Legends Are Clashing

older man younger man 1[Downfront 2] A Legend versus a Legend in the Making.

These two Ballers aren’t seeing eye to eye. Is this a matter of friendly advice or bitterness? Or maybe, is a youthful Baller too arrogant to take some useful guidance?


Legend in the Making:

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    • Okayeah says

      While that may be true, I’m gonna assume this answer’s not correct since they’re talking about “ballers” and that usually means basketball players.

    • Whatzmyname says

      Also noticed the quick picture change you did when you first posted the blind…they were dead ringers for Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake! :)

    • LBoogie says

      No and no… Jay Z is great and popular and cool, but he’s not legendary yet and Justin is a child. We pump them up because they’re the beat we have which ain’t great… These folks are young… Ray Charles is a legend. Frank Sinatra is a legend… Timberlake is a performer

  1. djsmallzie says

    first post ever woo! just a hunch but recently Jay Z and JT embarked on their Legends of Summer tour in the US, and Jay Z’s collab with Kanye there’s a lot of “ball so hard” etc… so

    Legend: Jay Z
    Legend in the Making: ?? ? ? ?

  2. crazymofo says


    Legend in the Making:kobe/lebron? … Kobe the is very arrogant and feel almost God.

    • akajenb says

      Kobe is already a legend, Lebron is arrogant and he feels more like God. The blind says legend in the making, which Lebron is trying to do. Kobe is older now.

  3. bumblebea63 says

    Legend: Jay-Z
    Legend in the Making: Justin Timberlake
    Clue: They just co-headlined the “Legends” of the Summer Tour
    That’s my guess!

  4. Tasia says

    Legend: Jay-Z

    Legend in the Making: Justin Timberlake

    Hints: They are on tour together called Legends of the Summer. “Seeing eye to eye” could hint at JT’s Mirrors lyrics, “Keep your eyes on me.”

    • akajenb says

      Co-sign with this one, RGIII likes the attention just like Lebron James, then complains when it backfires.

      • jacksonian says

        Since when has RGIII complained about attention? He’s one of the most humble players in the game. GO REDSKINS!!!!

  5. Redlanta says

    I believe this is Mark Walberg and Justin Bieber. Heard that the Biebs was an arrogant snot on their movie shoot and mark has been hinting he needs to get rid of dead weight bros and grow up…

  6. cardonaivando says

    Bieber has not even seen Mark Walberg lately so he has not been in any movie shoot.He merely gave him friendly advice in an interview and hope to still make the movie with him when he’s finished with concert tour.

    • Redlanta says

      They did shoot a movie together- it hasn’t been released yet. Much gossip about how difficult Biebs was during the shoot and Walberg wished he never hired him…

  7. amylillian says

    Legend: jason kidd
    Legend in the making: Deron Williams (brooklyn nets)

    Hint- ballers

    Deron has a history of getting coaches “fired,” he’s extremely talented, but kind of has a big head about it. He really looks up to Kidd too so hopefully he puts his ego aside and listens to him.

    • StellaK says

      Good guess. I was thinking KG and brook lopez, but I can’t see KG giving anyone friendly advice… he is such an a$$hole.

  8. Mozez808 says

    Legend: Phil Jackson
    Legend in the Making: Kendrick Lamar

    Kendrick was on a song with Bow Wow called “Ballin”
    Reference to P Jackson as a Baller, pretty obvious

    Kendrick name checked P Jackson in verse, and P Jackson responded on twitter…something to the effect that he shouldn’t be so cocky to get guidance

  9. modelle18 says

    Legend: Jay Z

    Legend in the Making: Kanye West

    clue: ballers as in Ball so Hard and there is a lot of tension bwn them

  10. Diopolis says

    Bieber and Wahlberg. Weren’t they supposed to be doing a basketball film together?

    If it is actual basketball then I don’t have a clue.

  11. Elisa says

    The only thing I could make from this is Superman and Batman in the upcoming sequel of Man Of Steel haha.

  12. VodkaSoaked says

    Legend: Will Smith

    Legend In The Making: Jaden Smith

    Will Smith starred in the (horrible) movie “I Am Legend”.