The Price Of Silence In Five Areas

money 13[Blind Gossip] There has been a settlement!

No, we’re not talking about the settlement between The Husband and The Wife.

We’re talking about a much bigger and more interesting settlement… the one between The Husband and The Star.

The Star is paying off the cuckolded Husband of one of his many paramours to keep from getting dragged into their divorce proceedings.

He had to. If he hadn’t, the details of his questionable lifestyle would have provided fodder for the tabloids for months to come, and would have seriously damaged his professional reputation. Yes, this is more about protecting The Star than it is about protecting The Wife.

In exchange for a large amount of money, The Husband will specifically refrain from talking about five main areas of controversy that were of concern to The Star:

Money: The obscene amounts of money The Star makes and spends on everything, and how and where he invests his money.

Business: The details of the business deals in which The Star has participated, and some questionable actions he took to close those deals.

Drugs: The extensive use of drugs – especially c*caine – by The Star and The Wife.

Sex: The Star’s entire sex life, including, but not limited to, sexual preferences, sexual proclivities, participation in thre*somes and org*es, sw*nger parties, involvement of other celebrities, sexually transmitted diseases, and ab*rtions.

Brother: The Star’s Brother, who had a long-time affair with The Wife before The Star did.

We do not know the exact amount of the settlement, but our source told us that it’s “Over 20.” That’s over $20 million, folks. That’s the price of silence.

The Star:

The Husband:

The Wife:

The Brother:

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