Mommy’s Lesbian Lover Blasts Icon

woman in bed 4[Hollywood Street King] This legendary Hip Hop icon has made a successful comeback by taking it back to his Jamaican roots, while backing the Twerk movement.

Though he was once a leader of a certain school, he wasn’t trying to have his kids schooled on same-sex scenarios before their time. Don’t believe me.. just ask our blind item’s high school sweetheart-turned-baby momma, who he kicked to the curb after he learned his pickney saw something they shouldn’t have seen.

“One of their three children walked into mommy and daddy’s bedroom and saw mommy having sex with her lesbian lover, while ______ was on tour.”

That’s before our mystery man won custody of his three sons, back in 2006. Now, his baby momma’s lesbian lover isn’t only saying he’s a man who abuses woman — she’s also putting dude on blast “for being a power bottom when he’s in the company of trannys.”

“He’s a bitch ass female.”

Back in 1997, our blind item showed up at the VMA’s in a dress and pigtails. Now, can you guess who I’m talking about?

Daddy Icon:

Mommy (may or may not be famous):

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    • ivyleaguer says

      Really?!!! despite accosting gay patrons at the 11th street dinner in South beach in 2006 and saying at the time “I hate F*****g f*ggots, man.” Imagine! Hypocrite.

  1. Deep-Sigh says

    Daddy Icon:
    Busta Ryhmes (was a member of the Leaders of the New School)
    Mommy (may or may not be famous):Joanne Wood

    • WhoDatGirl says

      I am just starting to think that all entertainers are willing to have all their orifices violated and/or violate orifices of any kind. They just aren’t picky about who or what they screw. Kinda sad, really.

  2. travoltasbeard says

    I can guess who you talking about!!!

    Busta Rhymes.

    “For being a POWER BOTTOM” is a phrase you just don’t hear enough of.

    Mommy: Joann Wood

  3. Spanct says

    Busta Rhymes?
    Surely not another homophobe who like being stuffed like a turkey.
    Perhaps that explains the photos with Martha Stewart.

  4. jocar says

    Successful comeback, really? When Busta Rhymes commented on Kanye West’s parenting skills, I was like Oh, yeah? Who cares what Busta thinks? lol

  5. nonsequiturchica says

    Daddy icon: Busta Rhymes

    He is Jamaican, has a new song about Twerking, used to be part of Leaders of the New School, has three kids with Joanne Wood (Mommy).

  6. pistolkitten says

    Busta Rhymes – Former member of Leaders of the New School, wore pigtails to 1997 VMAs, recorded a song called “Twerk It” and his album Year of the Dragon features Robin Thicke

    Joanne Wood – High school sweetheart, mother of his 3 children and is reportedly a lesbian