• Tasia says

      Guessing John Legend and Chrissy T for the win. They’ve been dating for 7 years and she gave an interview that if they didn’t get married by the end of the year then she was done. When they were on Oprah a few months ago, O flat out quoted tabloid stories about John cheating. Could “sidejawns” be a hint at “John”?

      • ToadKisser says

        I hope it’s Chrissy T, and I hope she gets away from him before its too late. I’m actually a fan of his music and really have no idea what she’s done professionally, but having seen them interact as a couple on a TV show here and there, he’s horribly controlling and disdainful toward her on a level that makes me think that he could hurt her (or worse) someday. At best, I have zero doubt he could be a serial cheater. She seems very intelligent, witty, beautiful – she needs to get out of that long-term relationship and learn to value herself without him.

  1. breanna_monique says

    LeBron and Savannah. (She’s been with this man 11 years and just now getting married after 2 kids???)

      • akajenb says

        I never understood why a female who is with a guy and they knew he was going to be a success, they put up with all that crap. Savannah needs to use her head, get a college degree with some of Lebron’s wealth and establish her own identity. But I guess just like other women before her like a guy to use her while he has fun with sidechicks, or mistresses. They should have been married already, and if Lebron gets married I think it’s just for his image.

        STD’S anyone

    • akajenb says

      I would turn all that down, like my my dad always said, a woman must be able to be independent. In fact his exact words were, “Get an education and make something of yourself, and don’t let a guy walk all over you.” aDVICE HE gives to myselrf and my siblings including my brothers.

  2. sagittarius diva says

    Gabrielle Onion and Shewayne Wade? As the saying goes….how you get him is how you loose him!

  3. absolutezero says

    Kelly Clarkson mentioned something about her and her fiancĂ© (Brandon Blackstock) cancelling their wedding because of other people’s opinions and ideas getting in the way. Apparently they’re planning on eloping sometime soon.

  4. lepidoteran says

    For anyone guessing Aniston, Cyrus, Jolie, Clarkson, etc., look at the source. Not saying Downfront 2 *can’t* post about them, but Downfront 2 *usually* posts about AAcelebs.

  5. cellokid77 says

    Could it be Zerrie, Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards? If it’s for a PR Stunt, Perrie seems very eager to walk down the aisle… clue is in the talkative side pieces/sidejawns bit… Zayn has had lots of cheating rumours swirling around him during the entire extent of their.. relationship. Also, Perrie’s been waiting for him for quite some time, as he’s been on tour practically the whole year + it’s taken a while for the actual engagement, hence the “she’s waited a while for her man to come through”. Just some thoughts. Thanks Ace x

  6. PatioPrincess says

    What is a sidejawn? Some of these clues and lingo that is used are downright weird. Are you a hipster Ace?

  7. claudiamastro says

    talkative sides can’t be jennifer justin or either of your guess.

    I think it’s a much less demanour couple like snookie and that shortie short man of hers