Mommy Resents Baby Commitment

[Naughty But Nice Rob] Becoming a mommy for the first time is supposed to be one of the most exciting life changing moments in a person’s life. However, one celebrity that just had a baby is secretly missing her single days, when the only person she had to worry about, was HERSELF.

“For the past few years she has been very selfish. She has had the money and fame to do whatever she wants. If she wants to get a private plane and go to Paris for the weekend – she can. If she wants to go dancing with her friends all night, nothing is stopping her. Now all that has changed, she now has someone else she needs to worry about,” a friend tells NAUGHTY BUT NICE ROB.

Being a new mom changes your life, and unfortunately this young lady didn’t realize that until after the baby was born.

“She has hired nannies but worries that if she is seen out every night the press will say she is a bad mom,” adds another pal.

“We are all sure all of this will work out fine, she just didn’t know what a big commitment this would be. It isn’t like getting a dog.”


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  1. Fergus says

    Lets see, totally self centered, too much money, number 1 on her own hit parade, conspicuous consumption, and just starting to realize she might have some responsibilities…

    Kim Kardashian! Come oooon dooown…….!

    • YoGo8c says

      I agree with this. Plus the picture looks like Kim, so BG maybe think it’s Kim.

      It would be quite impressive if it wasn’t Kim. She could make a reality show out of our apologies. 😉

    • OoLaLana says

      I agree it’s KK.
      It seems her fans forgave her for besmirching the act of marriage by using it as something to propel her into the public eye.
      Not surprising that the next logical step would be to use motherhood to garner people’s interest.
      This dimwit didn’t plan far enough ahead to figure out she can’t divorce her child.

      • GayleStorm says

        This, this, and this!!

        UGHHHH….the KK is a real piece of work. I feel very sorry for the innocent child brought into this mess!

  2. stolidog says

    That awful, terrible, soul-sucking Kim Kardashian. Too bad the baby dady is too busy with his boyfriend to help out with the baby.

  3. Jemima says

    I dare say this is the unfortunate Kim K. But I don’t really think it’s fair to judge her harshly for this one, to be honest. Every new mother who has had a rich and entertaining life goes through a period of mourning for their old life. It’s a massive massive adjustment, and it’s a completely normal one.

    • APQ88 says

      I agree. I know plenty of new moms who struggle with giving up their ‘old life’ after having a baby…not gonna hate on Kim K if she’s having a hard time.

    • DivaKarma says

      I agree that this is Kim. She is selfish & self centered BUT, even though you can love your baby you can also miss your old life as well. At least she has money, nannies, someone to cook & clean the rest of us don’t have that. You do finally realize life with baby is the best thing that could have ever happened to you. Postpartum anyone? plus life with the demanding Diva known as Kanye can’t be easy

      • kcphilly says

        Very true. I don’t have kids but many close friends do, who don’t have nannies, and they miss the things that they used to be able to do, even just normal things around the house. Kim has made herself a public figure so that’s on her if she’s “afraid” that going out is going to make her look bad, but most new moms seem to feel this way.

    • Mia444 says

      Totally agree, Jemima. Parenthood is a HUGE adjustment that no one can adequately prepare for. Those who imply it’s easy-breezy are the ones who annoy me. :-) If this new mama is Kim K, at least she has plenty of family who would be willing to babysit (or $$ to hire a nanny) while she gets a little “me time.” Many of us aren’t as fortunate.

    • LeahLynn28 says

      Sorry,but Kim never wanted the baby,she wanted attention to herself.During all the pregnancy,she complained about the belly,about getting fat,about the clothes,and even lied about the baby being premature,for more “drama” to her family reality show.She only cares about herself.She’s rich and has nannies to take care of the baby all day and all night.Kim is selfish,she only loves herself.That’s the truth.

    • ZippityDooDah says

      Um, you don’t need to have a rich and entertaining life to mourn your old life. My life was far from jet-setting around the world and I still miss the freedoms I had before becoming a mother. I think that’s what most people don’t realize about becoming a parent, just how major of a commitment it is FOR EVERYONE.

      • Jemima says

        ZippityDooDah I didn’t necessarily mean financially rich! Just in the ordinary independence that non-parents take for granted. [grin]

      • Bromance1979 says

        Very true, Zippity. I miss the little things most people take for granted, like being able to use the toilet whenever I’d like or sleeping more than 3 hours at a time. All mothers miss something. I’m sure those with nannies (who have someone to watch the little one while they do basic things, like pee!) miss more superficial things than us “normal” new mums.

        That being said, wanting to go out and party constantly is pretty selfish when you have a baby. Yes, she has the help most of us don’t have, but bonding with your child is more important than going out.

  4. kfarley519 says

    Kim Kardashian obviously.. she couldn’t deal with the committment of a kitten, what makes her think she can handle a baby.. such a selfish person it makes me sick that she had a baby yet there are people who would be amazing parents to a baby but don’t have that luxury

  5. travoltasbeard says

    Giuliana Rancic

    Tied down by Duke. Wanting to go out and chase men with her BFF Le Le (Dog Hint) and find married guys they can be “Power Bottoms” for.

  6. commonsense says

    awwe poor kimmie. Picked the wrong publicity stunt to fool around with. North West will be here til the day you die! Feel sorry for that poor child.

    • LeahLynn28 says

      You forgot Dina Lohan,who,by the way,was arrested drunk yesterday.The mother of the century.Kris Jenner is the second worst mother of the century.
      Btw,did you notice that Lindsay relapsed again?There are recent photos of her,where she was bruised,bloated and losing weight fast again.Her “spa” rehab didn’t work…again.She looked healthy after rehab,now she’s looking like the old Lindsay again,bruised,hanging out with her addict “friends” again and bloated.Her sobriety didn’t last that long…

      • PandoraWolf says

        Pretty sure both of them are equally off the charts from a narcisissm and self-importance standpoint. They should lunch together.

  7. maybeormaybenot says

    Kim Kardashian and if I were her I wouldn’t worry, there’s not much chance in the press mistaking her for a good Mom either way.

  8. caprice70 says

    First time poster, long time lurker. Gotta b Kim Kardashian. Photo looks like her, plus her head is leaning Northwest, lol!

  9. redstilettos says

    Beyonce? Trying to think of other newish moms who would have the cash to get private planes. Would Kim K have the means for a private jet?

    • Serena van der Woodsen says

      Also there’s the “I can do whatever I want” reference in Grown Woman and **** in PARIS.

  10. 3dogday says

    Kimmie Boo! and don’t we all remember how much she just LOVED Kris’ dogs, & gave the cat away because she was “allergic”? Maybe she’s allergic to babies too, but she can’t give it away! 😉

  11. kittyconfidential says

    Kim Kardashian
    Biggest clue was the private plane to Paris, for two reasons. One, that’s where Kanye has been for the past year. Two, her ex-BFF Paris Hilton…

  12. LeahLynn28 says

    Kim Kartrashian,who else would she be?
    She only planned that baby to get attention to herself,but instead of attracting good attention,she became a joke and was constantly humiliated.I don’t know if she was pregnant or not(the belly looked fake),but she’s selfish and only cares about herself and her image.If she cared about the baby,she would be showing her and at least look like she’s proud of her,but Kim is selfish.I doubt she worries about the baby,she hired nannies to do all the work for her,while she posts photos of herself and goes out to have her pictures taken.She’ll only worry about her when someone accuses her of neglecting the baby or worse.Then she will do a photo op,hire a pap and sell the photos to KMZ or KadarOnline to try fool people,to pass the image of a good “mom”.That family lies all the time,so why wouldn’t Kim do it again?She’s as fake as her family.

  13. BilltownBetty says

    The only person I can think of is Kimberley Stewart…. I guess it depends on your definition of “just had a baby”. Does that mean within the past few weeks, months, or within the past year or so?

    • PandoraWolf says

      Honestly, I don’t peg her for a bad mom. She was a stepmom-type figure for years to BAG’s son, and is now pregnant for the second time.

      Maybe she’ll retire permanently to be a mom. Win for her kids, and a win for the movie-going public ; )

  14. Serena van der Woodsen says

    This could totally be me if I ever ended up pregnant lol.

    Can it be Kim Kartrashian, though? I didn’t see her out partying recently.

  15. blackhawk says

    I’m not a Kardashian fan or aware of everything K, but doesn’t Kim have a sister with kids, wouldn’t she see and know what a responsibility children are? Unless that sister leaves it all to nannies too, I’ve no idea.

    • goldieb says

      OTHO….! Kate has a dog; she’s got at least one nanny (does Kim? IDK.); she’s been known to go out dancing with friends all night (I don’t recall seeing KK dancing); William’s mother, well, we all know about Paris; she could certainly jet anywhere on a private plane; and she, moreso than Kim, would worry about the press and being termed a “bad mom.”

  16. britbrat86 says

    I can’t believe I’m coming to the defense of Kim Kardashian but She needs to have nights out and weekends away from baby North. I wouldn’t call her a bad mom if she took a night a week or a weekend away to have a little fun!

  17. StellaK says

    “If she wants to go dancing with her friends all night”

    It’s not Kim Kardashian. Kim DOESN’T dance. Kim Can’t dance. Kim won’t dance.

    • Fergus says

      Sure she does. She was on Dancing With the Stars, and there are numerous club pics of her on the interwebs. If there are chicks to compete with, and a supply of peen she’ll be there. Especially if someone pays her to turn up.

  18. Fergus says

    I’m getting a bit suspicious. They came out with just one picture of a little kid. I haven’t seen a pic with anyone from the family holding that child. For a chick who was happy to have a video of her punani released to the world I think it is mighty strange she is being so shy with the baby.

  19. sugarspice says

    Oh dear if this is Kim K then perhaps instead of giving her a hard time we should think that she may be suffering from postnatal depression. It’s tough being a Mummy and it is a shock to people no matter how big and famous they may be. Funnily PND does not discriminate on how much money or help we may have access too.

  20. NikinNY says

    The young lady clue makes me think this is not Kim K or Kimberley Stewart because they are both in their 30s. I was on board with the Kate Middleton guess but she is 31 now. Snooki?

  21. Fergus says

    Is Kendall auditioning for her tape yet? She turns 18 soon, so it must be in pre-production by now, surely.

  22. BilltownBetty says

    Boy do I feel stoooopid! I even guessed a Kim, but I went with Stewart…Kardashian didn’t occur to me…You all need to send me to Gossip 101 for the beginners.

  23. bleargh says

    Sounds like Kim, but you know I can’t hate on her for feeling this way either. Adjustment to being a parent is a huge change and you do lose a lot of freedom. It’s actually what normal people experience without the money. Who cares about jetting off to Paris on a whim, I’d like to just go out to dinner.

  24. rudy says

    Beyonce Knowles.

    She is selfish, does not look comfortable with the baby Blue and only seems to hold the child for photo ops.

  25. Jordan Joelle says

    Young lady the item says. Kim is early 30’s. This age does not qualify one to be called young.

  26. orangeness says

    If she were more than marginally famous, I’d say Danneel Harris (aka Danneel Ackles). First child in May – and there is that dog-kicking story…

  27. Mumumumu says

    There’s no way it’s Kim Kardashian. The blind refers to a “young lady.”

    She’s not young (32 yrs old), or a lady.

  28. PatioPrincess says

    Kim K., or January Jone, or, Fergie. But, sadly I think it’s probably all three of them. It could even be Jessica Simpson. All of these women share the fact that they’re attention *, so it must be so hard to have the spotlight off of them.