How She Lost The Cover

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[Lainey Gossip] It’s an opportunity that’s been withheld from some of the most famous women in the world. It’s considered a major honour – to make the cover, THAT cover, a cover her predecessors had achieved and one that was being offered to her just as she was moving forward with the next stage in her career. It was to be a big deal.

The photo shoot happened. Everyone was happy with the pictures.

And then, well, she did her thing. She did her thing, for several minutes she did her thing, and the world gasped and they gasped and now those pictures, they might not be on the cover anymore.

They’ve told her that they are reconsidering her cover but that she’ll still show up in the pages, just not on the front page.

For prestige, this is definitely a setback. But for sales? And notoriety? And general headline-worthiness? There haven’t been any losses. It…just might be a couple of years before they ask her again.



miley cyrus teen vogueSOLVED!

It’s Miley Cyrus! Source: Daily Mail

Remember when cute little Miley Cyrus was on the cover of Teen Vogue? She was so sweet and wholesome with her clothes on and her tongue in her mouth.


Well, times have changed, my friend! Miley’s got a new look and a twerky new attitude. And now all the Prada in the world won’t make the Devil put Miley back on the cover of Vogue.

Miley Cyrus’s Vogue cover

CANCELLED by Anna Wintour

following controversial VMA performance

Miley Cyrus’s crude dance at the MTV Video Music Awards has cost her the coveted cover slot on American Vogue.

The 20-year-old, right, was photographed for the December issue as editor-in-chief Anna Wintour had been eager to champion her as a new fashion icon.

But she soon changed her mind after witnessing the singer perform her overtly sexual routine in latex bra and knickers.

‘Anna found the whole thing distasteful,’ a source says. ‘She decided, based on Miley’s performance, to take the cover in a different direction.’

Well, we feel for Miley, so we’re going to give her the Vogue cover she deserves:

miley cyrus blind gossip vogue

You’re welcome, Miley!

Congratulations to HMW0250, who was the first to guess this one correctly! And thanks to everyone who added links right after the story broke!


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  1. hmw0250 says

    Miley and I am guessing Vogue cover…I can only find that she’s been on the Teen Vogue cover.

  2. OoLaLana says

    Miley Cyrus.
    I would presume on the cover of Vogue.
    Whatever magazine it is, my respect for them just got upped.

  3. michelex23 says

    The only person I can think of is Miley Cyrus. But would they really want her on the cover???

    • Katmandu says

      I suppose they would have. They probably will consider it in the future. Why? Because:

      THAT is what passes for a “celebrity” now.


  4. Coffee_Not_Tea says

    Miley Cyrus


    Apparently Anna Wintour likes her very much ever since she stole the show at the Met Gala. But her VMA shenanigans are hardly in the image Vogue wants to project these days.

    • nolabelle says

      Wow, it is not Puritan to view obscene behavior as more than just bad taste. A society should not be brought down by its lowest common denominator, pornographic celebration encouraging its youth.

  5. austinmocean says

    I have no idea but my best guess would be Miley Cyrus, her “thing” she did being the VMA’s, and while I don’t know the publication, I imagine it’s something her predecessors (Britney, and whoever else) have done. Could it be Vogue? Being something that would help her move into the next stage of her career, so that makes me think it’s something more risqué, like Maxim or something, but she’s already done that. So it could Vogue, just for the distinction and prestige. But Miley doesn’t need the sales/notoriety/general headline making since she got that with her little performance. Anyway,

    Celebrity: Miley Cyrus

    Publication: Vogue, I guess

  6. Beatrixie says

    Celebrity: Miley
    Publication: Vogue, September issue.

    But man that would have been weird anyway.

  7. pattyc24 says

    Miley Cyrus
    Rolling Stone

    I’m really hoping this is her. This girl needs a reality check. Someone needs to let her know that this behavior is not okay, and will not further her career. Seriously.

    • wut says

      what behavior? Enjoying herself? Ooh, how horrible. She should go be boring with the rest of the world who are too afraid to be who they are.

      • WhatLolaWants says

        No. How about appropriating a culture that isn’t hers, not caring about the numerous complaints from the people from that culture, using women as props…I’ll just stop there. There is a BIG difference between “enjoying yourself” and doing what she is doing, but then again, it is a matter of opinion. I also didn’t know the entire world is boring…nice to know.

      • ToadKisser says

        Am I seriously the only person more offended by her complete lack of singing or dancing talent than by her supposed sluttiness?

  8. cavitykid says

    Hmmmm…i’m guessing Miley Cyrus, and the magazine to be is tough-so I’ll guess Time magazine, the person of the year for 2013

  9. 2BEAUCOUP says




  10. zabok says

    Miley Cyrus, Rolling Stone? I’m not sure on the magazine, but i’m guessing it had to do w/ her outlandish performance at the VMA’s

  11. SouthJerseyGirl says

    Miley Cyrus for the celebrity. Not sure about the cover – she’s not really a “Vogue” kind of girl and that’s the only mag I can think of that is a very big deal.

  12. britbrat86 says

    Celebrity: Miley Cyrus! (I keep thinking of her rather hysterical VMA performance)
    Publication: Vogue ! (I’m drawn to Vogue for some reason)

  13. exnetworkpro says

    Celeb: Miley Cyrus
    Publication: Rolling Stone? (There’s no way Anna Wintour would put her on Vogue!)

  14. justjinx says

    Well after doing absolutely no research – I’m going with Miley and Rolling Stone mag. This mag has no rep left IMO so might as well put her on the cover regardless.

  15. ValleyOfTheGalls says

    Celebrity: Miley Cyrus
    Publication: Vogue
    Katy Perry was one of her predecessors who performed at the VMAs and was on the cover of Vogue.

  16. mogs says

    Celebrity: Miley

    Publication: Vogue

    That’s a real loss for her. It definitely is a prestigious cover.

  17. TeacherKat says

    Celebrity: Miley

    Publication: Vogue

    I’m going with this because Lainey usually posts a hint the following day, and there was a post on Miley today. Also, the VMA’s would be her doing her “thing” that caused everyone to gasp. Britney Spears and Madonna have been on the cover of Vogue (her predecessors) and she is going in a new career direction (hoodrat vs. Hannah Montanna is a new career direction, non?).

  18. CanaryCry says

    Twerkin’ Miley … possibly on the cover of the Rolling Stone.

    I wanna put that old Dr. Hook song on now …

  19. HaNeull says

    A total shot in the dark here…

    Celebrity: Miley Cyrus
    Publication: Harper’s Bazaar?

    Though I don’t know why they’d want her at all to begin with, but I feel like people make a bigger deal about being on the cover of that magazine than others, so.. that’s my guess!

    • JaneDawson says

      She was on Vanity Fair her freshman year of high school. It was big, scandalous deal.

      Miley Cyrus

      • lily is my puppy says

        Oh yes, I remember this vaguely? She was nude or something? Wrapped in a blanket?

        I don’t know — I canceled my Vanity Fair subscription the first time they put Paris Hilton on the cover — that was the end for me. I have a book of some of the earliest issues of VF, when people like the Algonquin Circle published in it frequently. What a different world, when writers were the celebrities, if you think of a celebrity as someone who is celebrated.