Jumpoff Made Madonna Purr

madonna grill[Hollywood Street King] Today’s blind item turned to a high demand industry jumpoff, following her split from one Black Skin Head. Know why? Because this Flower isn’t just a pro with a strap-on, she’s also up to par with top group sex and domin*trix skills. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Reggie Bush.

Sources tells us this freaky Floral female uses her anus to consume ecst*sy and molly … to increase the pleasure of backdoor activities. Just ask Amare Stoudemire.

Aside from the rappers she’s known to be connected to, there’s a list of other celebs she’s reported to have busted it wide open for (and/or stickin’ her strap-on to) — including Eddie Murphy, Young Jezzy, Chris Brown, Akon, Puffy and Cassie. But, there’s one lyricist who we’re told she stepped to, only to be turned down … Jay Z. Just ask Ty-Ty.

Our domineering mystery woman recently married her “well-trained slave” — who’s said to follow all orders she puts down. But that doesn’t mean she follows suit. Know why? Sources say while she sniffs white lines in their home, he’s forced to take his weed -smokin’outside! Now, he’s being dubbed a girlyman, expected to soon be seen in skirts. That’s because we’re told he’s got a secret fetish for dressing in drag. So what’s her fetish? An insider says “makin’ punany’s purrr.” Don’t believe me.. Just ask Madonna – or – Adrienne Bailon.

Now, can you guess who I’m talking about?

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79 comments to Jumpoff Made Madonna Purr

  • huhwhoami

    no clue who this is, but nasty

  • inquisitivemind

    Amber Rose.

  • scumby

    Amber Rose
    Wiz Khafalia

  • WhoDatGirl


    • WhoDatGirl

      Okay, I looked up this Amber Rose person, and yes I agree this would be her, but truthfully, I never even heard of this girl before now. If this blind is true, I am really glad I never did and hope that very soon know one will know who she is. Yuck.

  • pattycakes

    Reading this made my butt hurt!

  • iknowiknow

    Just wow on this one.

    I think the blind item is Amber Rose.
    Hints: repeated references to flower/floral point to her last name.
    Black Skin Head: Kanye’s new song, was with Amber prior to Kim Kardashian, who dated Reggie Bush.
    Wiz Kalifa has said publicly that she told him to smoke weed outside while she was pregnant and they recently got married.

  • BilbOno

    amber rose

  • luvprue1


  • ItsJustAGuess

    Amber Rose

    And YIKES

  • wendy hood

    Amber Rose, and gross.

  • MikeInSanJose

    Wow! She looks fat in that picture…

  • newsjunkie

    amber rose

  • ChloeOdelette

    Halle Berry

  • stolidog

    Well, Amber Rose, but there’s a whole lot more going on in this one. All I can pray is that Chris Brown was on the receiving end.

  • SpinnerLA

    Amber Rose

  • commonsense

    Amber Rose Khalifa

  • MzDBDB

    Amber Rose

  • jacks_colon

    Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa?

  • EmpressoftheWorld

    I need translations. I don’t know what “jump off” means. Nor do I know what ‘molly’ is…the rest I can figure out. But no matter who this blind is about, she is a nasty ho.

    • PrincessTiff

      I believe “jump off” is like a hook-up or one night stand. Molly is a new party drug similar to ecstasy

    • wfreshie

      I didn’t know either so I looked it up. “MOLLY” is slang for a drug called MDMA, people take it at raves

      don’t know what “jump off” means anyone else know?

      • prleonard2

        I always thought of it as something worse than a rebound. It’s just something (not someone) that you do until someone better comes along/you get tired of them. Jump offs are passed around. Like you know that chick that kept dating inside a really tight group of male friends when you/we were in college? That’s a jump off.

      • La Llorona

        Yup, Molly is MDMA. Jump off is a girl who is really really down for casual sex. Basically a girl who is available to f**k anytime, anywhere, without question.

  • soundsaboutright

    Amber Rose

  • good2know

    Amber Rose

  • Selene81

    Amber Rose

  • stephie

    Amber rose.

  • cierra567

    Amber rose

  • violetbeauregard

    Could it be Amber Rose (who just got married to Wiz Khalifa)?

  • glitteronthefloor

    Amber rose?

  • rosiedoes

    Kim Kardashian.

  • Breathless

    So Amber Rose is a total freakin’ skank…Tell me something I don’t know.

  • ThinkerBelle

    Amber Rose. Now what’s he really trying to say?

  • I Am PunkA

    Amber Rose.

    And this explains so, so much.

  • ckarla

    Amber Rose for sure

  • faboosh

    Mariah Carey?

  • Fergus

    Thanks Ace. I was just trying to eat my lunch. Urgh…

  • stolidog

    Not sure I get all the hate flowing toward Amber Rose. What did she do that was so stank?

    • wendy hood

      Provides the above services, is famous only because of it

      • stolidog

        oh. you mean because she’s sexually liberated.

      • wendy hood

        I don’t count misusing ones sexual/creation energy and drug abuse as being liberated, sounds more like slavery to me, but that’s mostly because I reject society’s rapid decline into a sea of hedonism and stupidity.

    • La Llorona

      You know, for what it’s worth, I don’t know why we care what she does either. The parties are all consenting and everyone’s having fun, what’s the big deal? Well okay, we know what the big deal is and yeah, it sounds kind of…out there, but that’s this world for you. Some people are just meatloaf and mash potatoes, others are into squid ink pizza.

    • “Oh, you mean because she’s sexually liberated.” Hit it right on the head, stolidog.

  • ckarla

    ummm let’s also talk about how scary is that madonna pic O.o

  • jaime

    “Jump Off” makes me think Lil Kim

  • mizzavrid

    Good Lord Amber, you nasty girl….

  • Tkdgypsy

    I don’t know but what’s up with Madonna and those braces? Who’s she trying to be now?

    • Fergus

      She wants to be in another Bond movie, and is trying out for a resurrection of Jaws from James Bond The Spy Who Loved Me, and Moonraker. She is a bit short, so she is going to be Mini-Jaws, like Mini Me from Austin Powers.

      Either that, or she lost her can opener, and is addicted to canned sardines.

      The rumors swing either way. Like she does. Apparently.

    • FlyingSnickerdoodle

      I don’t know, but no matter how she slices and dices herself… she’s still ugly to the core.

  • arielade

    How can this be true? Didn’t Amber Rose and her husband just had a baby? There is just no time for “normal” sexual activities after a baby! And drugs? I couldn’t even imagine smoking weed while caring for my daughter, much less coke? I’d be so paranoid that I was going to hurt her or neglect her.

    Maybe this is all in the past? I just can’t imagine this as being true with a new baby around…

  • dontpanik

    I looked up who Amber Rose is. I swear til everyone here shared her name, I didn’t even know who she was. Can I say how grateful I am for that?

  • faboosh

    This is one of the worst picture of Madonna.

  • goldieb

    The real gossip: Adrienne Bailon. outing HER also outs her former “boyfriend,” Rob Kardashian.

    It also calls into question the same for Guy Ritchie and Sean Penn, but it’s more likely Madge is bi.

    • wendy hood

      I don’t think this outs anyone. Drug abuse, especially uppers and ecstasy, will lead most to sexual depravity/sexual acts one wouldn’t normally turn to if in a sober state. Group sex, swinging, etc, I see all of this as normal if one is on the Hollywood scene. Enjoying being pleasured by someone of the same sex while being messed up or trying to fit in to the sex scene in Hollywood – I wouldn’t count that as outing anyone.

      Madonnas done everything and everyone. Shes probably gotten animals involved. Rumors about her sexuality, nothing would surprise me.

      • La Llorona

        Lol group sex and swinging aren’t “depraved”, they’re just not vanilla, jeez. Also, I don’t necessarily think people need drugs to be into kinky sex. Everyone always acts like Hollywood is a Disneyworld of hedonism. Honestly, it’s BS, shocking and depraved things happen everywhere, depending on whether there’s a greater presence/concentration of extreme wealth or extreme poverty, and in between. People just talk more if the names are famous. People do crazy things evry’day, da end….

      • nolabelle

        laLlorona,Actually those still r on the depraved end of the spectrum for most ppl. It may not seem that way in your circle. Percentage wise that is, to the whole society.

    • +1 La Llorna about group sex. People act like anything other than heterosexual missionary is the hallmark of satanism.

  • itsallhearsaytome

    I know who Amber Rose is. I was unfamiliar with Wiz Kalifa, but I just went to his web site and watched a video and I liked the music and the video. So, Wiz, keep on with the career.

  • FlyingSnickerdoodle

    As I’ve already thrown up a little in my mouth…

  • Palermo

    I was hoping this was Kim K when I started reading it, but she’s too lazy to do all this LOL.

  • Whatzmyname

    I feel like taking a shower after reading that. That girl is straight up nasty!

  • bjd44

    I don’t remotely care who this is. However, I do have to say that that has got to be the absolute worst photo of Madonna I’ve ever seen in my entire life! SHE LOOKS BEYOND HORRENDOUS! LIKE THE WICKED WITCH OF THE WEST!!!!! Oh Madonna!!

  • the great chrysanthemum

    She looks like Sarah Ferguson in that picture.

  • meowingloudly

    My sphincter was clenched while reading this BI.

    I think it’s Mel B, because there was another blind item a few months ago about her using strap ons on her feminine husband.
    And surely strap ons aren’t that mainstream in Hollywood..
    I wonder If that’s why Eddie denied he had anything to do with her? he didn’t want his secret to get out, perhaps it’s well known in Hollywood circles of her activities.

    She just has to be the strap on queen!
    She’s far more devious than she seems..
    With that sort of a lineup, lets hope she keeps her toy box clean,
    So that’s how she keeps her body so lean,
    She yearns to make a pussy ream,
    Yet she settled for a man with a shrivelled up peen..?
    I wonder if she propositioned anyone on her X factor team?
    If she continues, she’ll end up the next James Deen.
    Why oh why can’t she just stick with flicking her bean?

    Ok ill stop with the cheesy rhymes now. Maybe she should proposition me? I just showed more talent and skill than any of those rappers she boned with a rubber doodle.