The Next Britney or Amanda

Britney Spears pink wig[Naughty But Nice Rob] It looks like another young star is heading for an Amanda-Bynes-style breakdown!

She is already walking around her house in wigs and has started talking in a British accent – just like Britney did before she lost her mind.

So far, her team of managers and her publicist have been able to keep the breakdown under wraps but are worried that they will not be able to do so for much longer.

Thankfully, an assistant runs her Twitter account, so Drake will not be getting any more Bynes-like tweets anytime soon.

Young Star:

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  1. GirlPlease says

    Hmm, I’m not picking up a lot of clues from this blind, but maybe I haven’t had enough caffeine today?
    My guess would be Demi Lovato; she has to have been experiencing some stress recently over those supposed nude photos. And she worked closely with Brit Brit last year on The X-Factor…. annnnnd that’s all I got.
    Looking forward to seeing the other guesses for this one.

    • guessingbg says

      Agree. Not sure which. I’d lean more Miley, but Demi’s got that mess of a boyfriend, and I could see that causing a breakdown.

  2. gadgetgal says

    Poor Miley.

    Actually, if this is true about Miley, I hope it gets her some help.

    WTF is in the water in Hollywood these days that causes all of this serious mental illness?!

    • guessingbg says

      There’s some new crazy drug out in Hollywood. Moose or something like that. All these drugs people are taking…we are seeing the effects. Beware, people.

    • hollywoodvoyuer says

      drugs, sexual relationships with adults that the parents look the other way on….the list goes on. It is just more noticeable now with all the media scrutiny of celebs comings and goings. Before the internet and social media, things were easier to hide.

    • nomnom says

      starvation. vanity. entitlement. constant attention. total lack of anyone willing to give a reality check.

      • CapnCrunch says

        Yes to all of these, plus the pressure of existing in a professional culture where money is the ultimate morality.

    • Red Velvet says

      Casting agents/directors/producers who are sexual predators. Entitlement and constant attention make one tend toward rampant douchebaggery (see Justin Bieber), but real, devastating mental illness is more likely coming from either brain-frying drugs or serious trauma.

    • wendy hood says

      Hollywood is part and parcel of the elites control over us. It has always been this way, just using different tools and it not being reported as much because of the former lack of 24/7 news coverage/paparazzi prevalence. Check out “Inside The LC: The Strange but Mostly True Story of Laurel Canyon and the Birth of the Hippie Generation”. Easily googled. Lots of celebs, lots of them ending up instantly famous and then later mysteriously dead. It will open your eyes to all the contrived movements the media supports, like the Hippie movement, and when extrapolated, will reveal that all media supported movements are manipulated down to the last detail. Things like the feminist movement, civil rights, gay rights, all manipulated events.

    • nolabelle says

      Gadget gal- all of the above plus,I remember in the early years of the industry, there was patriotism, national pride, reflected in films, there was judeo-Christian spirituality( which was principled and practiced in founding this great nation) reflected in films, history stories of our country’s greatness, nobility, virtue, honor. Heck, it was stature to have a USserviceman become an acclaimed actor too. His service was touted in his bio. Media hid a lot about private lives, of course, some for nefarious profit reasons, and also because there was a respect for privacy, the dignity of a human being.

  3. GayleStorm says

    Miley Cyrus.
    She seems pretty delusional as of late. However, it seems as though she may be posting her own tweets, from what what I’ve read.

    • PinkPetals says

      I thought Miley too but I just read that she called a pap the ‘C’ word and then tweeted about it so I think she is clearly still in control of her Twitter account. Demi seems to be posting lots of inspirational, light and happy tweets lately …. so maybe her. Also she may be the starlet on the 5 day bender? Not sure.

  4. GrannyGoose says

    Could this be Miley? She’s been alluding lately to the fact that she has “issues” and is “F&%%ed up”

  5. daisybaby says

    Miley? Whether this blind is about her or not, I really think she is also on her way to a breakdown.

  6. pytmjfan says

    Willow Smith, she has been heard to have a strange British accent and those parents should lose custody of her for how they let her be sexualized at 12.

    • kbd61186 says

      +1 I like this guess. she did the weird accent in that song and always has weird hairstyles. and her parents seem to be seperating. she’s probably going crazier.

      • PandoraWolf says

        I agree…everyone knows about Demi’s issues, now, so I don’t know how much more of her personal stuff they can hide (other than ‘she’s not really sober’).

        Who the hell has a personal assistant monitor your Twitter account? Is it maybe because she was tweeting about being depressed and cutting and all that other alarming stuff, so they had to hire an assistant to make sure she doesn’t ruin her parents life..I mean ‘show the world they are f*cked up parents’?


  7. kins says

    I want to say either Miley or Rihanna. Miley’s gone that far off the rails it wouldn’t surprise me at all, but then again, with all the drugs that Rihanna takes…

  8. HermioneG says

    Miley? Don’t follow her twitter but I can’t think of anyone else going full on cray cray atm. British accent, eh? Another monarch bites the dust.

  9. jocar says

    Ha, ha, ha. Know it is not her, but there was an episode a while back on KUWTK where Kim put on wigs and “acted” like someone else!! It was painful to watch, but like a gory accident scene, I couldn’t look away.

    • What Had Happened Was ... says

      OMG, I remember that episode. She seemed so very comfortable with the wig and accent too, almost as if it were an everyday routine for her. I’m with you, it was brutal to watch. I remember thinking, either this bitch really is crazy, or they’ve completely exhausted their “reality” storylines. But this could totally be Kim, except she’s not considered young by Hollywood standards.

  10. 4sixx2 says

    Miley seems to be going off the deep end. But unless someone recently took over her Twitter, she’s been known to tweet some personal $h!t.

  11. nomnom says

    Miley, but probably doing this for attention, not because she’s truly on the edge of a breakdown. she just wants the media coverage and sympathy a ‘breakdown’ would entail.

    • Fergus says

      That’s what I was thinking. Pic with the wig looks like her. Miley would be too easy – sort of stating the obvious..

  12. OoLaLana says

    She was recently in London and her last tweet looked all business-like so I’m thinking one of her team posted it.
    She doesn’t seem like a happy girl. For all the fame and money and touring, I get the feeling she’s lonely and lost. Ah, the trappings of fame… she really does seem trapped.

  13. PghGirl says

    Nikki Minaj? Looks like her wig – uses British accent – seems a little out there. She’s older tho – early 30’s.
    First time poster – :)

  14. leonardodicaprio says

    I’d guess Miley but her demise isn’t exactly ‘under wraps’ is it? Plus I’m pretty sure she’s in control of her twitter account, same goes for Demi. I’m thinking this is someone unexpected…

  15. canada47 says

    I’m going with Gaga. She’s been out o the limelight for a while now due to drug issues (or surgery as she likes to spin it) but even after rehab she’s acting bizarre. I’d imagine she has identity issues from all the parts she plays. You can’t live that kind of life changing who you are every other week without losing your true self. Spiraling!

  16. JaneDawson says

    Assistant runs the Twitter. That rules out Miley & Rihanna. Their twitters are hot messes.

    Ariana Grande ?

  17. McGosling says

    i wonder who is this..

    so before you lose your mind, you will start talking in a British accent lol..

    • Shawny2222 says

      As far out as it may sound, I have to agree. It’s just too weird that these starlets seem to have breakdowns around the same age (Usually when the starlet is very close to hitting 30. But, it can happen even before that age.) and that they seem to “malfunction” almost identical to one another.

      • nolabelle says

        While it could be the control thing, but it could also bethecomplete and utter spiritual void and corruption of the spirit and soul emanating from mostofhollywood culture and music industries these days, these young ppl grow up thinking thisis what they are supposed to aspire to and achieve and when theyfindout what is behindthegreen curtain,they realize they have nothing, they become seriously depressed,disillusioned and lost with no anchors to ground them and give them or teach the how or the why to have meaning in life,self worth,love,etc.

  18. sherlock says

    Sounds like Miley.Is Gaga too old to be classed as a starlet?She acts “kooky” and wears a lot of wigs lately.

    • skagen says

      Agreed. I think Gaga is way too old to fit this blind. Also, so long Gaga’s wigs aren’t made of otter sinews and the tentacled arms of octopi, I’m pretty sure that actually counts as conservative dress.

      …For her.

    • Shawny2222 says

      Lately? Gaga is always “kooky” and wearing wigs. She has been for awhile. I don’t think it’s her.

  19. sugarbread says

    lady gaga was really hired to play the part of “art-y pop star”
    and now that the whole world is over it and making fun of her she
    can’t handle it. her kickstarter crap was just laughable at best.
    her girlfight w/ lady perez asw well. whoever she signed the contract w/ to be “lady gaga” she is trapped.

  20. Shawny2222 says

    I am going to guess Miley Cyrus. Didn’t she post something on Twitter some days ago about her having to deal with a lot of issues? I can’t remember word for word what she wrote, but it sounded almost like a plea for help. But, a restrained plea for help because of some fear she holds.

  21. Emmelina says

    Amanda Bynes is (probably) schizophrenic, and this woman is probably undiagnosed. It’s misleading to call it an “Amanda Bynes style breakdown”.

  22. Labellavitavelveeta says

    This needs more clues, even just one..there are way too many “starlets” that this could pertain to?

  23. LBoogie says

    Ugh!! Wendy hood! This is a FUN website… We guess the blind items, we don’t preach political views.. Go to Politico for that! It’s not that deep..

  24. Daviddemi says

    Definitely not Demi LOvato people!! She’s clearly in control of her twitter. Just look at the tweets and pics she posts. And she doesn’t wear a wig nor speak in a british accent.