1. stolidog says

    Hugh Bonneville from Downton Abby. (The Mirror is English, and I’m pretty sure every middle aged married Englishman has had a secret gay fling in their twenties…)

    • 4sixx2 says

      LOL! The British guy I dated will always have a warm spot in my heart whether he ever had that gay fling or not! 😀

      • jasper says

        This planet. I still haven’t seen Downtown Abbey, but I did catch Hugh on Doctor Who and a few other projects, and I thought Hugh was WOOFY. I was disappointed to later find out the he wore a face-merkin on Who, tho. I can’t wait to see him with a few other favorites in Monuments Men.

    • sugarbread says

      they are both bi. steven was doing the british soap guy who played warlow. that is what anna didn’t know. she knows he’s bi, just doesn’t know he still swings when she’s not looking

      • cea922 says

        The blind says the affair happened when he was in his 20s so I don’t think this is him and the actor who plays Warlow.

    • MNGossipHound says

      Anna is bi-sexual so I can’t imagine Stephen would feel the need to hide something like this from her.

      • Sensibleguess says

        Agreed that because she is bi, Anna P. would probably be fine about it. I didn’t get the impression from this blind that the actor’s keeping it from the wife was to be secretive and embarrassed about it …just that he had never informed her about it?

  2. meemo506 says

    I was soooo wanting this was Martin Freeman but no, he is not married.

    A girl can still hope for some real life John/Sherlock action though, right?

  3. zeep says

    Well, it’s probably someone on British TV, but what the heck, I’ll say Jonny Lee Miller, Elementary, Michelle Hicks. With Angie knowing.

  4. MaryQuiteContrary says

    Star: David Tennant

    TV Show: Broadchurch

    Wife (may or may not be famous): Georgia Moffat

  5. kbd61186 says

    David Tennant
    Show Broadchurch
    Wife Georgia moffat

    This is just the first thing that popped into my head. Love David tho

  6. faboosh says

    At first read I thought this was Hugh Laurie and Stephen Frye and the show being A Bit of Frye and Laurie but it says “heart-throb” so I guess that would eliminate Hugh Laurie…Dang. Thought I had this one.

    • PinkSlip says

      Good heavens, is anyone reading the clues? Since when is Johnny Lee Miller “middle aged”?!!

      • creeping_thistle says

        Eh. Johnny is 42; I have no idea what’s the demographic for Ace’s site, but twentysomethings might see someone over forty as middle-aged. Same for Gary Barlow, which is my guess, and it made me feel ANCIENT to discover he’s about 42 too; in my mind, Take That happened… last week :-(

  7. materialgirl says

    I’m thinking this is Phillip Schofield.
    He’s 53, It’s about a UK celebrity and he’s very well known in the UK.
    He does morning tv every morning I think (I’m never around to see it) but he does a lot of prime tv hosting and is a current TV star. Not sure if he’s considered a hearthrob but I find him attractive..
    Oh and he acts like a closeted gay so I wouldn’t be surprised.
    Star: Phillip Schofield
    TV Show: A lot of stuff but The Cube/All Star Mr/Mrs and he does ‘This Morning’ every morning I think.
    Wife: Stephanie Lowe

  8. Divide by Zero says

    No idea.

    If he was married I would have said Martin Freeman, not because I believe it to be true, but because my little Johnlock/Freebatch secret guilty pleasure side is making me say it. Also, not on TV right now. Damn that wait!

    • jasper says

      Ooh, maybe it was when Peter and Craig Ferguson both got high the same night at separate locations and somehow wound up together? LOL
      There is a clip on YouTube of them discussing this on Craig’s talk show before Peter was chosen as next Doctor. Stories have circulated about which side Craig prefers for a while, so one night while stoned “doesn’t count”?

  9. missmarian says

    Since this is a British tabloid, it’s got to be a British actor. I’m thinking:

    Star: David Tennant

    Show: Broadchurch (and Doctor Who anniversary show)

    Wife: Georgia Moffet

  10. blkmkt says

    It devastates me but

    Star: Gary Barlow

    TV Show: X Factor

    Wife (may or may not be famous): Dawn Barlow

  11. Fergus says

    Honestly, I don’t really care. But I do care when someone is and pretends that they are not. If a few of the heavy hitters in the industry came out and were honest they would remove a LOT of the stigma, and make it much easier for the younger people to get work.

    • rosiedoes says

      It’s nobody else’s place to decide who should know about someone’s personal life, especially something like their sexuality, than the individual in question.

      Telling people whether it is right for them to maintain their privacy is more offensive and damaging that anyone wishing to live a public charade.

  12. creeping_thistle says

    Gary Barlow (oh God, he’s 42 already?)
    Married with Dawn Andrews since 2000, so we assume he’s reasonably happy
    On prime time with the X Factor
    Friends who knew: might they be the rest of Take That?
    But the real question is: Name a British celebrity who did NOT have an early gay phase…!

  13. glittercoke says

    Star: Hugh Dancy

    TV Show: Hannibal

    Wife: Claire Danes

    Y’all better solve this, because if it’s true I have some fantasies I need to pursue in real life.

  14. WhoDatGirl says

    I obviously don’t know as much about celebrities as I am required to know to solve any of these blinds.

    • nolabelle says

      Aww don’t worry about that, many here don’t know either. Sure there are some industry ppl on here and they have some insights but then again others who just lie a lot thinking they know but don’t, or jealous and make stuff up. The fun for the rest of us is just guessing and enjoying Ace’s entertaining site.

  15. Whatzmyname says

    Who cares what someone did in their twenties? We all do the dumbest things in our twenties! You keep those stories for your grand children and laugh about your stupidity. Lol!

  16. dontpanik says

    Middle age is from 35-54 approximately. I realize that those of us in our early 40’s don’t like to think of ourselves as middle-aged, but…um…well….

    • nolabelle says

      Awwww come on now. 30s included ?. Absolutely no way. Average age of death is late 70s or 80s ,even 90s nowadays so middle age doesn’t even start until 45 for many.

  17. Str8magengtafriendly says

    Gary Barlow (with Robbie Williams)
    Show: X-Factor
    Wife: Dawn Andrews (I think she just pretends she doesn’t know)