

    I don’t think it is Hugh Jackman–too much talk about him over the years. Not Travolta–he’s just an actor–been 100 years since he’s done anything more. John Legend would be a good guess but pretty much just into music so far.

  6. dalstongirl says

    Sounds like Hugh Jackman to me. I would describe him as an entertainer – sings/dance/acts. Also has done musical theatre. So many rumours about him. Closeted actors like that are just frauds. They are promoting their hetrosexual relationship for career advancement yet sneaking around with their gay lovers. That’s why I admire actors like Zachary Quinto and Matt Bonner who would rather be true to themselves than live a lie for a Hollywood career.

  7. Sarabeth says

    Jay Z

    The graphic is referring to Jay Z’s song 100$ Bill. Dollar signs on the bags and 100 showing on the cash (all other 0s are covered with that paper fastener).