Football To Music Transition Could Be Fatal

football guitar[Hollywood Street King] This former football player once headed the west coast’s most successful gangsta rap record label, but we’ve learned he can recite the lyrics from a Blues track quicker than a Tupac anthem. Know why? Because rap isn’t his top choice in music.

We’re told our mystery music mogul is a devoted fan of the likes of The Stylistics and ZZ Hill — above any and all gangsta rappers. Now, not only is our blind item revealed to be loving the Blues — he’s said to be livin’ ‘em too.

According to our insider, severe depression has led our mystery man to delve deep into hard dr*gs to mask his pain. That could be fatal, especially considering he’s reported to be a diabetic who’s “lost a lot of weight, and his teeth have turned yellow from the cigars he smokes.”

Here’s the drop: “David Kenner took all the money — he knew that ______ didn’t know anything about the music business.”

Football Player/Music Mogul:

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