She Smells Like A Farmyard

farm animals[Naughty But Nice Rob] Which thin TV personality, who is so obsessed with keeping off the pounds, has turned to laxatives – with a nasty, smelly side effect.

“You never want to be upwind when they are around. The smell that follows them is like a farmyard. It is disgusting. Now they have an assistant constantly spraying fragrances but NOTHING can cover up what is coming out of her bottom!”

As embarrassing a problem as this is, it has now been made worse by the fact that a new venture has resulted in her being surrounded by lots of people 5-days a week!


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    • Tasia says

      +1 She just started up again with the Voice. Wish the writer used the word “Dirty” to be sure 😉

      • chloesavedlatin says

        dont think its her, plus they filmed this season of the voice like 3/4 months ago so it cant be that either

  1. augustmom says

    Two came to mind: Kelly Ripa and Bethenny Frankel…I’m going with Bethenny because she has a new talk show.

  2. guessingbg says

    LOL! While funny, and I can think of several people such as GOOP and Bethany Frankel (is that her name?) or even Oprah or JHud, the fact they’ve turned to laxatives and are obsessed with weight is actually a reflection of an eating disorder…

    • ValleyOfTheGalls says

      She doesn’t have a tv show that’s on 5 days a week. Although it’s well known that she smells bad. lol

  3. KelseyJay15 says

    Im guessing Snooki. Recently lost a lot of weight after her baby and after she had been on the bigger side for a bit and recently started Dancing with the Stars

  4. TulipInBloom says

    I’ll guess Jenny McCarthy. She’s been a Weight Watchers spokesperson and is now on The View five days a week.

    • ValleyOfTheGalls says

      This was my first thought. It’s said that she stinks! But she’s not a tv personality. She only does occasional tv interviews to drop names.

  5. KWDragon says

    Does Leann Rimes have any new TV projects? She is the first person that came to mind, with farmyard being a nod to her country music past.

  6. ThinkerBelle says

    Bethenny Frankel. A past blind made reference to her hubby Jason not wanting to bring up Bethenny’s anorexia in their bitter custody battle. This sounds like something that could happen. The stress of carrying a show could easily trigger overeating. She might think throwing up might be too noticeable but maybe she should rethink that if she has a personal perfume sprayer on staff.

  7. mizzavrid says

    Betcha it’s that Bethanny Frankel. Her name even sounds farty. And WHY in the HELL did someone give her a show? That’s the bigger blind…..

  8. Revisionist says

    Frankel has always looked like she had an eating disorder… use of laxatives have always been a warning sign

  9. Katmandu says

    I read about some model who did that for years till her plumbing blew out, she became. Incontinent and had towels she would besmirch all over her fragrant apartment. She threw them out the window. May have died from a heart attack. We’ll I guess it was worth it to leave an emancipated stinking corpse. Maybe it’s the plague pusher Jenny McCarthy.

  10. pandora928 says

    Btw as someone who has hag GB surgery and before that used drugs like Xenical and OTC Alli, your intestinals have a will of their own. Also, anorexic/bulemics who use laxatives, same thing. Trash in, trash out..not the garden party you would expect.
    The problem is knowing what bloody stool smells like. That’s the BIG problem. Being a veterinarian, I know that smell. It’s odd and pungent..and fatal.

    • mugofmead111 says

      pandora928, what you wrote about is really sad.

      As an aside, I just saw a rerun of an episode of My Strange Obsession. This episode featured a tall, rail-thin (5’10”, 108 lbs) young woman who claimed her addiction was laxatives (and she did down a mind-boggling amount daily), but it was obvious that her *real* obsession was her weight and her real problem was an eating disorder.

      How one continues to do such a thing once your body starts showing signs of obvious damage is what I’d like to be able to understand.

      P.S. I hope it’s not Bethenny; hopefully she does not pass along her issues about weight or food to her daughter.

  11. jenniferlaurenn says

    Kris Jenner – new venture with her new talk show; “keeping off the pounds” like “keeping up”?

  12. minnie says

    I don’t think it’s Bethenny; she has huge, swollen parotid glands which indicate bulimia, so I doubt she would also need laxatives.