1. angelofdevs says

    I know I saw Diane Keaton on Ellen talking about this and Ellen looked highly uncomfy.

    • nolabelle says

      No legend, I think, besides she did tantric 4 decades ago, and has moved on… To ping pong. LOL

    • SouthJerseyGirl says

      I thought Marty Ingels was dead but looked it up and saw he’s only 77. She is giving out way TMI – but since she seems to be some kind of sex goddess (in her mind anyway), this is a great guess.

      • Katmandu says

        Shirley Jones and Marty Ingalls doing tantric sex????????????

        It’s always the ones you least suspect who are way out there…..

        I change my vote to Jane Fonda.

  2. Coffee_Not_Tea says

    Demi Moore and her yogi come to mind but I wouldn’t call her a screen legend.

  3. KathyPacific says

    Screen Legend: Jane Fonda

    Her Man: Richard Perry

    She was on some late-night talk show last night so I turned the channel b/c she’s always saying more than I want to know about the sex life of a senior. (And I’m almost a senior myself!)

  4. Rocket McZoom says

    Goldie Hawn is a Buddhist.
    “Zen” = Buddhist
    Kurt Russell = “Her man” (note they didn’t say husband.)

  5. PatioPrincess says

    None of the above mentioned women are what I’d call screen legends so I’d guess it’s a Kardashian (they consider themselves screen legends LOL.)

  6. MarkyMark says

    So does the photo of Garbo mean that the “legend” is anxious to get frisky with another woman???

  7. CousinDupree says

    I’m going with Jane Fonda as well. I guees the guy must be Richard Perry.
    Clue? “Tantric” may refer to her more recent activities, per Wikipedia:

    “Fonda has in the past practiced Transcendental Meditation with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi,and more recently has engaged in meditation at the Upaya Institute and Zen Center.”

  8. Up the Coast says

    Why do narcissists think we want to know about their granny sex? :roll: Some stuff is just TMI.

  9. wandering says

    Screen legend means Lauren Bacall or I guess Shirley Jones but not women in their 50s or 60s!

  10. Rocket McZoom says

    Goldie Hawn is a Buddhist.
    “Zen” = Buddhist
    Kurt Russell = “Her man” (note they didn’t say husband.)

  11. dontpanik says

    I’m going with Diane Keaton (don’t know who she’s currently dating but when she was interviewed about the tantric sex she brought up her costar DeNiro) simply because this was from Out magazine and I know there are plenty of rumors as well as her stating she’s never really been comfortable in a man’s arms.