1. 3dogday says

    Taylor Swift.

    I’m telling you Ace, she might write her own songs and not go around swinging naked on wrecking balls, but she’s become as rotten as sin. :/

    • myhippieversion says

      She wrote a song about a child who died from cancer, I doubt she wouldn’t want to raise awareness for this

  2. sunshinestar says

    Ugh, what a skank move! I wonder if Christina Aguilera has a perfume out there – she sure seems like a total B and the pic looks like her post coke diet body.

  3. ShennanigansOHoolihan says

    I don’t know who this is, but they are a total d*ck. The managing partner of our law firm died from ALS a few months ago, and he was truly the kindest man you could meet. It was heartbreaking, and I knew nothing about the disease prior to watching him live with it until it killed him. He had to speak by blinking his eyes into a machine.

    I hope this diva reconsiders.

  4. Tasia says

    Mariah Carey. Randy Pipkin helped her with her first perfume. He just did an interview with the Boston Globe about his battle with ALS.

  5. oldenuf2nobetta says

    Pop diva is Mariah Carey. Fragrance is “M” by Elizabeth Arden. Executive with ALS is Randy Pipkin. Worked in fragrance marketing and helped to launch “M.” Sad story.

  6. LeahLynn28 says

    All of them?After few years,these “divas” become greedy and selfish anyway.I’m not surprised,she could be any of them…

  7. iyamrocky says

    I don’t know who it is, but I’m not going to judge them harshly. Can you imagine how many requests someone famous gets to help out charitable causes? It would also depend on what the person was asked to do – there may be a good reason for not participating, and somebody just got ticked off without looking fully looking into it. Hopefully there was a referral or donation made that didn’t get publicized…

    • mugofmead111 says

      The BI mentioned that someone had made a “personal request”, which seems harder to turn down. I guess instead of the diva saying, “Well, I can’t do this, but here is what I’m willing to do”, or “I wish I can help but I’m not able to right now because of [x], please understand”, the diva did nothing which might have been why this got leaked.

  8. Fergus says

    Pic looks like weird Tay Tay.

    Could write a song, ‘You asked for help foreverrrr, and I said whateverrr’. Like that.

  9. whydoireadthis says

    I think the graphic most closely resembles Taylor Swift. She revealed her lousy attitude way back when all that fan mail was found in her trash cans (she reads everything & it was an accident)!

  10. Ivee says

    Is there any pop diva still out there who does not have at least one personal fragrance for sale? This really could be “all of them.P