• MarkyMark says

      LOL – could be! Or how about the ghost of Malcolm Forbes, wearing leather (as usual)?

  1. TopChef says

    Jeff Bezos is married with children (I think 4). I’ve met him, he does not give off a gay vibe. I think it is the guy from twitter.

  2. MarkyMark says

    If it was Old Media I could vote for Jann Wenner – or Andrew Sullivan! He’s fairly titanic these days…

  3. Nomad says

    Andrew Sullivan? That wouldn’t turn anyone’s head. He’s openly gay and has been for years.

  4. jasper says

    Steve Wozniak?
    Woz used to date Kathy Griffin, who had a good rapport with the BEAR community (not “Scruff”, which CATERS to the Bears/hairy gays), and he apparently took his “Bear God” status among the gay geekery in good humor.

    Only other one to come to mind would be Dean …DeBlois, I think his last name is? He’s a director for Pixar (How to Train Your Dragon), and is openly gay. He is also considered a “Bear God” by some, too. Last I heard, he had a steady partner? There is at least one pic of him, his partner, and a third hanging out in a pool.

    Of course, there are a few others I *wish* I could “stumble across” on Scruff and Growlr, like BRIAN BLESSED! and openly out/asexual Stephen Fry, among others, but I think this BI hints to a more American based persona.

    • jasper says

      A clarification: Scruff is a DATING APP geared toward the Bear community and hairy men.
      I reread that and it came off rude. Sorry.

  5. GingerNaps says

    “New media” doesn’t mean a person “new to media”….it’s internet stuff rather than traditional venues like the Washington Post.

  6. troubleintheforest says

    Matt Drudge anyone? Despite his conservative bent, he seems to lean libertarian and I’ve noticed over the years he does seem to post a lot of stories relating to gay rights. Plus he looks a little bit like that lumberjack.