Football To Music Transition Could Be Fatal

football guitar[Hollywood Street King] This former football player once headed the west coast’s most successful gangsta rap record label, but we’ve learned he can recite the lyrics from a Blues track quicker than a Tupac anthem. Know why? Because rap isn’t his top choice in music.

We’re told our mystery music mogul is a devoted fan of the likes of The Stylistics and ZZ Hill — above any and all gangsta rappers. Now, not only is our blind item revealed to be loving the Blues — he’s said to be livin’ ‘em too.

According to our insider, severe depression has led our mystery man to delve deep into hard dr*gs to mask his pain. That could be fatal, especially considering he’s reported to be a diabetic who’s “lost a lot of weight, and his teeth have turned yellow from the cigars he smokes.”

Here’s the drop: “David Kenner took all the money — he knew that ______ didn’t know anything about the music business.”

Football Player/Music Mogul:

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  1. ThinkerBelle says

    Marion “Suge” Knight. Yeah, the attorneys always take the money “legally” but they don’t get the bullets in their heads. But I’m not crying for Suge. He made his bed. Gotta be a big boy and sleep tight.

  2. jocar says

    Will this latest turn of events finally take out Suge Knight? He has probably used 8 out of 9 lives by now.

  3. MamaMegs says

    Marion “Suge” Knight? Is the part about his music preference trying to indicate something, like he’s not as “hard” or something?

  4. silver_girl81 says

    Suge Knight.
    David Kenner was a confidante of Suge Knight’s, and a lawyer with ties to the mafia.

  5. timesink says

    I’m a fan of any Stylistics fan, they are the greatest. He shouldn’t get depressed. He should sue this David Kenner guy for a ton of money and then represent the Stylistics and put on some great concerts. That is really too bad.

  6. slantrhyme says

    They say the Stylistics like it’s a bad thing. Would love to see real r&b get as much love as rap.