1. says

    Ummm, Gaga, maybe? I remember the whole thing from, like, two years ago when they added so many more shows to the Monster Ball than originally planned that she was going a little bankrupt. Also, that’s Spongebob in the photo who is a sea sponge, the blind is titles “Pop Star is Sponging and Gaga’s outfit at the VMAs last night was a seashell bra and panties.

    • PaperDoll13 says

      Ha Taylor has an estimated worth of $80 million, and is 3rd on Forbes highest paid under 30 list. Just because you don’t like her doesn’t mean there’s not millions of people all over the world who do.

  2. redstilettos says

    Demi? There’s no way this is Taylor $wift or $pears since she has a BF, right? Jessica $impson has a steady BF and a successful company. Gomez is too hot right now. Geez. This could be anyone, but I’m thinking either a pop tart who’s wasted her cash on drugs on or an aging pop star who didn’t bother to get good financial advice while hot.

    • Chosen says

      This definitely isn’t Cheryl Cole. She has lucrative contracts with L”Oreal and has made a substantial amount of money in the past few years. Her only boyfriend is a backing dancer so she would be unable to sponge off him even if she was broke. The People also do blinds about huge international artists so it could be anyone who has x boyfriends or current boyfriends with money. Taylor Swift would be my guess.

  3. deebee says

    Could this be Brit Brit? I think I can remember her being a fan of spongebob a few years back…

  4. bjd44 says

    Toni Braxton?
    Courtney Love (althought probably not a “pop” star)
    Dionne Warwick?
    Chaka Khan?
    Cyndi Lauper?

  5. Brooke says

    Lana del Rey has talked about bumming off her bf in interviews before and purportedly “lives with” her siblings

  6. thebutlerdidit says

    Miley Cyrus has a net worth over 130 million. Rihanna, Gaga, and Swift, all have net worths’ over 100 mil. Since its a Brit publication, I’m going with Tulisa, as well. Though Cowell was paying her well…

  7. closertoclouds_ says

    How could it be taylor? She’s on a worldwide sold out tour and raking it in. I’m going with someone of nickelodeon considering that’s where sponge bob is from such as Victoria justice.