Why One Songbird Got His Wings Clipped Last Night

two birds[Hollywood Street King] This sad excuse for a ‘music man’ is far from being in sync with Rhythm and Blues — Just ask Raphael Saadiq — yet dude is gassed up to the point where he actually believes he’s worthy of wearing the King of R&B crown!

That’s because this blue-eyed bandit is no stranger to his ‘Great White Hope’ industry title. Know why? Because not only did he boldly straight jack the essence of one Toni, he’s reported to be taking his blatant imitations to the next level. Insiders say that’s why our blind item’s “20/20 Experience” album is rigged to land him that royal title.

Sources say one former Real Husbands of Hollywood cast member — who straight jacked Marvin Gaye — is said to have fueled our Mickey Mouse Club mystery man’s plot to launch a full blown take-over. How else do you think the songbird’s wings were clipped, landing him in the Thicke of things? Just ask our blind item’s BFF, Jay Z. The reason? Dude’s said to be fed up with walking a set of Blurred Lines.

He’s a girlyman who refuses to share the spotlight, forcing that Blurred Lines-Boy’s bad business into public focus. Don’t believe me.. Ask Pharrell Williams.

Music Man/Girlyman:


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    • neartstarlet says

      I’m trying to read between the lines of this blind: JT is delusional for the “King of R&B” title, so he’s starting to copy off of people who have ‘made it’ before, which is how Robin Thicke is getting big. The only difference is that JT wants to do it alone and sans help/giving props. Otherwise there is a cocaine reference I’m just not connecting to…

      • neartstarlet says

        I take it all back – JT is getting jealous that Robin Thicke is getting massive airtime, hits, and is becoming popular. So JT is revealing that Thicke is on cocaine/stealing songs without giving credit.

      • La Llorona says

        Oh good, so it wasn’t just me who had a hard time deciphering what this cryptic ass blind was about?

      • Spanct says

        Co-sign – girlyman JT who hasn’t done music in years is jealous that RT has more R&B cred and airtime atm so he’s leaked stories about coke & plagiarism to take the shine off the RT hit.

        Begs the question – does JT rule white R&B if he doesn’t put out music, and is RT a challenger off the back of one song? Care factor = 0.

      • jmk says

        I didn’t get this at all, I knew they were talking about JT and RT, but just missed the whole point of the blind – thanks all of you smart people who figured it out for me!

      • Okayeah says

        I was eventually able to interpret the point of all this, but after several read-throughs I’m still not seeing any coke reference…

      • ericaomega says

        Actually, this is Thicke’s fourth album. He plugged in the gap JT left to pursue “acting”.

      • Naija_girl says

        Umm Robin Thicke has been making music/writing and producing for artists since JT was rockin bleach blonde cornrows. To say Robin took JT’s place is an insult.

    • Fergus says

      Thanks for explaining it. I was about to go out and score some LSD just so I could understand the blind.

      • redstilettos says

        Ha ha. It confused me too, my Highland friend. I knew it has something to do with Thicke, but couldn’t figure who is who.

        Don’t worry, JT. You’re talented and charismatic. Also, at least you don’t dress at Beetlejuice.

      • AnotherBlindGossipFan says

        LMAO…Fergus! I was wondering if it was just me…or did I need some mind altering drugs to help me “get it”!!! :)

  1. MaybeImRight says

    So Justin Timblerlake and Robin Thicke did something blind-item worthy? More than that, I can’t tell.

  2. bubbajane says

    It’s obviously Justin Timblerlake, but I’m not sure I understand what it’s about! LOL

    • thebutlerdidit says

      Justin Timberlake screwed over the NSYNC dudes because he is so petty, thinks he’s the new king of R & B, he doesn’t like Robin Thicke getting all this attention, instead of him. One of the Real Househusbands, who stole Marvin Gaye’s style, himself, helped manipulate JT’s new album up higher than it should be, so he can take on the crown, using the style that he stole from Toni Braxton. Just ask his buddy, JayZ.

  3. BRUSHFIRE97 says

    I am confused are they talking about Robin Thicke or Justin Timberlake? Also, what is the big deal with the blind, I don’t get why it was a blind item. Is there something shocking in this blind that I am missing it just seems like they are talking about a diva dude – SHOCKING!!!


    • says

      Unbe-freaking-lievable how white “artists” in Hollywood can straight up steal the iconic styles of Black artists who did it first and did it better and get even more praise than they ever did. smdh.

      • La Llorona says

        Eh, that’s the oldest story in the book, to be honest. The funny thing is, neither of them are that good.

      • lily is my puppy says

        valley, I hope you are being ironic. Because as LaLlorona says, it is the oldest story in the book. Elvis, anyone?

      • slantrhyme says

        Pat Boone (whitest of all whites) took from Little Richard, everybody stole from Chuck Berry, Fats Domino…Elvis’ supposed blue-eyed-soul was a rip-off of everybody, the Beatles loved Little Richard but didn’t have an eye-dropper’s worth of his soulfulness, in the 80s Whitney changed the way all the white girls wanted to sing and effin JT thinks he’s as good as the King of Pop. Now we have this Thicke guy who is outright stealing from the great Marvin Gaye, which is disgraceful.

        And here is one to end all – Pink Floyd never stole any soul, but their founder, Syd Barrett, named the band after two Georgia blues singers he admired, Pink Anderson and Floyd Council—so even the progressive British rockers were “borrowing” from black artists.

      • VeronicaMarsBars says

        And in regards to the English, there was the whole Northern Soul movement of the 60s that tapped into non-mainstream American soul music.

      • wendy hood says

        Stealing music is just about the only white on black crime I can think of. Now what of the opposite?

  4. PinkCrayon says

    I’m not even sure if I’m reading this right.

    Music man: Justin Timberlake
    Songbird: Robin Thicke

    I take it Justin didn’t want to share the spotlight last night with Robin Thicke, so he rigged the awards? Robin sure got robbed last night.

  5. jules524 says

    i’m so dumb i don’t even understand this but i’m going with JT and Robin Thicke. Are they feuding or something?! does not compute.

  6. GreatGooglyMoogly says

    I see that this BI is written in english words, but the meaning of the combination of words is escaping me. And while I can deduce that Girlyman is alluding to Justin Timberlake and Songbird is, I believe, intended to be Robin Thicke, I don’t get the gist of the blind…*eyeroll at my own uncoolness*

  7. bananas says

    This would be Timberlake and Robin Thicke I’m missing the subtext though can someone help me out?

  8. mrsjaymack says

    I’m confused. Aren’t the music man/girlyman and songbird the same person? If so, Justin Timberlake.

  9. WhoDatGirl says

    Music Man/Girlyman: Justin Timberlake
    Songbird: Robin Thicke

    I’m a Robin Thicke fan, myself. I like Justin too (for pop music though, not R & B), but Robin’s amazing.

  10. xoxostelabaltic says

    Music Man/Girlyman: Justin Timberlake
    Song Bird: Robin Thicke

    You didn’t even try ace lol! 😀

  11. brownsugar says

    Music man/Girly man: Robin Thicke
    Songbird: JT

    But i have no clue what he’s actually trying to say. Are JT and RT in cahoots with each other or are they competing against each other? And how did JT’s wings get “clipped”?

    What does it mean that RT is fed up with walking on a set of “blurred lines”? And what recent “bad boy” business of JT’s did he push into public focus?

    Ugh…so many questions…not enough effs to give. -___-

  12. gigipeach says

    can someone translate this for me?

    I have no idea what he’s talking about. I know it has to do with Justin and robin thicke… but someone please interpret.

  13. ericaomega says

    JT hints:
    in sync = N’Sync
    20/20 experience = album title

    RT hints:
    Thicke = Robin Thicke

  14. Katie says

    Is it just me or was this one hella hard to follow? If i’m reading it correctly- my guess would be:

    Justin Timberlake
    Robin Thicke

  15. MsOverstreet says

    Music man/Girlyman: Justin Timberlake
    Songbird: Robin Thicke? Didn’t see any references to a songbird.

    I have no clue what this blind was alluding to.

  16. RedScience says

    What is clear is that refers to Justin Timberlake and Robin Thicke. What is unclear is what the blind is actually trying to say. *shrug*

  17. BlindGossiper says

    Music Man/Girly man: Justin Timberlake (who feels threatened by the recent success of …)

    Songbird: Robin Thicke (Former Real Husbands of Hollywood cast member, Blurred Lines Artist; song features Pharrell Williams.)

  18. boobytrap says

    this is so obviously about JT and robin thick, but i can’t understand what it’s saying at all. lol, derp.

  19. melissaonk97 says

    I realize that you have to be clever and put clues throughout each blind…but Hollywood Street King really really needs to learn how to write.

  20. memommamo says

    Music Man – Justin Timberlake
    Songbird – Robin Thicke

    This was so obvious, yet so confusing.

  21. Obeah says

    This is obviously Justin Timberlake but I really don’t understand the blind… can someone tell me the gist?

  22. Ivanna Funkalot says

    I feel dumber for having read that because every time I thought I was up to speed with what you were saying, it just turned into gobbeldy-gook. I assume whatever it is involves Justin Timberlake, but WTF?

  23. NoStalkersAllowed says

    Music Man/Girlyman:Justin Timerberlake
    Songbird:Robin Thicke
    Clues: 20/20 Experience is justin’s album and he was in the Mickey Mouse Club and i assume this bff is jay-z because they have a lot of songs together and for robin thiche they said his last name Thicke and his song is Blurred Lines and he is a cast member of Real Husbands Of Hollywood also alot of people said he copies Marvin Gaye and he worked with Pharrell Williams Ps.Both of they eyes are blue!

  24. NoStalkersAllowed says

    Music Man/Girlyman:Robin Thicke
    Songbird:Justin Timberlake
    I changed it because the last paragraph or sentence says ask Pharrell Williams and justin hasnt work with him so its that way xD

    • mokalatte1 says

      Justin has worked with Pharrell before. Justin’s song Senorita was produced by him, and he was feautured on the song. Also, Love You Like I Do was produced by Pharrell and he was featured on it; as well.

  25. KlatschHund says

    This is about Justin Timberlake of course, but I have no idea what the last two paragraphs mean.

    • VodkaSoaked says

      Oh, BTW Raphael Saadiq was a singer in the R&B group Tony!Toni!Tone!, so that’s the reference to that.

  26. nicky says

    Music Man: Justin Timberlake
    Songbird: Robin Thicke

    I love HSK blinds. It’s like the blind is all about finding out what happened rather than who the people involved were. To be honest, I have no clue what HSK is insinuating here. Justin doesn’t like that Robin’s so sucessful and had his performance cut short? And what the heck does “to straight jack” mean? Guessing the HSK blinds may be easy if English is your native language, but they’re sure hard for us non-native speakers. Still always nice to guess them, though.

    • Obeah says

      I’m a native speaker of English and I’m a professor of Linguistics and TESOL. No idea what it means.

    • Mia444 says

      By “straight jack” he’s saying that JT stole someone’s style (Toni someone?) and Robin Thicke stole Marvin Gaye’s style. But really, Robin Thicke has got *nowhere* near the talent/charisma of Marvin. To me, he just screams tool whenever I see him, like last night at the VMAs in that striped suit. My eyes!

    • Naija_girl says

      “Straight jack” basically means stole. You’ve heard of getting car jacked right?

      And everyone quit acting like its written in Swedish. Its Ebonics. I’m black and even I had to read it a few times before I got it all.

      • Obeah says

        It’s not Ebonics and has nothing to do with “even” being “black” to get it. AAVE is linguistically rule-based and often serves as a marker of shared cultural identity within a speech community, not a mish-mash of contemporary street slang.

  27. ginnynotjenny says

    OK, so the songbird is Justin TImberlake. But can someone please explain this blind to me? What did he do to Robin Thicke?

  28. sph2013 says

    I think the blind is hinting that JT had something to do with Robin Thicke having to take part in Miley Cyrus’s embarrassing and controversial performance at the VMAs last night. Timberlake didn’t want Robin Thicke to perform alone because he’s the hotter artist right now and he feels like they are in competition.

    P.S. First time poster!

  29. amburrito says

    These blinds always confuse me!! There are so many broken off sentences I can’t remember the last thing I was reading.

    But Justin Timberlake

    Robin thicke

  30. Amykay77 says

    Maybe it has to do with someone thinking Justin stole music from Toni Tony Tone?

    I am a huge fan of both guys and while I think there maybe jealousy on both parts, there is room for both of them so I dont know what the big deal deal. As for for the “stealing” RT used a sample and credited it. Every artist out now has influences from some other artist, I think its ridiculous to say that someone is “jacking” music.

    The not wanting to share the stage is a nod to not wanting to do anything Nsync anymore, I believe.

    btw, Pharrel HAS worked with JT in the past, when he first went out on his own.

  31. Allison201 says

    I added quotation marks to make it a little easier to read!

    “This sad excuse for a ‘music man’ is far from being in sync with Rhythm and Blues — Just ask Raphael Saadiq — yet dude is gassed up to the point where he actually believes he’s worthy of wearing the King of R&B crown!”

    Translation: Justin Timberlake has a massive ego and believes he should be called the King of R&B. A title he does not deserve.

    “That’s because this blue-eyed bandit is no stranger to his ‘Great White Hope’ industry title. Know why? Because not only did he boldly straight jack the essence of one Toni, he’s reported to be taking his blatant imitations to the next level. Insiders say that’s why our blind item’s “20/20 Experience” album is rigged to land him that royal title.”

    Translation: Justin Timberlake blatantly uses other artists songs as inspiration. Often the songs were originally sung by black artists and successful in their own right, but the songs become massive hits when re-worked and used by Justin Timberlake.

    “Sources say one former Real Husbands of Hollywood cast member — who straight jacked Marvin Gaye — is said to have fueled our Mickey Mouse Club mystery man’s plot to launch a full blown take-over. How else do you think the songbird’s wings were clipped, landing him in the Thicke of things? Just ask our blind item’s BFF, Jay Z. The reason? Dude’s said to be fed up with walking a set of Blurred Lines.”

    Translation: Robin Thicke used Marvin Gaye’s music as inspiration, the same way Justin used Michael Jackson. The recipe for success is working for Robin too. Justin feels threatened by Robin’s popularity. Justin wined and complained to Jay Z, so Robin’s appearance at the MTV awards was cut short, while Justin was on stage for 20 minutes. Justin wanted to look like the superstar of the night. He didn’t want Robin and his huge hit song stealing thunder.

    “He’s a girlyman who refuses to share the spotlight, forcing that Blurred Lines-Boy’s bad business into public focus. Don’t believe me.. Ask Pharrell Williams.”

    Translation: All of the rumours about Robin Thicke stealing material from Marvin Gaye originated in Justin Timberlake’s camp. Shady, because Justin has done the exact same thing by borrowing music from Michael Jackson and others.

  32. Melo says

    I agree with other posters here – this is a confusing blind and English is my first language. I understand this is about Justin Timberlake and his jealousy over Robin Thicke. Wasn’t there an earlier blind referencing Thicke’s alleged cocaine use? Is this item referencing that too, and suggesting Justin started (or spread) that rumor? This one is quite confusing.

  33. scarlettone says

    Music Man/girly man is obviously Justin Timberlake.
    Song Bird is Robin Thicke.

    I think the blind is implying that JT was/is posed to take the title of King of R&B…blue-eyed style. Otherwise he thinks that he is the great white hope. I think the blind is saying that his sound is not original but that he jacked the style of the group Toni Tony Tone (80’s group). The clue is Raphael Saadiq, who was a member of the group and is a producer, songwriter and a guitarist…i.e. he has more talent in his thumbs then JT has with all his posturing. Saadiq heavily based his sound on old school R%B. JT is trying the capture that sound in 20/20 i.e. Suit and Tie sounds very old school musically and vocally and stylistically. He’s not original..he’s jacking it from TTT and just flat out imitating “old school RB” but making it as his own sound. This sound has always been around (back in the day, credited as it should be to black artists)….but he’s re- purposing this sound like it’s original.

    The blind is saying that Robin Thicke is obviously JT’s boldest competition and RT is straight up copying the sound of Marvin Gaye but JT has somehow sabotaged him in some way. (If JT suggested to someone that Robin Thicke do that duet with Miley..then mission accomplished because RT got totally screwed by that performance). The “blurred lines” reference may be alluding to the fact that JT may have been throwing shade on Thicke about his drug use or something else?

    JT doesn’t want to share the spotlight, he wants all the glory..while Robin Thicke has collaborated with Pharell for blurred lines. So maybe JT wants all the credit including the producer credit which he can’t have if he works with Pharrell..easily one of the best in the business.

    Bottomline: JT and RT are dueling over an old school sound that has been done by the originals. It doesn’t matter how you spin the sound….it’s old school R&B…been there, done that by Saandiq and his predecessors. JT has an ego the size of a mack track and is a legend in his own mind. He plays it humble when he thinks it’s going to serve him. He is threatened by RT because Blurred Lines was a bigger hit than any of JT’s new singles.

  34. Samie says

    Justin Timberlake’s album is called 20/20.

    Robin Thicke left Real Husbands of Hollywood and admitted to being inspired by Marvin Gaye when he co-wrote Blurred Lines.

    So JT is jealous of Robin and wants to expose his “bad business”, perhaps the lawsuits between the Gaye family, Funkadelic and Thicke.

    Rafael Saadiq was part of Tony! Toni! Tone!, whom JT evidently was inspired by.

    Evidently JT cut short Nsync’s time on the VMAs last night. Did he not want to compete with Thicke head-to-head because he hopes his 20/20 album release will outsell Blurred Lines but he can’t yet compete?

    I personally don’t hear much similarity between Got to Give it Up and Blurred Lines. A little high-pitched “Woo” sounds here and there, using falsetto and a danceable beat aren’t copying. And inspiration isn’t plagiarism.

    Ask the Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, Amy Winehouse (her estate, that is), Adele, Christina Aguilera, etc. etc. And even Little Richard borrowed his “Woo” from a gospel singer Marion Williams, and the Beatles borrowed it from him, Ray Charles took gospel songs and created hits by using secular lyrics, causing a huge scandal among devout black Christians and on and on.

    So JT needs to relax and enjoy his great success and feel confident enough to share and acknowledge those who help and inspire him.

    • weareallstars says

      And don’t forget Ric Flair … wooooooo!!!

      What I’m getting from this blind is that Justin Timberlake thinks much too highly of himself and is mad jealous of Robin Thicke. And Raphael Saadiq makes much better music than both of them. Raphael Saadiq was making hits when Justin was still in the Mickey Mouse Club, there is no comparison. STFD Justin Timberlake. You are far from a legend and your wife bugs.

  35. Nadine_L says

    Listen to a mash up of both songs and you decide. Robin Thicke’s “vocals” from “Blurred Lines” superimposed over Marvin Gaye’s song “Got to Give it Up”, and vice versa. Quite a match I must say, his kids have a great court case.

    h ttp://youtu.be/CZNA8ExCdZA


  36. Nadine_L says

    .@robinthicke & @Pharrell have the song of summer, but only 175,000 people in country of 300+ million want the album

    h ttp://lefsetz.com/wordpress/index.php/archives/2013/08/09/album-sales-tank/


  37. whydoireadthis says

    IMHO The ‘blue-eyed soul’ crown fits Daryl Hall better than either RT or JT with their big heads.

    Sorry I missed the VMA’s. Guess I’ll cruise the web and see if I can catch it on the rewind.

    BTW, wasn’t there a previous BI about RT having an alcohol problem?

  38. CoCoJoe says

    THANK YOU, Scarlettone & Allison201 (& Sammie)! Ditto to everyone else’s comments: the blind subjects are obvious, but the clues are indecipherable. Most of the time I can’t be bothered even trying to figure these one out, Hollywood Street King.

    I think both guys are talented, clearly inspired by others, but not derivative. Just because they reference amazing music from the past does not make it less relevant. I love real R&B and soul. That’s why I love Bruno Mars. (How come JT is not threatened by him?) The thing is, I hate JT. His ego is insufferable and his music is a little dull. (I hate Chris Brown too; it really burns me that these guys I hate are so talented!)

    My bigger pet peeve is when artists actually steal their hooks from songs from the past instead of honouring them with a cover. Didn’t Rihanna use a Soft Cell “Tainted Love” bit in one her hits? And last night, Macklemore used a bit from “People Get Ready” (don’t know it? check YouTube – my fave versions are Al Green, Joss Stone & Eva Cassidy). It was so frustrating not to hear the actual song!

  39. Me Talk Pretty says

    I think the part about Raphael Saadiq refers to his solo career, not his work with Toni Tony Tone (sp?). For the last 5 years or so, Mr Saddiq has been putting out old school R&B and Soul albums, very similar to the album CeeLo put out with Forget You on it. And ironically, Robin Thicke was doing the “white soul singer in a tux” thing as well. Both had success but strictly in the urban adult market, and Saddiq has a little British soul revival hipster crowd love as well. So JT really ripped them both off. I bet he was NOT expecting Robin Thicke to go pop. Doubt he thought twice about Saadiq.

  40. CapnZebbie says

    I don’t think JT got his “wings clipped” at the VMAs. He got fifteen minutes of performance time and the MJ Vanguard award. Are they saying that Robin got his wings clipped? I don’t know. I don’t like him and I didn’t watch his performance.

    But JT does not seem to be aspiring to be the King of Pop–that title will always belong to MJ, I think. They called him “The President of Pop” at the VMAs, which I thought was kind of cute.

  41. claireyface says

    For goodness sake.

    I am SO glad you all had so much trouble understanding this blind. I AM NOT ALONE!

    I regularly skip over Hollywood Street King’s blinds because I find them indecipherable. I really wish someone would have a word in their ear. I can easily guess who they’re about but yet can never figure out what the heck is going on. What’s the point?

    Reading this makes even the worst Ted Casablanca blind seem like a Ladybird book.

  42. tellingitlikeitis says

    Obviously about Justin Timberlake’s annoying ass and Robin Thicke. That VMA performance featuring Miley was a successful sabotage attempt,I think. Miley’s nasty dance moves and outfit change were NOT part of the original performance and when in dress rehearsal she didn’t do any of that so no one was expecting it. Maybe Justin and Miley talk and cooked up this plan to make Robin look bad?

  43. itsallhearsaytome says

    Timberlake and Thicke. The subtext as I read it: Timberlake thinks he deserves the top R&B spot, not Thicke. And Timberlake believes himself to be NOT a racist, because he tours with Jay-Z, whereas Thicke (in Timberland’s mind) works alone, and exploits the R&B genre by being a white solo performer. (I think it’s just two big babies who are both against women and race has zero to do with it.)

  44. sami says

    I only read the first couple of comments si if this was already explained then my bad. I gotta ask what the hell is a “girlyman”? Is that a gay innuendo? I’d say bi-curious for JT. When he dated Britney he was so nose wide the hell open over that chick it ain’t funny. Their break up so damaged his psyche that he turned to manly women…then eventually just men. I’ll always believe his marriage is a double bearding arrangement. I just like the ladies and I bet Britney could still get it…he’ll just try to keep it on the down low. As far as Robin T? He got his black card so no worries but he really needs to make it right with Gaye family if it wants to keep his cool points with the R&B community.

  45. ClosetOrganizer says

    Music Man/Girlyman: Justin Timberlake (for shame, Justin, for shame)

    Songbird: Robin Thicke