Barack Obama Is Exotic

obama[The Atlantic Wire] Senator Tom Harkin, a Democrat, created Congress’s very own blind item on Wednesday during a meeting with the Des Moines Register’s editorial board.

The Senator, who refused to name names while describing a closed-door Senate meeting about filibuster rules last month, offered up the following juicy detail from behind the scenes.

Harkin: …And, not naming any names, but one senator got up from a southern state and said, ‘You’ve got to understand that to my people down here, Obama seems like – he thought for a second and he said – like he’s exotic.’

We kind of laughed at that – what’s that mean? Exotic? That he’s just exotic, that he doesn’t share our values and that kind of thing. It was kind of a strange comment.

Des Moines Register editor Rick Green: Exotic in terms of values or in terms of race? How do you describe or define ‘exotic?’

Basu: Do they still think he’s a Muslim or wasn’t born in this country? Do they still spout those kinds of theories?

Harkin: Yeah, I guess so. I don’t know. He never explained it. Everybody just kind of laughed at the idea of exotic.

While Harkin did not specify the party of the nameless senator (only that he is, well, a he, and Southern), many are presuming that said legislator is from Harkin’s opposition, though it was not a Republican. The meeting, regarding Senate filibusters, included the whole chamber, so that doesn’t narrow it down either. Unless Harkin changes his mind and decides to name names (or another Senator comes forward), the nameless Southern gentleman who wins today’s edition of Congressmen Saying Regrettable Things will probably remain a secret.

The interview itself covered a wide range of topics, but Harkin’s best quotes seem to come from his description of polarization in Congress. When asked whether he could think of a time when the U.S. was more polarized than it is now, Harkin quipped, “Sure – the Civil War.”



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    • What Had Happened Was ... says

      This! And what infuriates me about Cruz is that with Texas and its obvious sizable Mexican-American population, he figured he’d just cruise into an easy win. He preyed on Texans’ collective ignorance that a Hispanic-sounding name is enough to win in Texas. And guess what? It was — if you sound and look like a Mexican, then you are a Mexican. Cruz is a Canadian of Cuban descent, for the record. But you betcha he played the phantom Mexican to the hilt. I can easily see that twit making such asinine comments.

    • ClaudeFunston says

      That was a Democratic meeting. Look in the mirror and know your facts before you slam someone, minx.

      Who’s the idiot?

      • ericaomega says

        Actually it was a closed-door Senate meeting meaning the entire Chamber was included. We’re probably looking for a Southern senator here.

      • LeeLee12345 says

        You are, sweetie: “The meeting, regarding Senate filibusters, included the whole chamber, so that doesn’t narrow it down either.”

  1. Rafael says

    As a southern democrat, I can almost guarantee you it was someone from Mississippi or Alabama. I don’t have the words to explain how ignorant people are down here. Even otherwise intelligent, college educated people seem to wallow in ignorance. It’s a really sad place.

    • breanna_monique says

      Yes it is. I live in the sad state of MS, and I’m also a Southern Democrat, but I can not wait to leave this place.

    • LooLoo says

      You are a ridiculous person. There are ignorant people everywhere, but to suggest that someone who is well educated is ignorant basically just because of where they live is the epitome of ignorance. That is unbelievably bigoted and sad of you. I know a lot of highly educated people, and none of them “wallow in ignorance.” Since you’re this bigoted, I’m assuming that you also make sweeping assumptions about people based on their race and sexual preference. This is no better.

      • thoughtsndstuff says

        You know, you can have a college education and be ignorant. I went to college with plenty of people who thought they were better than others just because of the color of their skin, and that is ignorance.

      • Rafael says

        Do you live in the south? If you had ever set foot here, you would understand that what I said is completely true. Religion is very prominent in the south. I’m sure you know that. But, religion makes otherwise intelligent people have social blinders. People are very stuck in their ways here, and any deviation from the “normal”, is seen as bad. People here take pride in their ignorance. They almost see it as a good thing.

        But, of course, that doesn’t mean that everyone in the south is like this. Like you said, there are ignorant people everywhere. But, a very huge percentage of people in the south are bigoted, and I am willing to guess that the only reason they would be able to come up with would be something akin to “because my parents said..” or “because the bible said..” or “because that is how its always been.”

        And just FYI, I am a gay, white man who is in a long term relationship with a gay, black man. I wonder what kind of things you assumed about me?

      • nolabelle says

        Only gosh. And now you are equating not only geography itch ignorance but also religious beliefs too. It seems the ignorance is emanating from posts like that.

    • timesink says

      You don’t get it. Rand Paul is for liberty for everyone, not distinguished by groups. That is more color blind than most other positions. Plus it said this person is not Republican.

    • bamazalea says

      You are so off track on this one. Rand Paul is the last person that should have come to your mind. Please, for the sake of this country’s future, don’t buy into the spin. This man could be the next Ronald Reagan and this country desperately needs someone like him right now. We are a divided country with hate spewing on both sides and while this hate spews, our economic stability is swirling in a toilet bowl.

      • chandler02 says

        The next Ronald Reagan? I hope not! That would mean raising taxes while ballooning deficits and gutting social services! Our current mental health care issues are largely the result of Reagan’s policies.

    • cavechickbaby says

      Ron Paul is a republican, are you so stupid that you can not comprehend what you are reading? I would advise you to not participate in any future blind items.

      • LeeLee12345 says

        Ron Paul is a Libertarian, but has run for office both as a Libertarian and as a Republican.

  2. AnotherNic2Remember says

    Probably one of those southern states that need to have their “gulf coast” harbors deepened, such as Charleston, Savannah and Jacksonville. With 57 states narrowed to 8 southern states, it shouldn’t be too difficult to figure out which democratic senator that made that statement.

    • TheBinch says

      Excellent! As I always say these days: “If George Bush had said it…” The media needs to hold his “feets” (his word) to the fire over these misstatements. I know — when pigs fly. Or the “corpse-men” (his word, again) walk the earth.

  3. Me Talk Pretty says

    LMAO! I can’t. Such mess. How is he exotic? Light skinned black guys exist in generous quantities. Some even wear suits and go to college! Like, I can find them 50 more if they want. Give me 10 minutes. I think he meant something different. Bad choice of words.

    Let’s see… which southern Senators are known for Foot-In-Mouth disease? There are way too many to choose from. Lamar Alexander? Lindsey Graham? Paul Rand? This is way too hard.

    • nolabelle says

      Curious that you immediately went to racism. And that,because it comes from a southerner. That sounds like double bigotry on your part. The word exotic does not equal or denote race, nor black, of any hue. It simply means what the dictionary says.

    • AnotherNic2Remember says

      Strange, both of those men are Republicans. Could you have a bias towards conservatives? The blind specifically states ” many are presuming that said legislator is from Harkin’s opposition, though it was not a Republican.” Perhaps the reason we are so divided as a Nation is because of untrue assumptions that we make towards each other. We will never bridge the divide that is breaking this Country if we don’t set our preconceived notions and educate ourselves.

      • stolidog says

        of course they are republicans.
        The blind says its a male senator from the south. There’s only 1 democratic male senator from the south and scads of male republicans (of course, because they are not only racist, they are sexist and homophobic as well)…Chances are what, 9 to 1 that it’s a southern racist republican senator.

      • padocle says

        Perhaps the bias is all yours. You mention “untrue assumptions” as being divisive yet proceed to make your own assumption. So high & mightly! The rest of us are just not worthy!

        So…not a Democrat or Republican…then a Libertarian? Or the TP is being considered separate from the Republicans as seems to be the trend. Paul/Cruz/Lee/Flake?

      • nutkin says

        They are teabillies. They stand for corruption, obstructionism, homophobia, racism, and anti-feminism. They do not vote for the interests of the people in their states (trust me, I am unfortunate enough to live in Texas).

        These are not untrue assumptions. They are facts. The GOP is the party of ignorance, and their off-shoot, the Tea Party, is the party of lunatics.

    • timesink says

      It said the person was not Republican and they are not racist at all. They are for liberty for everyone regardless of race. Quite the opposite.

  4. Up the Coast says

    The sun is about to flip it’s magnetic field…sort of like the political parties in the USA. They just want to divide us with their mis-information….but the Democratic party is still the party of slavery. Shame on all of them.

    • stolidog says

      In what way? That he obtained his undergraduate degree from Columbia or his law degree from Harvard? Or that he taught Constitutional Law at University of Chicago Law School? Or that he was elected Senator of the United States? Or that he was elected President of the United States…twice?

      I’m sure you are much brighter. Please, tell us all of your accomplishments, please?

      • jacksonian says

        Please educate yourself about BHO. There is absolutely no proof of his education, birth, or anything whatsoever about who that clown is.

      • vladimpaler says

        So, you must be impressed by George W. Bush’s undergraduate degree from Harvard and his MBA from Yale. (He is the only president to have earned an MBA.) He was also elected governor of Texas twice as well as to two terms as president of the United States.

        With those accomplishments, I’m sure you’ve never insulted him or his intellect. Right?

    • breanna_monique says

      You must surely mean his predecessor. The man who said that when Kanye West said he didn’t care about black people, that was the saddest day in his presidential career. Not 9/11, not Katrina, but that. But Obama’s the idiot?

      • nolabelle says

        So insulting him is ok with you? Not nice. Btw, the kw comment affected HUNDREDS OF millions of people in the world and that is WHY it was his saddest day, vs the other tragedies affected thousands or low MILLIONS. Like duh.

  5. ericaomega says

    David Vitter
    the only thing he can smoothly talk about is hookers. I guess we sent the village idiot to DC so he can stay off Bourbon.

    • jodie99 says

      I wish you were right about Vitter. I have the misfortune of living in his district.

      The man’s a slimeball, hypocrite – but he’s also a Rhodes Scholar and quite eloquent. If he were an idiot, he wouldn’t be so dangerous.

    • nolabelle says

      I disagree with y’all both. I don’t think it is him, because he does not talk like that at all. The clue said he was not Republican. I don’t think he is a slime ball, hypocrite at all,even by low liberal standards. After all, he did publically confess to being a sinner, asked for mercy and forgiveness, without going into the gutter with details that are really not necessary, except to the voyeuristic tabloid minds of immature libs. His wife forgave him and stood by him. And many in Louisiana do too. After all, the libs adore Bill&Hillary, esp for her standing by her lying, cheating, cad of a husband, who was impeached by HOR, lost his law license and stature as a result of his lying,cheating ways that were proven in court. No, I wouldn’t stoop to the rude way you rebuke those you politically disagree with. I would point out though that Sen Landrieu eeked by in winning her last election by buying votes and I pray she loses her next one.

      • ericaomega says

        Yes, but he never did change his ways. and the party of eloquence, our lovely Southern republicans are not. However, the blind does state the Senator confirms that the speaker was not Republican. So, by party affiliation it is not Vitter. However, from experience, when he is nervous, all of his formal training goes out the window and he reinforces every stereotype people have. I rebuke no one, I just have the highest level of distain. Nor do I particularly find bringing religious beliefs to a political party to be particularly effective, it comes off as an entirely emotional and sentimental argument. You preach forgiveness for one and practice judgment on the wife who chose to forgive on another.

  6. stolidog says

    Well, this ” Harkin’s opposition, though it was not a Republican” would probably mean Rand Paul, who is a libertarian, though I care so little for the man that I can’t type his name into Google to see if he ran as an independant or a Republican.

  7. What Had Happened Was ... says

    The vile Mitch McConnell from Kentucky. That guy’s hatred is scary.

    • Rooster says

      I would agree with you totally but McConnell understands more than any racist the difference between an exotic and an “n” word because he does not use the word exotic to describe a certain race of people.

    • nolabelle says

      Wow, what specific hatred are you talking about? Just because he is of a different political preference? That isn’t hatred. Don’t let the state censorship media brainwash you. They lie, and misinform deliberately.

      • jodie99 says

        Why are you on a gossip website to espouse your political and religious views? This is for fun. And BTW – labelling people “libs” is quite derogatory.

        I’m not surprised to see you’re NOLAbella. There are too many people like you in my hometown.

  8. raslebol says

    OMG we again find some peoples who believes in some “exotic” theories about Obama???

  9. Rooster says

    I can’t believe this isn’t an Alabamian. Sewell is the lone democrat and a woman, everything else is Republican and Alabama is a red state. However, I think most citizens are confusing the red part for the crimson tide because poverty is high around here, everyone is poor and much too poor to be a republican. This has to be an Alabama football confusion-ment.

  10. delphi says

    This sounds like a trick question because depending who you ask some states are considered southern states while others are considered western/mid western states. I am from GA and I don’t consider TX, AR,or KT part of the south.