Unlucky Got Lucky At The Mansion

good luck[Pop Bitch] Which “unlucky in love” celebrity might not be quite as jinxed as the stories suggest?

A redtop was offered graphic footage of the star being “pleasured in a jacuzzi at the Playboy mansion”.

The tabloid never used the footage…no doubt entirely unrelated to this is that the star can often be found sharing whatever news she’s got with the tabloids.

BG Note: “Redtop” is slang for a UK tabloid newspaper.

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67 comments to Unlucky Got Lucky At The Mansion

  • sabrina325

    Jennifer Aniston?

  • terry123

    kim kardashian

  • WhoDatGirl

    Taylor Swift. She is always called “unlucky in love”. You can pull up literally hundreds of articles featuring this description of her.

    • WhoDatGirl

      Oh, and at the end of the blind, it says it’s a she, so it has to be a female.

    • La Lurker

      Although “Unlucky in love” certainly sounds like her, I just can’t
      imagine Taylor Swift being at the
      Playboy mansion, nevermind having sex in a jacuzzi at the Playboy mansion.

  • divergirl

    Sinead. Good for her.

  • hyork

    Taylor Swift?

  • mistyk

    Taylor Swift

    • mistyk

      She’s always described as unlucky in love, she loves playing the victim in relationships, and she has that song, “The Lucky One.”

  • carriebradshaw

    Katie Price

  • redstilettos

    The Irish connection makes me think of Colin Farrell.

  • Masse

    Niall Horan? 😀

  • KatarinaJ

    unlucky in love and paps overexposed makes me think Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Aniston although the former is the one more apt to have every life experienced documented in the press.

  • princesspeach21

    Jennifer Love Hewitt

  • ImThinking

    A lot of celebrity fits but Rihanna comes to mind.

  • michelex23

    Well, obviously this is T Swift after the little intro message from Ace…

  • kfarley519

    My initial thought was Taylor Swift with the unlucky in love references, but I have a feeling this is a British celebrity, or possibly Irish. Also I don’t really think of her as sharing her news with all the tabloids blatantly, except for when she’s dating someone… hmmmmmmm

  • gossip babe

    idk lady gaga

  • CanaryCry

    “No doubt” = Gwen Stefani?

  • Scorpio13

    Taylor S

  • scumby

    Nathan Sykes?

  • vft

    this is so jennifer aniston.

  • suziq24

    kelly brook or katie price

    • Heilige Bimbam

      Unlikely to be Katie Price, she got married recently, and is a few months pregnant, and “madly in love” with her present husband.

  • dontpanik

    Kathy Griffin is all I can come up with it. Don’t care though cuz I just love her!

  • breanna_monique

    Britney Spears?

  • HermioneG

    Is Taylor Swift too obvious?

  • guessingbg


  • Splat

    Kerry Katona? Frequently described as being “unlucky in love” – has she been to the Playboy Mansion though?

  • xoxostelabaltic

    Taylor Swift. She’s known for writing about all her ex-boyfriends and redtop=her album Red

  • haley1020

    taylor swift

  • scumby

    oh it’s a she. Irish Sinead

  • gigipeach

    pleasured by a guy or a girl?

  • Lozza2

    It is DEFINITELY (caps for stress) Kelly Brook. Brit blind and she is all over the papers at the moment as he latest boyfriend (rugby player) is a manslag. She has often been rumoured to be a beard (Billy Zane and Jason Statham) and was pictured at the mansion a few years back.

  • VodkaSoaked

    I’m gonna go completely off kilter and say Lily Allen.

    Just cuz everyone else is saying Taylor Swift. Who I’m sorry, isn’t unlucky, just needs her P.R. team to write better contracts for her “dates”.

  • Fergus

    Tay Tay is too princess to even get her poonani out in public. Let alone let someone go the growl. And I doubt she would be caught dead anywhere near the Playboy Mansion. Her PR crew is MUCH too smart for that. She survives by being the Princess/Victim. If her real self came out it would torpedo her entire image.

    • PandoraWolf

      Fingers crossed that it happens! Finding dirt on Taylor Swift is way more interesting than listening to her music.

      • Ati2d9

        ‘Nuff said! She irritates me to no end!!! It’s like, “Stop making up sloppy drama about your life just to continue to stay relevant and go away already!” That being said, SOME of her songs have been alright, but I just can’t stand her, or better the image she is selling.

  • leonardodicaprio

    I’m guessing Taylor Swift? ‘Redtop’ perhaps being a reference to her album Red?

  • Warrior1461

    taylor is unlucky in love but the word redtop clues in one someone from the UK.

  • pinkdonut

    My guess is for Cheryl Cole. Pretty unlucky in love and she’s also spent time at the Mansion.

  • slantrhyme

    Cheryl Cole – she seems to be England’s Aniston, TSwift, and KimK all in one.

  • Lisa

    Taylor Swift

  • ToadKisser

    TOTALLY Kelly Brook. She posed for Playboy in 2010, so it makes sense that she’d be ‘partying’ at the mansion. Agree that it’s probably a tape of her with another woman…

    Even if the odds weren’t so high that this is about a British star, there’s NO WAY Jen Aniston or Taylor would be caught dead having s*x at the Playboy mansion. It would be career suicide for either of them.

    • lizt

      100% Kelly. Partied at mansion after posing for playboy; string of failed romances; rumoured professional beard and darling of the Brit tabloids.

  • Palermo

    Scarlett Johansson has a horseshoe tattoo that says lucky you

  • sugarbread

    scarlett johansen has the exact same horseshoe tattoo w/ lucky you inside it.. all I got.

  • SmartyPants

    I’m guessing Taylor Swift. There’s an article on the National Enquirer site saying how she just went into a Lucky Tattoo shop for a ’13’ tattoo but she chickened out. I think these cross-site clues are related.

  • moggle

    Kylie Minogue. She had a hit ‘I should be so lucky’. She’s a legend.

  • itsallhearsaytome

    Sinead O’Conner.

  • Richmond_pope

    “Get Lucky” was the title of the second album in 1982 by the Canadian rock group Loverboy. This item is obviously about Mike Reno, the band’s lead singer.

  • meowingloudly

    Wow.. The guy must have really liked her to put himself in danger like that.. I can just imagine her grabbing his head and shoving it into her crotch and him nearly suffocating from lack of oxygen… Didn’t something like that happen on American pie with finches mom?


    Gwen Stefani


    “No doubt”

    “Unlucky in love” – the love of her life, (that blonde dude from no doubt) dumped her for another woman, then she got with Gavin and rumours spread that he cheated on her with men.

    Redtop/UK tabloid – Almost every day there are papped photos of her on the daily mail. No celebrity gets papped that much, it’s crystal clear she calls the paps, which I was surprised about when i first started reading The DM because I never thought she was that kind of person.

    I could also see her partying at the PB mansion, where as some of the other guesses mentioned, like T swift, I couldn’t imagine stepping foot near the mansion.

    Just googled gwen Stefani playboy mansion and got a few results.

    A photo of her at a day time party with a guest, posted on MySpace.

    She also attended a night time party, when Bruno mars performed in early 2012.
    I’m not sure if she was there for 2 occasions, or was just there all day on one occasion.
    Gavin’s daughter also posed for playboy.

    Britney Spears, and Cameron Diaz were also at the same Bruno mars party.. And they could both be considered unlucky in love.. Especially Cam.. Before Jen took the title, Cam held that title with all the tabloids back in the olden days.

    But I rarely hear news about Cam at all, so I doubt she sells information to the tabloids.
    Britney..yeah.. I could kinda see her doing this years ago, but she seems so well grounded now.. If it was the 2012 party I’m not sure I could see it happening.. She has a tight leash on constantly, that Jason dude used to follow her around everywhere, so I doubt it could be her.
    Gotta be gwen, but she would have been cheating on her husband, unless they have an open relationship… Or unless he was the brave man who risked his life?
    Actually, 2012 was around the time the rumours leaked about Gavin cheating, perhaps they had a little break, or she wanted to get some revenge, or they decided on having an open relationship..

    I’m honestly surprised a tabloid didn’t publish it. That would have been a gold mine.. It almost restores some of my respect in tabloids.. Unless the oral receiver paid big money to keep it out of the press, or threatened legal action.hmm.

  • MsJennyR

    Which “unlucky in love” celebrity recently got a “shocking” new tat. Its not shocking so much what it is as where it is?