What She Really Eats

big mac[Naughty But Nice Rob] Which celebrity that has made a second career over telling regular folks what they should eat and how they should live their lives, was recently caught eating a McDonald’s burger?

Her friendship with an A-list singer has already ended, after the performer found out her friend was “full of shit”. But now, she is about to lose EVERYTHING – fearing if she is exposed everyone will know – what she has been preaching is not the way she lives!

McDonald’s Eater:


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    • ninjaja says

      THIS!!! her and beyonce had a falling out recently bc she slept with jay z behind beyonces back. multiple sources and subject to many blinds. Ewwwww…

      • mugofmead111 says

        Intriguing if so.

        I assumed Madonna as the singer because it’s been established that she and Gwynnie were no longer as tight as they used to be.

        So is Ms. Goop pilfering something from her kids’ Happy Meals?

  1. Jen says

    Please let this be Gwyneth Paltrow so the world has proof of how awful she is. The related singer would be Madonna.

    I recognize that we can’t truly know celebrities from their media personas but I find Gwyneth utterly dis-likable.

  2. 3dogday says

    aaannndd III aam tellinnn you! I’m not going..you’re the best burger Ive eevvverr known

    J-Hud for sure

    • annasophie says

      i like this guess, but she has given a wide berth for exceptions to her weight watchers diet in her commercials.

      i think it’s paltrow because she’s such a goody goody hardass about nutrition that it would be hilarious for her to be seen with mcdonalds. kind of like “white” in the movie “dodgeball.”

      i think that the singer is beyonce. madonna and gwyneth have not been friends for a while.

      • val says

        it has to be paltrow. radar published a story about her telling friends NOT to talk to Vanity Fair anymore and avoid doing shoots for them (LOL) because they had something on her and wanted to publish it no matter what. I say we’ll find out as soon as the new issue is out. It’ll be hilarious!

  3. gigipeach says

    finally peopl ewill see what gwyneth is really all about.

    did beyonce also find out about the affair with her husband?

  4. guessingbg says

    Sounds like someone who’s promoting a specific diet regimen, which makes me think J-Hud. But this would be much more interesting if it was someone who pretends to be a vegetarian/PETA supporter instead.

  5. Natariix says

    This would please me soooo much if its that insufferable Goopy Paltrow. Can’t think of what singer she’s no longer friends with… Beyonce? Madonna? The full of shit remark makes me think of colonics, which makes me think of Gwyneth.

  6. maybeormaybenot says

    Gwyneth Paltrow

    This is fitting considering the story the other day about her cutting off a school bus while on her Vespa.

    • ToadKisser says

      OMG! Could you believe that??? Look for the clip on TMZ – she had her kid on the back of her scooter, and she shot out into moving traffic in front of a school bus, without looking or hesitating. Fortunately the bus driver was totally alert and able to stop in time (he comes within a foot or so of hitting her). Not only did Gwyneth fail to do what any normal human would do and REACT, freak out, apologize, show some sort of fear or acknowledgement that the lives of her and her daughter were just saved… but her Coldplay husband was on another Vespa right behind her with their other kid, and he just watches it happen and calmly follows her.

      Ok, everyone makes mistakes while driving – but I’m not even a parent and I can tell you that only a complete assh*le narcissist doesn’t notice when someone saves them and their kid from getting hit by a bus.

  7. ktbell05 says

    McDonalds eater: Gwyneth Paltrow
    Singer: Beyonce

    I had a QP this morning before work and loved every bite of it:)

  8. stolidog says

    Gwyneth Paltrow. Best thing that could ever happen to her would be if she got caught eating a cheeseburger, because on her current path, she is intollerable.

  9. lepidoteran says


    For most people indulged a little is no big deal (“everything in moderation”), but Gwynnie takes everything to such an extreme.

    • PandoraWolf says

      Seriously! I think people would hate her a little less rabidly if she said “Hey, I know it’s hard to eat nutritiously all the time. We’re all human, and sometime I can’t resist and eat a hot fudge sundae, too! Afterwards, though, I take my kids and my dogs for a nice walk to get some exercise, a little vitamin D, and family time. You can’t live a full, happy life when you’re flogging yourself because you want some salty french fries!”

      • serasera says

        Yeah, if I could see her as just a regular busy mom, who sometimes eats a hamburger with the kids, I would suddenly like Gwynnie a whole lot more.

  10. Kimmie says

    McDonald’s Eater: Gwyneth Paltrow
    Singer: Madonna

    I think she has cheat days, but you would think she would have a friend or assistant buy it for her. She has a brand to protect. (eye roll)

  11. pmburk says

    McDonald’s Eater: Gwyneth Paltrow

    Singer: either Madonna or Beyoncé

    I’m really looking forward to this going public, btw. :)

  12. caligrlth25 says

    Gwen Paltrow

    I thought the reason her & B were no longer friends was because she was messing around with Jay Z

  13. lovefifteen says

    Not exactly sure why GOOP eating one burger at McDonalds will cause her to lose EVERYTHING. LOL

    Madonna is the singer, obvi.

  14. MrsGosling says

    MickeyD’s eater: Ms. Paltrow aka Mrs. Chris Martin (preaching to the general populace via ‘Goop’)

    Singer: Madonna

  15. jasoncat says

    Eater: Fishsticks Paltrow

    Singer: Madonna

    articles say that Madonna snubbed GOOPie at an event this past May.

  16. modelle18 says

    Goopy Gwenyth is no longer friends with Madonna/Beyonce

    shes panicking about the Vanity Fair article being written about her

    she’ll be joining the Paula Deen club soon

  17. blessedjess226 says

    Gwenyth Paltrow
    Recently sent an email out asking her friends and family to decline comments to Vanity Fair about an upcoming expose they’re focusing on her.

  18. LBoogie says

    so sick of people dogging Gwyneth.. she’s just sharing what she likes with others, who cares if it’s $23,432,749,832,743,987.. she’s not trying to sell you anything but cookbooks and EVERYONE gets a hankering for McDonalds every now and again. Her other empire won’t fall, it’s not like she’s throwing around racial slurs(though McDonalds is blasphemy to some)… Just because she eats well doesn’t mean she’s not allowed to be a bad girl every now and again. I eat very well. I’m training to be a nutritionist, but I’m not perfect all the time and McDonalds fries are GOOOOOOD. Get it Gwyneth! Haters gonna hate…