1. ShennanigansOHoolihan says

    Emma Roberts? Just because of the c*ke rumors and reference to family rather than mom/dad/parents (family being Auntie Julia too).

    • missmissy says

      I like this one. Didnt she also have a row with her boyfriend recently – or am I confusing her with someone else.

      • ShennanigansOHoolihan says

        Yes – her and Evan Peters. Both refused to press charges. Raslebol – I linked to an article somewhat discussing dr*g rumors with regard to Emma Roberts. I think the fight with Evan Peters is also telling of her current state of mind.

  2. Kerzep says

    Lets see:

    Lindsay Lohan just got out of rehab. Miley is EVERYWHERE so she’s not missing. Brit Brit doesn’t seem the type. Selena Gomez has been seen at events.

    So I’m going to say Demi Lovato.

    • hotpinkmomma says

      No, she was just spotted eating a turkey leg at Disney Land 2 days ago with Wilmer.

      • SooWrong says

        I saw the pic of her with Wilmer too…..So I assume in the next week or so we’ll have a blind about her being back on blow. He’s such a scuzzbag. When will she learn? Are there no other half decent guys around her? Geez, I’ve got great guy friends, like truly down to earth, funny & polite. I can lend her one to show her the kind of ppl she needs to look for.

    • modelle18 says

      im with this, im thinking it has to do with her nude photo leaks and the betrayal of her loser bf

    • redmarvels says

      Well,that was my first thought, but Demi was in Africa and was papped with Willmer two days ago and has beet tweeting… so

    • La Llorona says

      Heck, we all want it to be Miley because I think people need to search for a reason for that hot ass mess of a performance. That or they need a reason to talk.

  3. Up the Coast says

    Maybe it was Miley….she seemed to have a screw loose the other night. But it’s probably Emma Roberts (starlet).

    • La Llorona says

      You know, I was going to say that Olsen’s probably 30 years old and then I realize she’s 24! :O That’s almost the same age as me but I just turned 25 recently. I’m blown away at how mature her acting is in “Martha Marcy May Marlene”.

  4. random076 says

    By the use of the word “starlet” I’d guess an actress and as Miley and Demi haven’t done anything worth mentioning…ever that rules them out. The second clue being the newspaper this bit is from I’d guess English so Selena is out as well as Lindsey. I honestly don’t have a guess as the only actress I can think of that’s British is Emma Watson but I guess you never know.

  5. La Llorona says

    I think this is Amanda Bynes. Since when did Lindsay Lohan’s family care enough about her going missing for a couple days to feel “devastated”? I think Dina’s too fried out on prescription drugs to give a f*** and Michael’s probably in jail for slapping his girlfriend again. That whole family is a sad bag of losers.

    Real winners in that lot…

  6. Soulfire says

    Samantha Barks. The clue is “5 Days Left” – a play on the song One Day More from Les Miserables.

  7. UKGoss says

    The People is a British tabloid, a ‘starlet’ is definitely an actress and not a musician, and going on a bender often relates to alcohol-related shenanigans.

    ‘Starlet’ is a term frequently used when describing soap stars, so I think this is likely to be some Z-list TV actress, and not anyone famous enough. I don’t watch soaps, so I can’t even guess – but I know young soap stars are always getting drunk and falling out of nightclubs.

    Otherwise, well-known British actresses like Keira Knightley, Carey Mulligan and Felicity Jones are 28 – and as I’ve mentioned before, is that ‘young’ enough by Hollywood standards? Emma Watson is 23 – definitely ‘young’, but I doubt very much she would go on a bender.

  8. sfgal says

    There’s a story in the NY Post today about Emma Roberts titled “The Next Lindsay Lohan?”. It also says her heavy partying has not been in the tabloids much because they’re afraid to alienate aunt Julia. Her publicist went ballistic when her arrest was reported last month.

    • Whatzmyname says

      This girl had everything handed to her by Aunt Julia Roberts. She didnt have to work her ass off like other starlets. From past behaviour you can clearly see she is a spoilt brat with anger management issues.

  9. rudy says

    For her sake i hope it is Miley Cryrus. At least an excuse for that tongue groping exhibitionism. Terry richardson should be arrested for something. Disgusting taste for sure.