Leading Man Drops In

man falling[Gawker] Surprise, surprise!

A leading man dropped in unannounced to an acting school’s commencement ceremony.

He spouted wisdom from on high about everything from making friends on set to taking risks to landing a part in a speech that left grads gushing that he was “inspiring.” Sounds divine.

Thankfully, he was wearing pants.


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  1. Junior Mint says

    Tom Cruise –pic reminiscent of him in Mission Impossible. wearing pants refers to Risky Business.

  2. MsLAOP says

    Tom Cruise.

    Taking Risks = Risky Business

    Divine = Scientology reference

    Wearing Pants = Another Risky Business reference

    • PinkCrayon says

      Clues: Risky Business- Danced in his undies
      Mission impossible- Dropped in on a wire
      “To taking risk”- does his own stunts, risky business

    • Nomad says

      Definitely Cruise. He dropped in on a Produced By seminar and gave an inspiring talk. As weird as his Scientology beliefs may be, he was extraordinarily generous with his time, sharing his experience, advice and encouragement. He’s really an amazing and accomplished person in so many ways.

      • Alabama Chapstick says

        I hope he dies slowly in a tire fire. He’s a misogynistic piece of canned meat rotting in my dead grandfather’s colon.

      • bamazalea says

        @Alabama Chapstick – This is the best thing I’ve seen all day. I visualize the can in the colon and I start laughing again.

  3. PrincessTiff says

    Jason Segal? He seems like a nice enough guy plus he has a tendency to go pantsless in his movies.

    • PrincessTiff says

      And he’s been in a stoner in a lot of moves like Knocked Up and I think he was in Pineapple Express

  4. dontpanik says

    Actor: Tom Cruise. The hints were the photo looking a lot like his Mission Impossible stunt, Thankfully wearing pants in homage to Risky Business.

  5. Franciss says

    Tom Cruise.
    Original title from Gawker included him dropping some science = Scientology. Also referenced with “from on high” and “sounds divine.”
    The pants comment refers to Risky Business, and the photo looks like Mission:Impossible.

    • jonesing says

      Oh God! I would so like to have heard that speech! Plus I’ve heard he’s a genuinely nice guy.

      • thebutlerdidit says

        Cruise is an active member of a family destroying, person destroying, CULT. His participation in a group, and recruitment of others, should mean he’s imprisoned somewhere, along with John Travolta, Kirstie Alley, and all the rest. He is not ever a person to be admired. WTF???

  6. VodkaSoaked says

    Um, Michael Fassbender, hence the “pants” comment seeing how he went Full Monty in his movie “Shame”.

    • PandoraWolf says

      I think you are right: I seem to remember something like this in ‘real news’. And by real I just mean that they put the names in to make them not blind.

      And he does appear in his undies a lot.

      And we’ve had a lot of blinds about dealers lately!

  7. HaNeull says

    Jim Parsons? “Thankfully, he was wearing pants” seems like a reference to a BBT episode where his character drunkenly takes his pants off while giving a big speech.

  8. robirob052 says

    Tom Cruise? The picture / title of BI looks like the iconic Mission Impossible image and the last sentence may refer to his wearing only underwear in a scene of his early movie Risky Business.

  9. libby480 says

    Keifer Sutherland. I believe he is the head of an acting school in Toronto. Also there was the famous photo of him in a bar/restaurant with his pants down.

  10. Chosen says

    David Boreanaz. Well known for running around set with no pants on and ”devine” could be a hint at Angel.

  11. wfreshie says

    don’t know, but, love the pic!!!

    maybe matthew mcconnelly, doesn’t he go around naked

  12. thefrozenqueen says

    Tom Cruise?
    Picture looks like a scene from Mission Impossible and he wasn’t wearing pants in Risky Business.

    • MikeInSanJose says

      And, actually, the photo looks like the scene from his first Mission Impossible film…

  13. AngelLight says

    Tom Cruise, the clue being ‘thankfully, he was wearing a pants’. He was sliding across the floor without pants in the movie ‘Risky Business’.

  14. boyjack4 says

    I wanna sat James Franco but the clues (Divine, pants on) make me think this is Travolta again! Yawn!

  15. EastlakeGirl says

    Matthew McConaughey, maybe? The high and pants references makes me think of him playing the bongos naked while he was high.

  16. rorythedragon says

    For whatever reason I’m thinking James Franco (on “high”)…but he could show up pantless and it’s all good.

    Oh! But a skirt makes me think of Kanye…because he might think he’s wiser, better, higher than everyone else?

  17. luvprue1 says

    I’m not sure who this could be . But I’m going to guest “Tom Cruise”, because of the pants reference. Tom didn’t have on any pants when he did he dance in the movie “Risky Business”.

  18. KatarinaJ says

    He’s a link to Tom Cruise doing this back in July.

    and can only imagine the wearing pants reference is to his famous dance in his underwear?

  19. ThinkerBelle says

    Tom Cruise. He did it in July at a Santa Monica acting school. He could have done it again since then.

  20. PatioPrincess says

    This had to be Cruise and the school had to be the “Scientology School of Acting.” Of course all the drones were impressed by the dimwit.

  21. jasper says

    John Goodman just got an Honorary Doctorate from SMSU, his college alma mater in Springfield MO. It’s not an acting school, despite also being where Brad Pitt and a couple others learned their chops from…Howard Orm, I believe the man’s name was?

    John did one of the SNL Jeopardy skits as Brando where he took off his pants, which were also not required for his Flintstones role. Several other early roles he had scenes in his underwear, like Everybody’s All-American and Sea of Love, and a few episodes of Roseanne.

    Then again, it was apparently less “dropped in” than rescheduled from around the Monster University premiere, due to his own daughter’s college graduation. Unless this was a hasty addition to the already planned ceremonies last weekend? I didn’t hear about his arrival until after he already skipped town.

    Local news reports showed him chatting up the students and offering advice.