A Very Expensive Hot Tub Photo

couple hot tub 3[Naughty or Nice Rob] Which married couple has been photographed having an*l sex in a hot tub?

The young couple thought they were in a very private outdoors location when they were being intimate, however, one photographer will very long lenses, managed to capture the passionate moment!

Rather than have the images splashed across the cover of all the weekly magazines, the couple themselves bought the images for $500,000 and destroyed them!

Which could make this, the most expensive 15 minutes, they have ever had!

What would his boy band friends think NOW??

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    • LeahLynn28 says

      They never had one second of fame together,so imagine 15 minutes.This Giovanna is a non-list,while Tom is D-List to Z-List nowadays.Their wedding didn’t even attract the big media,only the fans sites and very few sites wrote about it.I only knew about the wedding because i used to follow him on Twitter,but i don’t follow him anymore…

  1. potatus says

    Have no idea, what I AM curious about is HOW you know that it was backdoor action? Oops, never mind. I will say that we should leave these lovebirds alone, after all, they ARE married. That’s a pretty stiff price to pay, makes me wonder what the laws are twixt peeping and papping.

  2. reverie says

    From the couple in the picture and the boyband reference, it makes me think of Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards but they aren’t married yet.

      • madzia says

        me too but first the photo that’s woman and man, second are they married? I heard that they are engaged though.

    • Marnie says

      I’m sure Harry and Louis have a lot of fun in hot tubs, but this blind is not about them. “What would his boy band friends think NOW” : the boy band friends are “his”, so it’s defenitely about a man and a woman. I say Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel. And Now must be the hint.

  3. modelle18 says

    isnt this Nick Lachey and Vanessa and he acknowledged its not a big deal because she ‘wasnt a mexican prostitute?’

  4. JeanneMillais says

    I was thinking maybe Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel ? Because of the mention of “his boy band friends”. Although I thought it was all a PR relationship and that they didn’t even like each other that much (that doesn’t mean they never have sex though, I know) . I don’t really see who else it could be …

  5. Mia444 says

    Timberlake & Biel? Anyway, how in heck could a grainy long-distance pic actually prove that it was anal? It’s not like the two entry spots are a mile apart. Sounds like a waste of 500K. They are married, paps were intruding, public would be on their side.

      • Mia444 says

        But it said the “married couple” was having sex. Are there any openly gay & married (to each other) boy banders? Anyway, it dawned on me right after posting that the only way this would be scandalous (or obvious backdoor action) would be if it were the woman giving it to the guy via strap-on. So definitely Timberlake & Biel. šŸ˜‰

    • savvy_geek says

      I was thinking the same thing! I mean, it would have to be VERY close up to distinctly show one position versus the other….

    • Brooke says

      I think Mia444 actually has it right – JT is the only guess on here with enough juice to finance the coverup, and as for motive, getting pegged in a hot tub isn’t exactly on-brand with his entire nouveau brat pack image.

    • ArticWolfRS says

      My thoughts are: seeing how they spent half a mil to destroy the pics, and it’s for certain that it’s anal, it’s probably a girl using a st**p-on on the guy. Fulfills the “how do they know it’s anal” question AND would be something most men wouldn’t want on the front page. Thus I’m saying that one Jonas brother and his wife.

  6. Okayeah says

    Could be Nick and Vanessa, could be anybody. Even LeAnn and Eddie (remember 3Deep?) My question is, who cares? Married people having sex together – shocking! I’m only interested in learning exactly how the photog knew it was an*l, as opposed to, say, d*ggy style. Now THAT would be an interesting pic!

  7. jmk says

    All you people think that the Timberlakes, Nick Lachey and Vanessa Manillo are ‘young’? Nick is 40! Justin is 32. I think this blind is someone a lot younger.

  8. LeahLynn28 says

    Nick Lachey and his wife?
    Kevin Jonas is gay and she’s his beard…and previous blinds showed that they never had sex.
    Justin and Jessica…there is no chemistry between them.And they are rarely seen together.
    So,i’ll go with Nick Lachey and his wife.They seem to be crazy enough to do it in a hot tub,but i may be wrong,who knows.Nick is nuts…lol

  9. MikeInSanJose says

    Were they willing to pay so much because he got caught cruising the hershey highway, or was it because SHE was cruising the hershey highway, with the help of a strap-on friend?

    • guessingbg says

      Just burst out laughing with the ‘Hershey highway’ reference. Agree the female had the strap-on. Missed that on first read.

  10. LooLoo says

    OMG, it’s just a boy bander? I read this thinking that it was William and Kate. Why would a boy bander care $500,000 worth? That is serious money for pictures. It can hardly ruin a reputation for people to know that, shock, married couples have sex. WTH?

    • PandoraWolf says

      I started thinking this too. When they got the topless photos of Kate, wasn’t it a loooooooooong distance lens?

      Someone said the 15 minutes was a clue: was there some part of their wedding ceremony that, even though only that long, cost almost $500K? Like, say, a celebrity appeared for 15 minutes to sing or something, and that is what they were charged?

      Nobody gives a crap about Nick and Vanessa. But the future king of england takin’ it from the future queeen? Saucy!

  11. sannanas says

    Joey Lawrence. “Splashed” being the clue, he is also friends with Joey Fatone (nsync), Joey McIntyre (nkotb) and Drew Lachey (98 degrees)

    • val says

      I think you’re onto something here but I doubt it’s Lawrence. The way I understand it, the married couple is young. Joey is past that stage šŸ˜‰

      • val says

        Oh and I said I thought you’re onto something because everyone else assumed the man was part of a boy band… but it says FRIENDS. Not members or ex-members. I think it’s someone young who happens to be close to some boy band members.

  12. sherlock says

    One or the other has to be pretty famous to have been stalked by a papp.What is the relevance of “what would his boy band members think NOW?”Are the married couple male? secretly married maybe or an implied gay who has secretly married a girl? There is absolutely nothing wrong in a photograph of a man/woman having sex.There’s more to this.!

  13. Cecilia says

    I dont think this is Timberlake/Biel because this sounds like a younger couple and because both of them (especially Justin) are really famous so the 15 minutes of fame reference doesnt make sense. Maybe its the Jonas guy and his wife, but isnt he gay? I got nothing…

  14. lilmel says

    The female must have been wearing strap on to be sure it was anal. Other than that, haven’t a clue!!

  15. stolidog says

    just, well…strap-on, communical hot tub…gross! Reminds me of that Nip and Tuck scene with the woman on laxatives in the hot tub. Not a visual I want in my head. I wonder if the next hot tub users knew what they were getting into, so to speak.

    And, Biel, with the strap on, in the hot tub.

  16. Luzhin says

    I don’t know who the couple is, but they should be forced to either 1) replace the hot tub or 2) purchase several gallons of bleach and scrub it clean themselves. How disgustingly inconsiderate!

  17. lisaNJ says

    I remember seeing tabloid pictures published several years ago of Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minillo in a hot tub in Mexico. At the time, no one said it was “an@l” sex, but were a few photos of him behind her at one point. I’ll try to find a link….

  18. GingerNaps says

    It seems like “NOW” is a clue the way it’s emphasized in all caps. Justin Timberlake was in the movie ‘In Time,’ which was originally called ‘Now.’

  19. travoltasbeard says

    This is totally Jessica pegging Justin! Bet they paid a lot to keep those photos of him getting pegged out of the spotlight. I don’t know why though. Pegging is just a healthy dose of role reversal in people’s private lives.

  20. MyCatLovesTV says

    When will people learn that if you want your private life to be really private…..stay INSIDE. How hard is that? (No pun intended.)

  21. BoredPerson123 says

    I’m putting my bets on Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel. But the thing is, the boyband he was in (N’Sync) has “”disbanded””. Nevertheless, I think it’s a valid guess. šŸ˜‰

  22. annasophie says

    i’m thinking that the husband was the recipient of the back door action, otherwise this would not be scandalous.

  23. Whatzmyname says

    Danielle was giving her gay husband Kevin Jonas some dildo action for his satisfaction. I think he can afford 500 000 dollars and they are still young.

  24. Shawny2222 says

    How can they, whomever it is, be 100% sure the pap didn’t make copies before selling them the pictures?? Seriously, what are the paparazzi’s goal? To capture celebrities in compromising, embarrassing, and damning situations within their personal lives. And the more scandalous the situations are, the better because the price for those photos are super high. Paps look to make the most money they can and the paparazzi business is super competitive. And just about every pap out there are more than willing to push aside their morals and their integrity for that money.

    So, there is no way in hell that that pap didn’t make copies of the photos before selling them to the celebrity couple.