BG12345: Monday

taylor swift coffeeGood Morning, Blinders!

Let’s start your week with two things that will get you going!

First, a delicious cup of iced coffee served up by Taylor Swift. Then a BG12345.

Did you watch the VMAs last night? While everybody else is talking about Miley Cyrus and Justin Timberlake, we’re going to talk about Taylor Swift.

Here is why we’re giving it up for Taylor this morning:

First of all, she’s a real music fan. While Princess RiRi and others were acting all bored and above it all last night, Taytay was up dancing and singing and enjoying the music (Yes, even when the cameras weren’t on her!).

Second of all, she actually writes her own songs and sings them without a lot of electronic interference. That’s more than we can say for 75% of the current crop of music stars.

Third, she doesn’t have to stick out her tongue and strip off her clothes and gyrate on stage to get attention. She just uses the tried and true practice of talking about her exes. Catty, but effective.

Finally, the girl can pull off red lipstick like nobody’s business. Love her or hate her, the girl is both talented and pretty.

Enjoy your coffee and the BG12345!

Love, Ace

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48 comments to BG12345: Monday

  • yessiree

    She just bothers me. Maybe I am jealous though because I’m not tall and thin and blond and can’t wear red lipstick. Or sing. OK so I am jealous!!!!

  • scumby

    What was her alleged “Shut the F up” comment about?

    • officerock

      She said it when Harry Styles’ boyfriend Louis was talking on stage. She’s upset he put no effort into their pr relationship and that his boyfriend pretty much hates her guts

    • HarryandLouis

      Not alleged, you can SEE her say it on video. Harry Styles. One Direction was up on the stage when she said it and, IIRC Harry was speaking.

      • guiltywhispers

        The cut I saw had Zayn and then Louis speaking when she said it.

      • natalie870

        But when you take the clip and slow the frames down you can clearly see she says to Selena “Sorry about my arm” (because she had her arm around the back of her chair)
        MTV is just creating unnecessary drama for fans to believe and it’s getting tiring

    • Cecilia

      she said it as a joke to Selena. They were introducing “best pop video” and Selena said she was not gonna win so Tylor said STFU. I heard this from a person who was in the audience

  • mizzavrid

    Yes Ace, Taylor looked lovely last night…. and ready for my iced coffee and some 12345♡

  • august

    Ace, you have right to your opinion but I so disagree.
    I see her as not only not pretty but certaingly not talented.
    She’s just like the Jonas Brothers.

  • SupremeBeingofLeisure

    Love that Vine video of her telling Selena or someone else (1D?) to “be quiet…”

  • JenLTX

    Miley was an embarrassment, and the crowd reaction shots were the best part of the whole night.

    • wendy hood

      She shows serious signs of programming or heavy drug use. Does she realize how nonsexual she comes across, and how grotesque it is to see her nonsexual self try to act sexual?

      Guess it doesn’t really matter. Its all part of a bigger plan to sexualize kids younger and younger, and no matter how visceral our reaction, the sexualizing/pedophilic aspect of it hits our subconscious no matter what our age.

    • guiltywhispers

      She needs to take some lessons from Gaga on how to go over the top while still maintaining some self respect. Lady Gaga was wonderful last night when she took pictures with 1D and told them how she wanted to leave after the crowd booed them. Sometimes the classiest person in the house is wearing the least clothes.

    • PandoraWolf

      Yup, the looks on The Smith’s faces (Will, Jada, Jaden and Willow) were so over-the-top WTF I almost wish I had watched the show!

  • GirlPlease

    Her “ex” Harry Styles was on stage and talking.

  • Jester

    Always thought I was very open minded, so maybe I am ‘jest’ getting old because Miley Cyrus was pretty vulgar last night.

  • terry123

    Taylor looked pretty but her style last night was kind of oldish, not youthful like the young lady she is. Speaking of lady (not) – what the hell was Miley wearing? She made Gaga’s outfit look like something out of Women’s Wear Daily :)

  • WhoDatGirl

    Miley is a train wreck, and MTV should be ashamed for letting her performance happen. They seem to like to take these former child stars and make them the butt of jokes by letting them go onstage doing things that make them a laughing stock. After all, ratings is what counts anymore, right?

  • GayleStorm

    I respect Taylor….and agree with most of what you said, Ace. I was in Nashville last year when Taylor was performing. Her following, for the most part, seems to be a very nice group of people.

    Now, Miley….ughhhhh! That foam finger needs to be BURNED! Tasteless garbage….

  • EvaDiva

    I disagree with all counts, but to each his own.

  • Raito

    Right. Because acting like a 12 year old all the time, teaching young girls how to be a very subtle but very hurtful bully and a constant victim is perfectly fine.

    Please, no one is perfect and she’s no better than other artists.

  • mbrown104

    Thank you, Ace. Taylor catches a lot of flack for her supposed bad dancing, but when I saw her last night it made me think she looks like a normal 23 year old girl! I am around her age and probably look exactly the same when I “dance” – i.e. just grooving as best you can, enjoying fun songs with your friends. I think she is a little dramatic and it shows, but she looked like she was having a good time nonetheless. Even if she was faking, I commend her for it. I don’t have time for celebrities acting bored at industry events – it’s part of their job, there are crazed fans there who want nothing more than to catch a glimpse of them, and they can make an effort to look pleasant for 2+ hours. Miley didn’t get the awards/attention she wanted and left early. Very, very immature, petty and embarrassing.

    I’m no fan of Lady Gaga, and she was acting a little crazed last night, but she earned some brownie points in my book because she was standing, dancing and clapping along to performances.

  • LeahLynn28

    I’m not Taylor’s fan,and probably never will be her fan.Everybody can have an opinion about her,and i respect,but i honestly don’t think she’s talented,nor pretty.And her songs are silly…
    Miley,oh my…that girl is nuts.If she wants to grow up,she must stop dressing like a sl*t,stop “twerking” and must act like an adult.If i were her mother,i’d be ashamed of being her mother.She is an embarassment for herself and her family.

  • Warrior1461

    Ill give taylor some credit at leasts he SINGS live. She sounded like total ass at the grammys doing a Fleetwood Mac cover, but at least she was trying, not using an auto tune machine. She looked fantastic at the VMA’s but SHE NEEDS TO EAT SOMETHING. Get that girl a sandwich.

  • kins

    Gotta disagree with you here ace. While 1D were onstage she told Selena they should “shut the fuck up”. Everyone knows she never dated Harry Styles, even you told us this. It was just a publicity stunt and she’s still (a year on???) being a prissy little bitch about the whole situation. Also, she’s almost 24 years old. She wants to try behaving like a 24 year old, instead of being all “Woe is me, my sorry ass has been dumped yet again cos I’m a clingy little bitch. Now I’m gonna write a song about it in revenge cos I’m the only person on the planet to ever suffer heartbreak”. Ugh she pisses me off.

  • katiewho

    Ah come on Ace, why are you sucking up to her, she’s such an immature little drama queen! But do tell us what the whole “shut the fuck up” comment was about?

    • WhoDatGirl

      Oh, my thoughts are that it’s because his first blind of the day was about her, and it’s softening for the eventual blow in the form of a salacious blind? Just my opinion; I could be wrong…

  • robirob052

    Quite frankly I am starting to understand when old people go on on their broken record ‘back in the days everything was sooooo much better’ rant. Usually you remember all the good stuff from the past while being *shudder* exposed to all the bad stuff that’s happening right and now it takes such a long time to get rid out the bad stuff and hold on to the good stuff.

    Yeah, we tend to remember Madonna’s Vogue performance on the VMAs while not remembering … gosh, did something happen as embarrassing as Miley’s performance in the past? Seriously, I don’t remember.

    • robirob052

      darnit, made some typos I’d like to correct:

      Usually you remember all the good stuff from the past while being *shudder* exposed to all the bad stuff that’s happening right now and it takes such a long time to get rid off the bad stuff and hold on to the good.

  • CanaryCry

    I don’t watch music awards shows, but I love Taylor. End of.

  • Up the Coast

    I am not a Taylor Swift fan, but I agree with what you said about her Ace :) I would rather watch her than Miley (and the “others”) while they wh*re it up onstage.

  • KlatschHund

    Personally I think music needs an old school comeback from a true diva, but it’s sad none of them are around anymore. Whitney was too burnt out (and is dead RIP), Mariah is too weird, Madonna is too old, Aretha is irrelevant, Chaka is dead…

    Someone needs to come and out-class and upstage and totally show these little poplets what a true superstar is.

    Paging Ms. Jackson (ifyaNASTY)…

  • newsjunkie

    I’m not a Taylor fan at all, and as for the VMA’s, I didn’t watch the show–my mind is still reeling from the Seven Celebrity Dwarfs…..

  • iamnumber21

    yes taylor was having a blast! i had a blast at home too! singing along to JT!
    and i like taylor, miley was so embarrassing, i felt bad for robin thicke, i was looking forward to his performance and miley ruined it… piece of sh*t

  • Kricket1

    Well I agree with you Ace – I’ve always thought Taylor is attractive and talented. As for being the author of her own tunes well you’re taught to write about what you know and as a young woman what she has known is the feelings she has in relationships. I give her credit for being able to express those feelings in music and song – As for all the hoopla over her dating a variety of guys – I’d say that’s just smoke and mirrors – Young people are supposed to date and obviously a lot of her “dating” is a publicity stunt by her handlers – I think the hardest thing for any of them is to find a kind, sincere person to share some fun times with – Money and fame they have but someone to trust is the challenge for all of them.

  • guiltywhispers

    I found her behavior last night to be childish and immature. First she has to share her gripes with us when she accepts her award, then she makes faces at people, then she mouths “Shut the fuck up” when others are speaking. I really love some of her songs, and I have fond feelings for her sometimes, but last night she really ticked me off.

  • nicegirl

    love me some Taylor! Thanks, Ace!

  • La Llorona

    I’m not a big fan of her music, but I overheard from someone who was in attendance last night that she supposedly got really mad when she didn’t win a VMA and lost to Justin Timberlake.

    Also, she pulled the same thing with Lady Antebellum at the Grammys and then Adele at the Golden Globes. She’s got to come down from her ivory tower a bit. She would not be as well known as she is had the Kanye thing never happened. It sort of humanized her a bit and won her a bunch of fans.

  • Nadine_L

    I think it behooves us to judge whether a person should be up singing and dancing at an awards show. What if your Aunt Flo came into town unexpectedly, what if you’re suffering from a medical condition? You don’t know what’s going on with people behind the scenes.

    There’s no reason to judge people’s different reactions at an awards show, or anywhere.

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