• stanton says

      Michael Sheen. Guest Star on “30 Rock”. (He is a Brit) and he is in a new shw called “Masters of Sex”.

      Now if this was about an aAMeican star I would of said Kelsey Grammer.

  1. sherlock says

    He must be British and for us to be shocked he must be a familiar face, probably middle aged,possibly deadpan.Maybe someone like Jeremy Paxman,Ronnie Corbett.

  2. Nomad says

    Not much would shock me these days but it would shock legions of NCIS fans if it was Mark Harmon. I always thought he was kind of pretty. ;). But this site doesn’t typically cover older stars so I’m probably wrong.

  3. firewire says

    Long time reader but this is my first time posting. Pretty sure this is Eddie Izzard. The People is a UK paper and he’s admitted on numerous occasions he wears women’s clothing.

    • misslibrarianlady says

      He did a filmed comedy special in women’s clothing, so I don’t know if “shocking” would apply here.

    • ValleyOfTheGalls says

      Can’t be. Who would be shocked? Eddie Izzard has done many stand up comedy shows and films of his shows in drag. He refers to himself as an “executive transvestite”. If he came on stage in men’s clothing it would be more shocking.
      You should check out his show “Dressed to Kill” on YouTube. It’s hysterical. Cake or death? Lol.

    • KWDragon says

      He is a transvestite. Several of his stand up routines have been filmed while he was wearing women’s clothes. I don’t think this would qualify as a “shock.” Also, I ADORE Eddie Izzard! If you haven’t seen Dressed to Kill, do yourself a favor and watch it immediately! 😀

  4. jonesing says

    Of all the awful things that men do to women-and some reported here-what’s so bad about dressing up?

  5. augustmom says

    Well, can’t be Eddie Izzard because he makes no secret…and he has great legs…Jeremy Clarkson? James May? Wait, I’ve got it, Graham Norton.

  6. ValleyOfTheGalls says

    Hugh Bonneville. There are two things in his bio that I think many people would have a hard time believing, myself included.
    The first is his age. There is no way on Earth that he is 49.
    The second is that he’s a happily married heterosexual. Married, yes. Happy, perhaps. Heterosexual, not a snowballs chance in Hell.

  7. britbrat86 says

    With this being a UK source, I’m going to take a wild bet its related to Doctor Who and its the previous Doctor (Doctor 11) Matt Smith.

    • missmissy says

      I was thinking Doctor Who as well. But I didnt know the actor. I am not sure though that Dr. Who fans would be shocked. The spin off deal a good bit with orientation/alternative attractions.

  8. KWDragon says

    I feel like “shocked” is the big clue, like it goes beyond being totally surprised. Rowan Atkinson has a degree in Electrical Engineering. Could this be him?

  9. UKGoss says

    There aren’t many clues here, but ‘laughed at’ makes me think he’s a comedian, and the reference to ‘colleagues’ indicates he’s part of a team. So the only British TV star I can think of that fits the bill is David Walliams. But would that really shock anyone?

  10. tawse57 says

    For goodness sake, this is Great Britain – half the men enjoy dressing up as women.

    Haven’t you Americans ever heard of Panto? All the men dressed up as women and the women dress up as men. Hey, our sex lives are more interesting and varied.

    You need to watch some classic British WW2 POW war films – half the camp were digging tunnels, the other half were dressing up as Lilie Marlene and entertaining the Germans!

  11. Steph3965 says

    Ed O’Neill or Ted Danson.
    The very thought of either of them being cross dressers is pretty shocking and (expletive) funny!
    Ahhhhhh! Al Bundy in a dress… ROFLMAO