Illuminati Ink

illuminati[Hollywood Street King] Tupac once released “Illuminati all through your body” — but today’s leading lyricist is reported to have taken the triangle further. That’s because sources reveal our mystery man recently had an Illuminati sign inked on his body.

Sources reveal this known sacrilegious rapper was inked-up in L.A., a few days after his Pasadena performance. Though we don’t know the exact details behind the tattoo, we can tell you it’s not the first time he’s been inked up. Don’t believe me.. Just ask the Mrs … who shares matching ink with our blind item.

Now, can you guess who I’m talking about?


The Mrs.:

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    • HermioneG says

      Just to add: they have matching tattos on their ring fingers and Jay Z was at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena on 07/29. The “Mrs” refers to Mrs Carter obviously. Not the first time I’ve heard about the Illuminati connection btw.

      • wendy hood says

        Their performances and their lyrics all support the NWO agenda, as do all current pop stars.

  1. WhoDatGirl says

    Rapper: JayZ

    Wife: Beyonce

    The Legends of Summer tour was in Pasadena last month, and I have heard stories before about these 2 and their unusual fascination with the Illuminati.

  2. LeahLynn28 says

    The Mrs.:Beyawnce…Mrs.Carter?
    People say they are illuminati,so,that’s probably them.

  3. goldieb says

    Jay-Z and Bey have matching “IV” tattoos on their hands.

    Coded message: Tupac was murdered by the Illuminati; the Carters are 100% theirs.

    • Ati2d9 says

      Me too! I don’t really even understand it, but the people obsessed are hilarious. Mind control via rappers to take over the world? I don’t get it.

  4. Quanah says

    I’m so tired of the Illuminati stuff. People can be successful without being “in cahoots” with the devil.

    Rapper: Jay-Z
    The Mrs. Beyonce

    • goldieb says

      One must wonder then, must one not, why they cannot be originals but must all use the one-eyed photos, chandeliers and horns in their videos, pyramids/triangles, etc.

    • WhoDatGirl says

      Then does he feel the need to permanently mark himself with Illuminati symbolism??? Seems like a strange thing to do otherwise.

    • LittleButterfly says

      Actually, you’re wrong. They can’t be successful without being associated with the devil. I know I probably sound crazy but some of the big names out there.. you know who they are.. do your research.

  5. Christyd says

    Rapper: Jay-Z (Recently performed in Pasadena as part of The Legends of Summer tour)
    The Mrs.: Beyonce

  6. Kiersan says

    Obviously it’s
    Rapper: Jay-Z
    The Mrs: Beyoncé

    They both had “4” inked in Roman numbers on their ring fingers.

  7. Me Talk Pretty says

    Rapper: Jay Z
    The Mrs: Beyonce

    Another day, another “Jay Z is a devil worshiping member of the Illuminati” rumor. LOL How did this stuff get started anyway?

    • WhoDatGirl says

      When he started insisting on making the sign of the Illuminati in his shows and in publicity pictures, using Illuminati symbolism in his clothing line and now, by permanently inking himself with Illuminati symbolism. If you don’t want people thinking it, quit associating yourself with it.

  8. tworley2772 says

    Rapper Jay-Z
    Mrs. Beyonce

    They recently got matching tattoos and he had a show in Pasadena at the end of July.

  9. slantrhyme says

    Well between this item and the one about Amanda Bynes, it looks like a lot of outrageously unbelievable rumors are actually true.

    Jay Z and Beyonce

  10. GrannyGoose says

    This has got to be Jay-Z and Beyonce. there have been rumours about them and “the Illuminati” for years….

  11. thedebster says

    first time poster- love this site!!!!
    It fits Jay and Bey…their daughters name is Blue IVy!!!!!!!

  12. Warrior1461 says

    Illuminati, trying to join those guys for years. totally support their aims to destroy the Vatican. A institution that has housed and protected child molesters for decades if not centuries. The organization is not devil worship, fact is they are a free mason organization that was originally created in the may of 1776 to “Abolish the tyranny of princes and kings”. Their first operation was a little insurrection in America that happened two months later. Many of your founders were linked to this movement.

    Out American ideals are actually Illuminati ideals, us being a Christian nation is utter bullshit.

  13. XxMz_CarlyxX says

    The thing is though the illuminati was a secret society created in the 15/16 century by scientists and others to stop the Roman Catholic Church at time having influence on people’s it has nothing to do with mind control really