1. tomlustin says

    Since when are all these dealers getting so talkative? I’m beginning to think maybe it’s actually just the one….

    • BRUSHFIRE97 says

      i think there is probably only a few dealers that service all of hollywood anyway. think about it, this is truly the business of a friend of a friend told me about (insert drug dealer name) you being a good connect. and then you tell your friend hey if you need something contact (insert drug dealer name). so i think its just one who happens to be spilling all the secrets to Ace.

    • PolyjuiceJunkie says

      That has been my exact reaction to this latest string of blinds, why are the dealers (maybe just the same one) talking to the tabs?

  2. carloseanopry7 says

    Mel Gibson? i just thought it was him because of “conspiracy theory” and he had a movie with that title

  3. stolidog says

    More yappy dealers. What’s the deal, did they get their own reality show?

    Action star with the coke habit? Really, all of them

    • ValleyOfTheGalls says

      Note to F***ed up celebs: A wired drug dealer may not be the most discreet individual.

    • redstilettos says

      Snort. They seem to be a talkative bunch where the gossip columns are involved. Lol I would think they would not want to be found out.

  4. EmpressoftheWorld says

    There sure are some chatty dealers out lately….

    Based soley on past predictor of future behavior–Mel Gibson. Sadly.

  5. Tasia says

    No idea, but these dealers are super chatty lately. There’s been several blinds like this.

  6. botanicaldiva says

    Mel Gibson
    Clue “Conspiracy theory” is a singular and must be referring to the movie he did

  7. clink1833 says

    Beware – there is a chatty dealer! We’re trying to guess the celebrity and the celebrities are trying to guess the dealer!

  8. ioannes says

    It might be a bit of a stretch, but I’m going with Sir Keanu of Reeves. The photo looks like him and he was in The Matrix trilogy and Speed.

    Plus, he seems cool enough to be into that kind of thing.

  9. KatarinaJ says

    I can totally see Tom Cruise Mr Scientology doing this! And the pic looks like him, but is he ‘called’ an action star – could be with all his MISSION IMPOSSIBLE, MINORITY REPORT, OBLIVION etc rles… or maybe his dealer simply sees and describes the guy this particular way.

    Boy this Coke dealer to the stars has had a busy gossip week.

  10. kurokay says

    Jeremy Renner. He’s doing the role of Gary Webb, a journalist who was known to be a conspiracy theorist.

  11. Nosy says

    Action Star: Mel Gibson Clue: he was in a movie called Conspiracy Theory and “dawn” makes me think of Tequila Sunrise.

    • redstilettos says

      He’ll prob always be A list due to name recognition and resume. The only way I can imagine him continuing a career is behind the lens.

  12. UKGoss says

    It’s interesting that all these dealers are suddenly talking to gossip sites. Or is it just one dealer? Why all of a sudden? What’s their motive? Shouldn’t they be writing a book – they’d make millions!

    But it’s even more intriguing that all these gossip sites are suddenly revealing their source as “a dealer claims”. Normally they don’t tell, do they? So what’s going on?

    Anyway, my guesses are Matt Damon or Harrison Ford.

  13. sunnysea79 says

    I think it’s Jason Statham. There was a picture just recently up in a gossip site with some white substance in his nose. He’s a action star and I can see him talking like that LOL

  14. WhoDatGirl says

    Mel Gibson. Clue “Conspiracy Theory”. This is one of his movie titles, and it was an action movie. He may have branched out later in his career, but in the beginning he was an action movie hero (Mad Max, Lethal Weapon, etc)