The Price Of Silence In Five Areas

money 13[Blind Gossip] There has been a settlement!

No, we’re not talking about the settlement between The Husband and The Wife.

We’re talking about a much bigger and more interesting settlement… the one between The Husband and The Star.

The Star is paying off the cuckolded Husband of one of his many paramours to keep from getting dragged into their divorce proceedings.

He had to. If he hadn’t, the details of his questionable lifestyle would have provided fodder for the tabloids for months to come, and would have seriously damaged his professional reputation. Yes, this is more about protecting The Star than it is about protecting The Wife.

In exchange for a large amount of money, The Husband will specifically refrain from talking about five main areas of controversy that were of concern to The Star:

Money: The obscene amounts of money The Star makes and spends on everything, and how and where he invests his money.

Business: The details of the business deals in which The Star has participated, and some questionable actions he took to close those deals.

Drugs: The extensive use of drugs – especially c*caine – by The Star and The Wife.

Sex: The Star’s entire sex life, including, but not limited to, sexual preferences, sexual proclivities, participation in thre*somes and org*es, sw*nger parties, involvement of other celebrities, sexually transmitted diseases, and ab*rtions.

Brother: The Star’s Brother, who had a long-time affair with The Wife before The Star did.

We do not know the exact amount of the settlement, but our source told us that it’s “Over 20.” That’s over $20 million, folks. That’s the price of silence.

The Star:

The Husband:

The Wife:

The Brother:

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106 comments to The Price Of Silence In Five Areas

  • suzq

    wow – it’s not like Andrew Silverman needs the money…

    • KWDragon

      No, but he will enjoy hitting Simon Cowell where it will hurt the most: in the wallet!

      • nolabelle

        Idk, for someone who makes “obscene” amounts of money, then it seems like merely 20 mill wouldn’t hurt his wallet at all. The yacht alone , that he owns, is 100smills and costs obscene amounts just to maintain each year.

  • Glitter

    This is Simon Cowell and all the characters that are involved with the latest situation.

  • VoiceofReason

    Simon Cowell & his baby mama’s husband then!

  • JenJenJen

    Simon Cowell and his babymama. His brother was reported to have had a fling with her before she fell pregnant with Cowell’s baby

  • cheefskiver

    I actually wouldn’t be surprised if the husband and wife were in on this shakedown from the beginning. The Silvermans I mean, as this is obviously about them and Simon Cowell.

    • PatioPrincess

      This! They ALL benefit from the attention and getting free publicity. It reeks of a sham. If it’s not, then Cowell is the dumbest moron on the planet because she isn’t all that unless he has low expectations.

    • nolabelle

      Wow, good thought , chef. They both seem low life enough.

    • Peony

      I thought this from the very beginning — with both the husband wife equally shaking him down. I feel sorry for their child and the soon to be baby because she’s not in the least motherly. Both children will be kept in one of his homes with an army of nannies while she’s out continuing on with her life. Sad, really, because seriously doubt she’ll be with Simon much longer.

  • melly123

    Simon Cowell, Andrew Silverman, Lauren Silverman

  • Virgo826

    The Star: Slimy Coward…ummm, I mean Simon Cowell

    The Wife: Lauren Silverman

    The Hubby: Andrew Silverman…like he needs the money!?!?

  • rosebud

    Simon Cowell
    Andrew Silverman
    Lauren Silverman
    ?? Cowell

    First time poster, hi Ace!!

  • shelaur22

    Simon Cowell and the member of his harem who is carrying his spawn. I wish her husband would have gotten more $$, though. Should’ve taken Si for all he’s worth.

  • sabrina325

    Simon Cowell, Andrew & Lauren Silverman

  • august

    Mr. Silverman
    Lauren Silverman
    Crowell has how many brothers?
    So you’re telling us Crowell’s Bi?

  • mamacita3

    Could this be Simon Cowell and all of those involved in his current drama? The brother had a long-time affair with The Wife too? ewww. Rich people live bizarre lives.

  • kittyconfidential

    Simon Cowell
    Andrew Silverman
    Lauren Silverman
    Nicholas Cowell

  • WaitLemmeGuess

    Oh Simon Cowell, that is one expensive baby!

    • nolabelle

      I wonderif he isn’t going to pay her off plus an abortion, since Ace mentions he has apparently paid for many before. Apparently this lowlife thinks he is ok to not use condoms,, what arrogance.

  • boyjack4

    No blind! This is Simpn Cowell
    Lauren Silverman
    Nicholas Cowell

  • waysouthofheaven

    Simon Cowell

    Mr. Silverman

    Ms. Silverman

    Wow just saw Simon has 4 brothers & I have no clue which one.

  • quinner

    Simon Cowell and his baby mama. I heard recently from someone in his circles that he is a cocaine user. Has to be him.

  • Pinks


    Star: Simon Cowell

    Husband: Andrew Silverman

    Wife: Lauren Silverman

    Brother: One of Simon’s brothers…

  • stolidog

    Simon Cowell of course. Ryan Gaycrest must be laughing his butt off.

  • Cinzia

    The guy with the yacht
    The chick who is preggers with little Simon
    Simon’s bro

  • beachchick218

    Simon Cowell
    Andrew Silverman
    Lauren Silverman


  • scumby

    another Simon item

  • Virginia

    The Star: Simon Cowell
    The Husband: Andrew Silverman
    The Wife: Lauren Silverman
    The Brother: Nicholas Cowell

  • WhoDatGirl

    The Star: Simon Cowell

    The Husband: Andrew Silverman

    The Wife: Lauren Silverman

    The Brother: Tony Cowell

  • Simon Cowell and his friend, the knocked up wife… etc

  • Marina

    Simon Cowell, Andrew and Lauren Silverman, don’t know the brother’s name.

  • jmol

    Obviously Simon Cowell and his band of thieves. The one thing I’ll say for him is that he’s never pretended to be a nice, likable, guy. Quite the opposite and so he’s living the truth, as disgusting as that is. Poor soon-to-be-born rich baby does not deserve these two parents.

  • CrossingTheLine

    Wow, Simon Cowell’s Baby Momma’s soon to be ex-husband sure should be glad that his soon to be ex-wife was such a gold-digger! It paid off for him 5x more than his pre-nup to get rid of her would’ve cost! Now, sell the reality show of him at Thanksgiving dinner with his brother for some seriously awkward good times!

    And who doesn’t know that Simon Cowell is a power hungry sex-maniac? #duh.

    The Star: Simon Cowell
    The Husband: Andrew “WTH” Silverman
    The Wife: Lauren “Gold Digger” Silverman
    The Brother: Alexander “Hypocrite” Silverman – “Unbelievable betrayal by Simon” Hahaha, if you’re schtupping your sister-in-law, I suppose its good to make someone else look horrible…but hopefullyt The Mirror doesn’t turn the mirror back on you and your betrayal of your brother!

  • sayswho

    This can only be Simon Cowell.

  • amccar

    The Star: Simon Cowell
    The Husband:Andrew Silverman
    The Wife:Lauren Silverman
    THe Brother:Nicholas Cowell. SImon has a few brothers so not sure. I’m assuming it’s Nicholas since he use to be on TV in the UK.

  • guestimation

    The whole Simon Cowell shebang. She-bang.

  • MikeInSanJose

    Smells of Simon Cowell (It says ‘Star’, not actor) Could this have to do with his recent bundle of joy and the unfortunate situation surrounding the child’s mother and her husband and Simon’s brother, who the wife used as a spring board to get to Simon?

  • Ana-nj

    The Star: Simon Cowell

    The Husband: Andrew Silverman

    The Wife: Lauren Silverman

    The Brother: Nicholas Cowell

  • kourtneyc4

    Star: Simon Cowell
    Wife: Lauren Silverman

  • callmedave

    Simon Cowell
    Andrew Silverman
    Lauren Silverman
    Nicholas Cowell

  • ItsJustAGuess

    The Star: Simon Cowell

    The Husband: Andrew Silverman

    The Wife: Lauren Silverman

    The Brother: Nicholas Cowell

  • bridge


  • katt388

    Oh Simon you have been a naughty, naughty boy

  • gammyjill

    Simon Cowell, obviously.

  • mightyaphrodite

    The Star: Simon Cowell

    The Husband: Andrew Silverman

    The Wife: Lauren Silverman

    The Brother: Nicholas Cowell

    There’s an article on US Weekly online today stating that the divorce settlement has been reached, which coincides with this story:

  • RedScience

    wow. over 20 is quite a chunk of change.

    Simon Cowell
    Andrew Silverman
    Lauren Silverman
    Nicholas Cowell

    In other news, this man (Simon) is nastee with a capital TEE! Ugk!

  • blackmahn

    Could this be Simon Cowell? Andrew Silverman named him in divorce proceedings. The wife is Lauren Silverman. And his brother is Nicholas Cowell. What a mess!

  • LeahLynn28

    I knew it!I knew Simon paid Andrew to avoid more humiliation in court.Simon is a douche bag and sick.Drugs,abortions,STDs,his nasty sex life…Simon is a joke.Behind all that money and the “image” of a businessman,there is a loser desperate to keep his promiscuous sex life and his scandals hidden.20 million is a lot of money…but only Blind Gossip to expose Simon and that cheater’s lies.Now the real Simon was exposed.He’s gross.
    I’m ashamed,i used to like Simon years ago,but now…eww

    S:Simon loser
    W:That cheater

  • jodie99

    Rob Lowe, brother Chad Lowe

  • ohohOHIKNOW

    Man boobs Cowell
    Andrew Silverman
    Bad nose job Silverman
    Simon Cowell brother

  • Molls

    The Star: Simon Cowell
    The Husband: Andrew Silverman
    The Wife: Lauren Silverman
    The Brother: Simon’s brother Nicholas

  • Jester

    The Star: Simon Cowell
    The Husband: Andrew Silverman
    The Wife: Lauren Silverman
    The Brother: Nicholas Cowell

  • ccincanada

    The Star: Simon Cowell
    The Husband: Andrew Silverman
    The Wife: Laura Silverman
    The Brother: Nicolas Cowell (just a guess – he has 4 brothers)

  • Naija_girl

    Simon Cowell and his ex-friend, something Silverman. And he deserves every penny! Man, 20million? Mr. Cowell must have REALLY wanted to shut him up huh? I guess everyone has their price…

  • spikelb

    Simon Cowell
    Andrew Silverman
    Lauren Silverman
    Nicholas Cowell

  • Charity

    Hol-eeeee shiiitttt!!!!

    Simon Cowell
    Andrew Silverman
    Lauren Silverman
    Nicolas Cowell? Which brother? He has four!

  • MaryQuiteContrary

    Simon Cowell, his baby mama, etc.

  • Brittttt

    Simon Cowell

  • k-chan

    The Star: Simon Cowell

    The Husband: Andrew Silverman

    The Wife: Lauren Silverman

    The Brother: Hmm he has 3 brothers.. most likely Nicholas Cowell I’m guessing.

  • CanaryCry

    Simon, Silverman, her ex-hubby, Cowell’s brother.


    Is it really that easy nowadays to make a couple of million dollars. I swear I am so angry that my parents told me to go to school and get a good job. All I had to do to make loads of money is lay on my back and screw some filthy rich man. I swear what is the world coming too?!?!?!

    Simon Cowell, the Silverman chick who is having his baby, her husband and Simon’s brother for the win.

  • augustmom

    Easy Peasy: Star, Simon Cowell, his former best friend Silverman or something, that guy’s wife Laura (?), and Cowell’s brother Tony (name guess).

  • luvprue1

    Husband : Andrew Silverman

    The Wife: Lauren Silverman

    The Brother: Simon Cowell

  • naughtyT82

    Star: SImon Cowell

    Wife: Laura

    Hubby: Andrew

    Simon’s Brother

    Considering that lifestyle that’s probably why it finally ended in divorce. She got knocked up. Big no-no.

  • memu0106

    The Star: Simon Cowell

    The Husband: Andrew Silverman

    The Wife: Lauren Silverman

    The Brother: Nicholas Cowell

  • bjd44

    Ridiculous jerk Simon Cowell….don’t remotely care…. I think they’re all NAUSEATING…..uck. Imagine all the STDs in just their clan of “friends.” Oooohhhh…. I need to go take a shower just thinkin’ about it!

  • Fergus

    Simple Simon dropped $20M in hush money?! Oh, there must have been some good stuff to talk about!

  • tru leigh

    Stevie Wonder could figure out this is Simon Cowell and his baby mama.

  • wfreshie

    simon cowell

    andrew silverman

    lauren silverman

    nicholas cowell

  • Marykay

    Obviously Simon Cowell and Laura Silverman

  • nicky

    Star: Simon Cowell
    husband: Andrew Silverman
    wife: Lauren Silverman
    brother: One of Simon’s brothers, I don’t know their names

    I was thinking of them right away, but wasn’t actually sure until I read the brother bits. Then again, the $20 million confused me a bit, because Simon’s British, so wouldn’t the 20 refer to pounds instead? But the Silvermans aren’t, are they?

  • YogaGirl

    the Silverman/Colwell situation

  • carriebradshaw

    Simon Cowell, Lauren Silverman, her husband and on of Cowell’s brothers.

  • Kricket1

    The Star – Simon Cowell -perhaps your boredom is the problem
    The Husband -“well rid of the ho” Mr. Alexander Silverman
    The Wife…..”oink oink – piglet” Mrs. Lauren Silverman
    The Brother – Nicholas, John, Michael & Tony – the ‘ho’ would likely do any and all of them to get her $$ prize

  • thutigger

    EZ … Simon Cowel

  • Tennisnsun

    Simon Cowell et al

  • creeping_thistle

    The Star: Simon Cowell
    The Husband: that poor cuckolded husband of…
    The Wife: Lauren Silverman
    The Brother: one of the other Cowell brothers she’s had an affair with.

  • katzehelena

    The Star: Simon Cowell

    The Husband: Andrew Silverman

    The Wife: Lauren Silverman

    The Brother: Nicholas Cowell

  • zeep

    Who cares what Cowell does? If anything, I’m relieved he paid him off so that we don’t have to hear about his disgusting lifestyle. (And BTW, X-Factor is a joke, so why should they care either? Like Simon was ever the nice judge?)

  • Vanessa

    Simon Cowell

    Andrew whatshisname

    his loose wife

    Simon’s brother

  • jenniferjoy

    Simon Cowell

  • chrissychc

    Simon Cowell

  • PandoraWolf

    What’s-her-name’s husband
    What’s her name
    Who cares

    Wow, is anyone going to be surprised by a guy with a HAREM OF WOMEN and a CRAPLOAD OF MONEY doing shady business deals, f*kking everything and everyone he can, banging back lines and lines of C (likely involved in the f*kking everything) and generally acting like, well, a filthy rich celebrity? Duh.

  • DesiGirl

    The Star: Simon Cowell

    The Husband: Andrew Silverman

    The Wife: Lauren Silverman

    The Brother: Nicolas Cowell

  • sherlock

    This is obviously about Simon Cowell.Can’t these people keep themselves sexually clean?What about the contraceptive pill for the women or condoms even?This is debauchery like what went on in Roman times.They disgust me,both males and the females involved.Definitely won’t be lining Cowell’s pockets again with his programmes.

  • TheBinch

    I am being thinking it is Emily Blunts and Ewan MacGregors. Krasinskis being the one with the horns (not two saxophone). I saw a show with Ewan and his ” brother, who appears to be close to Ewan in age. I’ve heard of the affair for years. Also, “The Star,” “The Wife” and “The Husband” makes me be thinking of “The Office.” Leave the gum; bring the calamaris.

  • slantrhyme

    Slimy Coward and his manboobs

    I was actually thinking Will Smith until I saw the part about the brother. Mrs. Silverman also had something with at least one of Simon’s brothers…ugh.

  • Arcadia

    Ace, you are BRILLIANT!!! This is “solved” and you beat TMZ. WOW!

  • smallbite

    The biggest punch line to this joke should turn out to be that the baby is either Simon’s brother or the woman’s husband. The joke really is on Simon. Simon is a catfish swimming in the bottom. He likes sloppy seconds.

  • morgana

    Simon Cowell
    Andrew Silverman
    Lauren Silverman
    I don’t know

  • FairyMay9

    I’m, certainly, naive. I just boggle at the pure depravity involved here. And it’s not just Cowell and the Silvermans, all of whom are garbge, it seems that it’s an enormous chunk of the famous, elite, and celebritized. Is there a secret handshake people go thru when they become a member of this society of famous people — famous for whatever reason? Actor, singer, socialite, business magnate, wannabe? Do they all become corrupt? is it required? It’s utterly pathetic, it really is. And now they’re bringing a baby into this unreal world they now live in. That poor thing is doomed.

  • Synapse3

    I can’t believe Silverman settled for only 20 million. I bet it was way more than that. He’s rich enough that it would be more fun to destroy Cowell than to take his loot.

  • ktbell05

    What a slore. This is disgusting.

  • db138

    I wish they’d disclose the investment info. I could use some of that. Simon Cowell all the way. I’m surprised he hasn’t ditched her, but that would be worse for his reputation than just being a back-stabbing, man-whoring, self-indulging pig.

  • Alexa

    Simon Cowell
    Lauren Silverman
    Andrew Silverman
    Nicholas Cowell