He Desperately Wants You To Think He’s Straight

men kissing[Out] Which entertainment journalist is so desperate to be thought of as straight that he tried to pass off a female journo as his fiancée, even though the two have always been utterly platonic? (She was stunned when his parents were a little too thrilled to finally meet her.)

Male Journalist:

Female Journalist (may or may not be famous):

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  1. valley of the dolls says

    Can I just take a moment to talk about how gorgeous a picture that is.

    Can I do that.

    • Katmandu says

      😀 good one! RS’s parents must not own a TV and have completely missed Giuliana’s show featuring her, her husband, and her fertility struggles and now baby during the last few years.

  2. princesspea says

    lol, this is what i love! all these gay celebrities should just live their lives& be honest about who they are…you post a pic of two guys kissing & that doesnt stop any of us from drooling, gay or straight!!

      • YoGo8c says

        Would you call Seacrest a ‘journalist’ though? He’s listed as ‘radio personality, television host, and producer’, though he did study journalism.

  3. Halo26 says

    I’m straight girl and what can I say? Dudes kissing dudes is way hot, especially when they are as pretty as the couple above!

    Fanning self rapidly….