• Katmandu says

      Oh, no, that poor deranged creature isn’t SUDDENLY loud and ready to fight, its been going on for months. And she is certainly no ‘diva’, she’s one step up from a bag lady.

      Kelly Price.

    • nolabelle says

      I agree also. She has become increasingly loud and belligerent every year that has passed since she left the national scene and started her own network, which is a rapidly sinking ship. It hasn’t been profitable yet, and I think she is astonished that the national scene or world is largely ignoring her. I also think she doesn’t have to restrain herself anymore so her true nature is surfacing, in the content of her character. It thus becomes clearer that her image built was more fake than real, just to dupe folks and feed her wallet.

      • RedScience says

        thank you valley of the dolls. Co-sign. If something racist happens no one is ‘playing’ any card. smh.

  1. MikeInSanJose says

    All I can think of is Lengua tacos…

    Striped shirt… Amanda Bynes? Is she a diva?

    She just got her 5150 hold extended to 30-days. That’s a helluva devotion if this is just performance art…

  2. Nefe2782 says

    This has to be Kelly Price from R&B Divas! She has been acting very argumentative, combative, and extremely selfish; on this week’s episode she really lost it!

  3. rorythedragon says

    Beyonce’s sassy haircut this week makes me think it’s her. And that it could be an act for the publicity.

    • MikeInSanJose says

      “scripted reality show”
      LOL. It’s been a L-O-N-G time since anything on a “reality show” was real.

      • oldstephens says

        Writers Guild is suing for writing credit n those stupid “Reality” shows.

        They are fake BS that the masses fall for.

  4. FlyingSnickerdoodle says

    Well, it certainly isn’t Amanda Bynes after her recent MK-Ultra re-programming and ultra-hush PR these days…

  5. delphi says

    Kelly Price wannabe hood rat ass. Bring vaseline, a razor blade and timberland boots to play rehearsal. Girl, bye. Too old to be getting that out of pocket. I would have tasered, your ass.