1. pattyc24 says

    Ellen. I think there was an earlier blind referring to her pawning off rescued animals to her staff. Sucks because I used to really like her :(

    • annasophie says

      i was an intern on her show when she was just starting 30 minute meals and she was quite kind.

  2. QubbuQ says

    Ellen :-( She was the popular guess for the one who forced her underlings to take pets she no longer wanted and dictated how to feed and care for them.

  3. PandoraWolf says

    If it said closeted lesbian, I’d so co-sign!

    I was thinking Ellen, but your answer is way more exciting.

  4. jason75314 says

    Ellen Degeneres! I used to work at the studio when she taped her first season. I heard from people on the show you werent to look at her, talk to her, etc. she had her own private entrance to her office so she wouldnt have to make contact with her own show people. Someone once parked in her parking spot and she blew up and got security to get the car moved. She may be sweet on tv but in real life she is complete opposite!

  5. daisybaby says

    If it’s someone who is already out, then as much as I don’t want to say it because I like her, I think it’s Ellen…if this person has not come out, then I would say more along the lines of Oprah.

  6. FairyMay9 says

    I’ve heard Ellen talk on this subject before. not sure if cream puffs are a clue, but I’m going with Ellen.

  7. OoLaLana says

    The only ‘widely loved showbiz lesbian’ that comes to mind is Ellen… but I can’t/don’t believe this is about her. She ends each show reminding us to be kind to each other.

    • Layale says

      And preachers remind us not to sin, but…. And politicians make promises…. and so on and so on.

  8. iknowiknow says

    Ellen Degenerous. I’ve heard from several people that have met her personally that she is very rude and mean to everyone who isn’t a celebrity.

  9. breakawayvow says

    Ellen Degeneres. Theres been rumors before about her being nasty to some interns and assistants.

  10. tru leigh says

    Ellen, duh.

    Heard a story many years ago that she got into an argument over with a date over splitting the price of a pizza.

    • ValleyOfTheGalls says

      Lesbians are notoriously cheap! Lol. I bet when Ellen and Portia go to restaurants they stiff the waiter with a note that reads “We’re giving your tip to PETA.”

      • ValleyOfTheGalls says

        Ask anyone in the service industry, including lesbians working in the service industry, and they’ll tell you that the majority of lesbians are bad tippers, married couples usually tip worse than unmarried couples usually do (this is true regardless of sexual orientation) etc… It’s the way it is. Sorry if reality isn’t in sync with how you want the world to be. We all have that problem. Sometimes the facts are not PC. that’s how life is.

      • GayleStorm says

        I just want to say, I am a straight, married woman….and I am a very generous tipper. I usually tip well over 20%. I take care of the check because I think my husband will under-tip.
        I was a caterer for 20+ years and did very well. I call it tipping karma.

      • Catharsis says

        Agree with bloodking, it was a homophobic comment. Valley, don’t hide behind your “some facts are not PC” excuse. What a rationalization. *rolls eyes* It was a homophobic comment, period. Just as substituting the words “blacks” in your comment would be racist.

  11. sistermadly says

    Ellen! Just registered for the first time from Melbourne Australia!! Yyeeeyyyyy!!