Drama and Screaming at an L.A. Club

couple fighting 5[Blind Gossip] There was some drama earlier this week at an L.A. club involving a very cute television star from a very popular show.

Our talented actor was at a nightclub, hanging out with some friends, cast mates, and his “girlfriend”.

We put “girlfriend” in italics for three reasons: First, because we’re not convinced about this actor’s orientation. Second, because his “girlfriend” coincidentally happens to be a writer slash producer slash whatever at the same network on which his show appears, so we don’t know if she is a beard or the real thing. Third, because fans of this show are so rabid that every time we write anything about a cast member from this show, we are deluged with hate mail (Flame away, you geeks!).

Anyway, while he was hanging out with his friends, she was in the bathroom doing massive quantities of coke. After a while, she emerged from the Ladies Room, stumbled over to him and started screaming at him about how he doesn’t pay enough attention to her. And we mean screaming!

The actor was mortified. However, instead of dealing with her, he tried to get away from her. So she’s screaming, he’s dodging, she’s chasing, and the crowd is laughing. Whenever she couldn’t find him, she would drape herself over other cute boys in the club, flirt with them, and try to get them to pay attention to her. No one was buying her mess.

After a while, the actor’s friends had enough and took off. Yes, they left the cute actor alone and miserable with his screaming, clingy, coked-up “girlfriend”. When he had finally had enough, he pushed her away from him and disciplined her like a schoolgirl, “You’re wasted! Now just go home and leave me the f*ck alone!” They wound up leaving together a little while later.


TV Show:

Girlfriend (not famous):

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  1. Maria says

    Actor: Darren Criss
    Tv Show: Glee
    Girlfriend: Mia Swier

    Never seen a woman so desesperate, she follows all the cast, crew, friends of Darren on twitter, do a surveillance of each move that he makes, i bet she knows and follow his proctologist if the poor man had one.
    Her lack of style and how she stands by herself makes me think that she is wasted the major of the time.

  2. xxNYGirl says

    Actor: Darren Cirss
    TV Show: Glee (hint – ‘Geeks’ close to ‘Gleeks’, name for fans of the show, plus fans are rabid)
    GF: Mia Swier (I think she took a job at Fox in the last year or two)

  3. Rae says

    Actor – Darren Criss
    TV Show – Glee
    Girlfriend (beard)- Mia Swier

    This is so obviously Darren and his beard. He was pictured outside a club a couple of days ago with Mia and other friends. There is ridiculous amounts of evidence that this chick is his beard, Darren Criss is not straight. At all. And she loves the attention and perks of being in this position. Fans were commenting on how Mia looked like she was on something in a picture of her DRAPED OVER ANOTHER GUY from the other night. Couldn’t be more obvious who this blind is about. I feel bad for Darren, I hope one day he can be brave enough to be open about his sexuality. And be out and proud with his real other half.

  4. ClaireBrown says

    Darren Criss and Mia Swier (aka Mia Von Glitz) obviously. She is a writer/producer at Fox who make Glee, and they were pictured coming out of a party the other night and she was obviously as high as a kite. And re the sexuality, there have been rumors about him and his co-star Chris Colfer for nigh on three years and they just ain’t going away. There’s no smoke without fire, especially in Hollywood. Wentworth Miller, anyone?

  5. fancypants16 says

    My guess is Darren Criss from GLEE and Mia Sweir. Clue being “geeks” and “disciplined like a schoolgirl” since it’s set in high school. No clue who Mia Sweir is, her IMDB page clearly has fake credits.

  6. gingersnappped says

    Darren Criss, Glee, Mia Swier. Darren’s questionable sexuality, duh. She’s a writer/producer for fox. Geeks = gleeks. Schoolgirl, show about high school.

  7. Feelsanon says

    Could this “girlfriend” be someone who’s Daddy bought them a job, by any chance? Inquiring minds wanna know.

  8. slystranger says

    Actor: Darren Criss
    TV Show: Glee!
    Girlfriend (not famous): Mia swier (or how ever the hell you spell that last name)

    This is a shame! I knew Mia was a handful but jeez girl.. Have some class!

  9. suzcol4 says

    Actor- Darren Criss
    Tv show- Glee
    Girlfriend- Mia Swier, producer at Fox Network, same as Glee.

  10. GimmeTheTruth says

    Weeellll….lemme take a stab in the dark….gosh this is a stretch. Darren Criss and Mia *beard* Swier? Shocking I tell ya…shocking. Maybe this is a wake up call for the poor boy. Game over. I hope this doesn’t damage his career – he’s a talented dude.

  11. tita says

    Actor is Darren Criss

    Tv Show is Glee

    Girlfriend is Mia Swier

    I had no idea about the story but it took me just a minute, after I got the clue (flame away, you GEEKS -> gLeeks ->glee)
    then it was to see the guys in the cast, searched for M Morrison but gf didn’t fit it and then to Darren Criss girlfriend and the results showed this ia person who works for FOX and fits the blind)

  12. freaky007 says

    I don’t know, it kinda sounds like Darren Chris (?) (that Blaine guy from Glee). But then again, I’ve got no clue on who he is or isn’t dating right now.

    Clues: 1) Flame away, you geeks! = have you ever checked the glee tag on tumblr? There are so many people fangirling merrily around that every one with a slightly alternative opinion is bound to get a flamewar started.

    2)Weren’t there rumors about him doing the dirty deet with one of the producers of the show and enjoying it?

  13. katee says

    Actor: Darrin Criss
    TV Show: Glee
    “Girlfriend”: Mia Swier

    Clue was the “geeks”(gleeks) comment.

  14. slystranger says

    Actor: Darren Criss
    TV Show: Glee!
    Girlfriend (not famous): Mia swier (or how ever you spell that last name)This is a shame! I knew Mia was a handful but jeez girl.. Have some class!

  15. Ceri says

    Actor: Darren Criss
    Show: Glee
    GF: Mia Swier

    First time poster — can’t believe I actually recognized this one!

  16. tomtom says

    I think the actor is Darren Criss
    The show is Glee
    The girlfriend is Mia Swier (who just so happen to be a writer/producer according to her imdb.com page)

  17. ifty87 says

    Actor: Darren Criss
    TV Show: Glee
    Girlfriend: Mia Swier

    Oh what a surprise! She has always been so so classy.LMFAO Poor boy. I hope he leaves her, she’s no good for his reputation.

  18. starsucks says

    This is definitely Darren Criss and his girlfriend Mia Swier. She works for fox, the Network Glee is on. They were at a club together the other night, and there are pictures of Mia looking teary and Darren looking annoyed. Since he cheated on her with Kristen Wiig, there is certainly cause for drama in their relationship. It’s pretty well known that Darren does coke. He also pings for a lot of people as gay, though I think he’s probably really straight. Mia and Darren have been dating for years, long before she worked at fox. Hope they get their shit together and lay off the drugs.

    • Freddia says

      “he cheated on her with Kristen Wiig” are you kidding? that was not true, those are just rumours abour Darren because everybody douth of his sexuality. Darren never dated Mia, she’s just a beard, a very bad one!

  19. Ozymandius says

    Sounds like someone much younger than Nathan Fillion, doesn’t it?
    Don’t know that Castle has that many ‘rabid’ fans. Sounds more like someoine from ‘Glee’.

  20. Freddia says

    Actor: Darren Criss.
    Show: Glee
    “Girlfriend” or better say Beard: Mia Von Glitz, or whatever she calls herself. Very nasty and rude girl. I’ve met her in one of Darren’s show back in June, really gross girl. I think Darren’s PR team is doing a aweful job, he lost lot of fans because of her. So yeah, this is about Darren Criss.

  21. Charlie says

    I’m pretty sure is
    Darren from….


    But… I’m still waiting for some Achele Gossip from you guys. That’s the real Gold on Glee.

  22. Obeah says

    I want to say this has something to do with my #1 favorite show, the Big Bang Theory: geeks; the couple in the pic reminds me of Kaley Cuoco and Johnny Galeki, one of the show’s actresses is (was?) also on The Talk but I don’t know if she’s a producer/writer nor do I know if it’s the same network.

    Then again it doesn’t fit because I can’t see Johnny Galeki being described as “very cute” (even though he is)and I can’t see either actress into coke.

    Okay, I just un-lazied myself and found out that yes, both The Talk and The Big Bang Theory is CBS. OOoooo and Sarah Gilbert is the executive producer! Hmmmmmm And dude’s eyebrows in the pic do look like Galeki’s…. maybe then? Well I heard that Kaley is BG fan and cut off her beard when she read about herself here so if you’re reading this Kaley, “Hey girl!”

  23. Obeah says

    I wasn’t clear about Sara Gilbert; I meant to say that she’s the Executive Producer of The Talk and she’s also the show’s creator.

  24. I Love You Too Much says

    OMFG THIS IS AMAZING! I bet it’s THE amazing Darren Criss from GLEE with his beard, Mia Swier !
    She is so…useless ! She’s just a trash

  25. PP says

    I don’t know if it’s Mia and Darren, but some people are celebrating this.
    These people are in the same fanbase that protagonist died because of drugs (RIP Cory)
    I honestly don’t understand Glee and Glee fanbase

    • Freddia says

      Glee fanbase is happy because this need to end! Darren is not happy and he’s losing lot of fans because of her. She’s very rude with his fans and even runes a twitter account to make fun of Darren and Glee, what kind of gf is that? cos she’s not!! and his PR team suck so bad! They’re ruin his career!!

      • PP says

        She never make fun of Darren. She knows Darren before he enters on Glee.I do not know if she is his girlfriend, but she clearly important for Darren because he has a “relationship” with her ever since before he enters on Glee

      • cupcakes says

        She has definitely made fun of Darren before and her friends mock him and Glee all the time. The only thing she’s interested when it comes to Darren is getting as much attention through him as she can. It’s pathetic really

    • Rae says

      I doubt very much they are ‘celebrating’, Cory’s death is still a sensitive topic and they wouldn’t celebrate drug use no matter who the person is. The reason some may seem ‘happy’ is because they’re hopeful people will start to see what Mia Swier is really like. Darren is unhappy with the situation his PR team have put him in and the fans just want it all to be over and see him happy.

    • KH says

      I don’t think many people are celebrating it. Because if this is about Darren, then he’s needing to deal with this bullshit from Mia. Mia knows about Cory, she knows how close Darren was to him, so she knows the effect drugs can have and she did this. So, not only is it hurtful that Darren’s girlfriend acts in such a way, but she’s putting her life in danger because of drugs and that happened with one Darren’s friends.

      Although, there are some complete bastards who are celebrating this and they honestly need to re-evaluate their lives. It’s good for the fact it’s proving Mia’s a bad influence on Darren’s rep, but that’s the only good thing out of this

  26. ByeByeBlackbird says

    Actor: Darren Criss
    TV Show: Glee
    Girlfriend (not famous): Mia Swier

    That poor guy. She’s trash. Absolute, fame hungry, disgusting trash. All you have to do is look at him when he’s near her – he can’t stand her. I genuinely feel sorry for him. He doesn’t deserve any of her horrible, coked up bullshit. And he’s too nice for his own good. The sooner he gets out and away from her, the better.

  27. churrolover69 says

    Actor: Darren Criss

    TV Show: Glee

    Girlfriend: Mia Swier/Von Glitz

    I swear to god this girl is some pathetic piece of trash, always trying to get attention from her //boyfriend//’s friends and coworkers and tweeting them even thought they don’t care about her ratchet ass.
    She really need to leave because she’s giving him a bad reputation and he’s losing fans because of her.

  28. songstress1 says

    Darren Criss
    Mia Swier

    My friend was there, Mia Swier who is almost 30 and was wearing an awful Rocker Billy outfit and has a ton of hair extensions, got pissed when Darren was talking to Rebecca Romijn his co-star from Eastwick. She was screaming and it was so embarrassing! Poor Darren Criss and Andy Mientis, they were trying to calm her down. Please Mia, free Darren!

  29. Bryn says

    Darren dated a lot of girls in college with much drama. I don’t buy the gay stories. I get that he’s swishy, but he caused way too much idiocy with my sorority sisters to actually be gay. Dude just lacks on the dismount.

  30. jem455 says

    The two people and show everyone’s saying. The only things that have me doubting are the ‘cute’ but specially the ‘talented’ part.

    I feel for Mia, tho. And of course some ‘normal’ darren criss fans would use this for their misogynistic fantasies.

    • Raito says

      Misogynistic fantasies? Do you hear yourself?

      You people need to buy a dictionary. Go back to school. Something, please.

      • jem455 says

        took your word, there was a a picture of a Darren Criss concert as an example.

        How long it too to get this place polluted with either people completely cray who really believe in their minds awful ‘actor’ darren criss is in a relationship with a male co-star or because, as more commonly seen, they believe they have a chance at being mrs. criss and a woman has dared to get in the way.

      • Raito says


        Right. Darren’s fan base, which is mostly made up of lgbt people who care much more about his music and various projects than anything else, as a whole is terribly jealous of his coke-head of a fake girlfriend. That makes total sense.

    • says

      @jem455 How can you “feel for her”? All she is, is a clingy, crazy, wannabe, cocaine addict. Also, do you understand what the word “misogynistic” means? No? Well look it up. Because your statement cannot be possible, seeing as 80% of Darren Criss’ fanbase is female.

  31. Revisionist says

    first of all I wonder why Criss would need a beard. Its not 1970. Its not gonna kill his career or hinder his opportunities. Second, as a gay man I am always a little offended when his name comes up and people start saying he “pings” them or has a gay vibe. Because he sings? Did broadway? Has nice hair? or is it simply because he plays a gay on TV and that’s the first time any of these teens ever saw him so they just typecast him in real life

    • Raito says

      Try telling that to all the closeted actors in Hollywood. It might not be the 70s anymore, heck it’s not the 90s anymore either. But it’s 2013 and coming out still means you’ll lose the chance to be a leading man in Hollywood. And it’s not the audience’s fault, of course he wouldn’t lose fans! Darren Criss lost fans when they made him confirm a fake relationship with his beard, and he will keep losing them as long as they constantly make him assert his sexuality and how straight he is and how stupid it would be for people to think he’s not extremely heterosexual.

      But, it’s the old people with the big money who run this circus the ones who call the shots in showbiz. Not the fans, sadly.

      And no, those are not the reasons why people think he’s not straight. People, even teens, are not stupid. They see when something is fake and forced, and when something else is real. And his behaviour up until this summer was clearly that of someone who was not comfortable with being labeled as straight. Now they got him a beard. Go figure.

    • cupcakes says

      “Its not gonna kill his career or hinder his opportunities.” Yup, that’s why all the big movies and tv shows in Hollywood are crowded with openly gay men, as well as the popular music scene. That dude who played Lucius Malfoy on Harry Potter recently spoke about how this still is an issue and so has Ian McKellen.

    • ClaireBrown says

      No it’s 2013 and there’s still a stigma against gays and bisexuals in Hollywood. If not, why did Miller, NPH et al not say they were gay from the off? Why did they all have fake relationships with females? Yes Hollywood has moved on but not as much as other sections of society, or the world for that matter. Also a lot of ‘teens’ (most of Darren’s fans are adults btw) know him from AVPM. Pinging as gay is a crude phrase but has nothing to do with his singing or appearance. Have you ever met someone and got a gay vibe from them regardless of how they looked or what their occupation was?

  32. BDA says

    Actor: Darren Criss
    Tv show: Glee
    “Girlfriend”: Mia Von Glitz/Swier.

    There has been increasing speculation that she’s his beard, since they’re hardly ever seen out together except from at highly publicized events and places where paps can get a good shot of them together – now we know why – and they never look particularly happy when they are together. I’m like 90% sure that Darren is a closeted bisexual and his PR firm is keeping him from coming out. I have nothing against Mia, I hope she’s not in any kind of trouble as far as drugs go, but I hope that Darren is able to drop the beard and be honest about who he really is soon, and perhaps this is a push toward that.

  33. channel orange says

    “Flame away, you geeks!”


    (I have no idea who this is about, or what show has the rabid geek following, but I thought this was hilarious. XD)

  34. wyzt says

    Actor: Darren Criss
    Tv Show: Glee
    “Girlfriend” Mia Swier

    Darren is the sweetest, hardest working person you could wish to meet, unfortunately he is in with the worlds worst PR company who continue to force him to attend every event with a beard in tow. They forced him to “confirm” his relationship over the summer, which was just devastating for him. He is bisexual, and while I think coming out as gay wouldn’t be such a bad career move, it’s well known that coming out as Bi is damaging. People like an actor to identify with one or another.
    As for her, she is nasty. I mean real trash who relies on daddy’s money to get her what she wants. I’ve met her a few times. She is so rude to Darren’s fans I’ve surprised he’s still got any left. I’ve witnessed her yelling in the street, calling him a pussy for stoping to have a picture. She’s his beard, yes. But she is also obsessed with riding his coat tails and the notoriety being associated with him brings.

  35. NormalIsAbnormal says

    Darren Criss for sure.And his unpretty,huge,overdosed “GF”.
    This woman will ruin him.
    No wonder he’s gay.If I had a girlfriend likes this Mia thing,I would be a gay man too.

  36. bloodking says

    when i see the word hate mail, i knewthis would have something to do with glee and its fandom

    actor: darren criss

  37. thehobbit says

    He’s bisexual for sure and she may be her beard or may be just a horrible GF and a clingy cokehead, anyway he is not the only one closeted bisexual/homosexual cast member in that show.

  38. cadaver11 says

    I know CrissColfer fans believe that if Darren is indeed gay or bi that he could possibly be seeing Chris on the downlow (even though Chris is publicly dating this Will guy — I don’t know him, sorry.) but what if this blind kinda goes along with the one where people have suggested that him and Chord have had a thing before Glee?

    • Rae says

      Chris Colfer has never actually confirmed to be in a relationship with ANYONE. Just because he is spotted with another male people assume they are dating which is kind of sad if you ask me. I actually thought the man worked for him? They have never really seemed couple-y to me. But hey if ‘CrissColfer’ was a real thing Chris hanging out with another guy would put people off the scent of their relationship wouldn’t it? All I know is Darren Criss ain’t straight and he’s DEFINITELY not with that train wreck Mia Swier.

    • Freddia says

      Nobody is talking about CrissColfer or Chris Colfer here, honey. We’re talking about Darren happines and the way they’re ruin his career. We love Darren no matter what, gay, straigh, bi, datiing Chris or dating another person. If he’s in the closet, doesn’t mean he’s dating Chris Colfer. And Chris never say he’s dating Will, never!!!

  39. matthew netting says

    It’s obviously Darren and Mia,I do think he’s Bi,plus He seemed more comfortable with who he was after Cory’s death,which made me thought something was or went on between them,GET OUT Darren,before your Public Reputation is destroyed by Sewer (mispell intended).

  40. Melissa says

    Actor: Darren Criss
    “Girlfriend” (not famous): Mia Swier/Von Glitz
    Show: Glee

    It’s funny how she is a writer slash producer on Fox, but just few days ago, when a Darren’s fan asked her opinion on Glee, her answer was: “Glee is not a real show, DUH”.
    Aren’t producers supposed of support their network shows (as much bad as they can be) instead of mocking them, when a fan was trying to cumpliment?

  41. verysiriusly says

    I would feel bad for anyone who had to put up with that *… I have heard nothing but horror stories from people who have met her/been around her. Darren Criss’ PR team needs to just get rid of her. She is only detrimental to him and his career.

  42. Whatzmyname says

    I thought Darren Criss was gay all the time. Didnt know he was acting straight with beard and all. Why?

  43. mariaj says

    Oh, my GOd, there a lot of Darren fans that are quite crazy, but what can be sayd about some Darren haters?

    I mean, according to this BG, D was with his ” gf”, he was just hanging out with friends, then SHE did ” massive” quantities of coke in the bathroom, then SHE started to scream at him in front of everyone in the club, then SHE started to approach other dudes , flirting with them and tryng to get their attention, and someone wrote that he-she ” feels for Mia”? Why? Cause she was doing drug, for the yelling, for draping herself on other dudes, why, exactly, someone feels for Mia, here?
    If she doesn’t stand to be ignored she could leave, if she doesn’t like to be mistreated, if he is a bad bf, whatever reason she may have to behave like a demanding, petulant child (other than the drug)leave his life, whatever. And if he is really his bf( which i higly doubt), why she is still with him? Why someone should feel sorry for her if SHE has no respect for her?

  44. Natan says

    The blind isn’t really a tough cookie

    Actor: Darren Criss
    Not famous ”gf”: Mia Swier
    Show: Glee

    Oh and someone commented here how their friend was there at the party and saw Darren and Rebecca talking and Mia going all jealous and cray… well that can’t really be true because “Thanks for sharing” After party happened at Arc light Cinerama Dome (W Sunset Boulevard) and the incident with Mia happened at AV nightclub (Cahuenga Boulevard/Selma Ave).

    Some people are just trying to make stuff up as per usual, because there is a picture of Darren and Rebecca together at the after party, but they forgot to check that Darren was spotted in TWO different places that night, and the pictures of Mia looking off were from leaving the AV Nightclub (you can see the Selma Avenue sign in those pictures, where the club is at).

    I just doubt that if she was already high, screaming and throwing herself at others in the first party, they would still go to a second one to have a re-do of an incident.

  45. ifty87 says

    Oh yes, because his PR team is not doing everything they can to make her look good.. yeah sure! They gave her a work at FOX (and she shouldn’t have it, not for conflict of interests), she follows him around at every event. They gave her a stylist for the Tony’s for the “big” confirmation. Poor thing. His PR has done nothing but trying to make her look like a decent human being for all this summer, and still they didn’t succeed. She’s toxic for Darren, she just wants fame and attention and she’s using him. I hope they quit with this story, it’s just bad for Darren.

  46. Maria says

    Totally agreed, the Tony thing, at first when she tweeted about her dress, it’s like she wore a curtain, they totally changed her look but the damages were done.

  47. ClaireBrown says

    Actually no I heard the rumors about Criss and Colfer from people in the NYC theater scene. You know who they talk…

  48. songstress1 says

    I was wondering about that dress she wore for the Tony’s, because the one she wore in the photos with Darren is not the same as what she tweeted earlier. So it was Darren’s PR that changed it? Thanks!

  49. cadaver11 says

    verysiriusly, we’re supposed to get the impression that he and Will are dating or something of that nature.

  50. ifty87 says

    She had a personal stylist for that event. Her outfit was ready a week before the Tony’s, then that night they changed it; all had to be perfect, she had to look like a princess for the big night. But honestly, they screwed up when she magically gained a job at Fox, when Fox let her interview him for the TCAs and then working on projects, see the fox special ops, where he is involved. I’m pretty sure that is against the rules, they made an exception just for them, I wonder why! -.- The dresses and the personal stylists are just small things compared to that. I don’t know who Darren is really dating, but if there’s one thing I know for sure is that he’s not dating her. She is a beard, and even a bad one.

  51. Kendra says

    People reported seeing Darren arrive to the Tony’s alone in a taxi. Then funny how a photographer friend of Mia’s, Cole somebody, just happened to be the one who took the “official” photo of Mia and Darren at the event. No one from the legit press was slightly interested in her. The entire thing appears to be a setup.