1. WhoDatGirl says

    If this is about Zac Efron it’s more like a reaffirmation than a blind. His reps already said he got out of 2 rehab stints for this problem.

  2. MikeInSanJose says

    Zac Efron’s issues are old news.

    Coould capitalized ‘Hearthrob’ be a clue? Tegan and Sara have an album ‘Heartthrob’, but prolly not them.

    I’ll say Mickey Rooney. He was a teenage heartthrob. Don’t hear much about him anymore…

  3. Sequoia says

    Harry Styles, though he’s hardly a heartthrob in my book. He may be fueled by cocaine, but he’s seriously lacking in testosterone…

    • PinkPetals says

      Can’t be Harry as he is in Australia and he’s been out with fans every day since he arrived and be has been seen working out with his Personal Trainer. He actually looks really fit and healthy and happy. Both Louis and Zayn look shocking. Both very thin and looking tired. We haven’t seen any fan photos or pap photos of either of them since they arrived. Only photos at the shows. Can’t be them though in this BI as neither were ‘child’ stars when discovered. Probably Beiber.

    • Sequoia says

      Oh I thought the Biebs was 22. It must be him. He’s also seriously lacking in testosterone… Who has crushes on these “guys” anyway? Unknowing lesbians?

  4. Cecilia says

    what about Zayn from 1Direction? he is always hiding when he is not performing and he looks scary skinny these days…

    • Wannabe Sherlock says

      You’re right, he does look shockingly bad these days and it’s obvious something is going on with him. That said, I don’t think it’s him, as he’s on the road touring. I would imagine it’d be too hard and expensive for the press to keep up to get the story. He’s contender for a future blind though, for sure. Probably with his bag-of-bones g’friend.

    • robirob052 says

      That was my thought, too since he starred in Sharkboy and Lavagirl as a kid. Being in the closet and with not much of a career going for him right now while others live happy gay lives out in the open must make him mad as hell.

    • PandoraWolf says


      “This teen star is squeaky clean in the press, and even in reality! S/he does charity work, comes to set/rehearsal/whatever on time and ready to go, and every Friday buys lunch for the crew. S/he respects their parents, doesn’t drink or do drugs, keeps their pants up and their tongue in their mouth, and recently got into Columbia University after earning a 4.85 GPA in school! Who is it?”

      Anyone? Anyone? Nope. Because no one would fit this description!

  5. MissNormaDesmond says

    I’m going with Bieber. I was just thinking today how blissfully free of Bieber we’ve been for a while, and it like he’s dropped out of site (thank god). Plus at 25, I don’t think Zac Efron is really a teenage heartthrob, and his rehab news is old news now.

  6. JaneDawson says

    TMZ exposed Bieber’s friends’ coke habits last week. I don’t see why Justin wouldn’t join in. he’s got no backbone.

    Justin Bieber.

    • PandoraWolf says

      Supposedly he kicked out ‘Lil Thug and ‘Lil Twerp, though.

      Maybe he finally figured out they were going to ruin his (please let it be on the downslide) career and 86’ed them.

  7. britbrat86 says

    Justin Beiber seems to obvious. . . with it being cocaine I’m leaning to one of the Disney kids (they all seem to run to the drug) . . . Ross Lynch?

  8. Wannabe Sherlock says

    ‘Kay, if it’s Efron then I agree with Whodatgirl – it’s a recap, not a blind.

    I don’t think it’s the Biebs because he’s a BIG stoner and c*ke does the opposite, so I can’t see him going from wanting to be super relaxed all the time, to wanting to be super charged all the time.

    My guess,… It’s painful to say this, but Taylor Lautner. It’s been coming for a while and I thought he’d be milking his new fauxmance after filming Tracers,… at least for a little while. Instead he’s dropped completely off the radar and no-one has heard from or seen her either. Probably because she’s been told to stay out of sight to avoid having to answer any awkward questions.

    I hate lies, but sometimes it sucks having a better idea of the truth.

  9. TrueBieberBabe says

    Zac Effron
    This is definitely not Justin Bieber. The news lately is about Zac Effron and how he is in Peru with Dan. Reports have it that he just finished rehab twice for cocaine addition.

  10. BoredPerson123 says

    I think you have used the word “Heartthrob” a lot on Justin Bieber’s blinds, & you have made many blinds about JB’s substance abuse, so…

    Heartthrob: Justin Bieber

  11. 95zoey95 says

    Depends, when you say teenage Heartthrob whether you are saying he is a teenager who is a heartthrob, or a heartthrob with teenage fans.

    If you are referring to the first; Justin Bieber.
    If you are referring to the second; Zac Efron and/or Joe Jonas.