The Seven Celebrity Dwarfs – Part 2

seven dwarfs[Blind Gossip] There is a group of young Hollywood celebrities who we’ll call The Seven Celebrity Dwarfs.

What the Brat Pack was to the 1980s, the Seven Celebrity Dwarfs are to this generation. They are all good-looking, young performers who have worked together, partied together, and/or dated each other at some point.

Let’s meet six of The Seven Celebrity Dwarfs:

Poppy is a cute, female pop singer. She’s had some struggles in the last few years, but has still managed to put out some hit songs and land a solid TV gig.

Lucky is Poppy’s ex-boyfriend. He’s a cute boy bander who isn’t shy about stripping down for the camera. Although Lucky and Poppy broke up a few years ago, they are still friendly. Lucky has dated half the young starlets in Hollywood, including Clingy, a very famous singer.

Clingy is a pretty, female pop artist. She writes her own stuff. That stuff is usually about one of her ex-boyfriends. Clingy and Lucky had an odd breakup during a short telephone call a few years ago. Of course, Clingy wrote a song about it.

Sassy is Clingy’s best friend. Sassy is gorgeous, sweet, and a true triple threat. She is currently on a successful tour and has a pop song near the top of the charts.

Twerky is another multi-talented performer. She had a hit TV series, and her own song that is currently on the top of the charts. Twerky has been quite controversial lately and has taken some real risks in trying to make herself look more mature. Twerky is best friends with Poppy.

Flexy is Lucky’s brother. He is also a singer and an actor. Flexy has dated Sassy and Twerky.


Poppy and Twerky are besties.

Clingy and Sassy are besties.

Lucky and Flexy are brothers.

Lucky has dated Poppy and Clingy.

Flexy has dated Sassy and Twerky.

Got it so far? Good.


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