Singer Has Her Licker License

woman tongue 6[Hollywood Street King] Long before this new mother of a baby boy married her Herb, she took part in thre*some sexcapades with Tiny Cottle and Tip. That’s back when — while T.I. was locked up — our mystery lady also attended Tiny’s all-girl freak parties.

Now, our blind item — who’s the Godmother of one of Tiny’s sons — and Tiny are said to be not so lovey-dovey anymore. Know why? Because Tiny believes our blind item used her VH1 talk show platform just to get cast on “The Real.”

Sources say our ‘Love and War’ lady didn’t just bust it wide open for Birdman, but the So So Def founder’s father too!!! Just ask Michael Mauldin’s wife, who’s reported to have delivered her with a beat-down outside of an Atlanta hotel.

With her older sister now shacking up with her, she’s said to be fearful her hubby might smash that. That’s because our secret singer used to smash her older sister’s husband, when her sister was out in Las Vegas making the bacon for the family. Don’t believe me.. Ask Keri Lewis.

I’m told our blind item and her sisters all have their licker license. Now, can you guess who I’m talking about?

Singer/TV Host:

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  1. lady d says

    the braxton sister on the real. seems uneducated and ghetto enough to be involved in all of the above.

  2. VodkaSoaked says

    Singer/TV Host: Tamar Braxton

    And you know what, she should LET Toni hit that, she’s done supported her whole fam for this long, it’s about time she get a little something in return.

  3. mrsjaymack says

    Tamar Braxton. Why do I keep seeing blind items about her husband sleeping with women? I can’t be the only person who thinks he’s gay.

  4. curlyandclever says

    I’m not sure why I even read the HSK posts. I don’t understand a word of them most of the time.

  5. Madeleine says

    Wow! Wonder if Toni knows about Tamar sleeping with Tamar’s (then) hubby! If Toni didn’t know I guess she knows now! What a low-down thing to do…especially since Tony has been supporting her family.

    • Madeleine says

      Oops. I got my T’s mixed-up. I meant to say I wonder if Toni knows about Tamar sleeping with TONI’S (then-) hubby Keri Lewis.