1. MikeInSanJose says

    Current or Past governor?

    I gotta go with Ahnuld!

    Wait! The scandal was it was straight porn?

    Bobby Jindal all the way!!

  2. lepidoteran says

    If it could be a former gov., I’ll go with Charlie Crist from FLA. There were a lot of rumors about him.

  3. I Am PunkA says

    Jim McGreevey

    Not sure why it would be a scandal since he was married and has a daughter. Dude has a hetero previous life.

  4. What Had Happened Was ... says

    This could be any of them, especially one of the anti-womens’ rights conservatives! So, with that in mind, I tend to think it could be Rick Perry, guv of my current state of residence. I remember, when I first moved to Texas, reading about a story in a Texas publication which was scheduled for publication but was somehow killed. Apparently, there were allegations that Rick Perry had an “aide” who abruptly quit because of rumors that he and Perry were sexually involved. Don’t know if it’s true, but I do know Repugs can do no wrong in Texas.

    My best guesses for the porn governor are:

    Rick Scott, Florida
    Mike Pence, Indiana
    Deval Patrick, Massachusetts
    Brian Sandoval, Nevada
    Rick Perry, Texas
    Scott Walker, Wisconsin

  5. What Had Happened Was ... says

    Oh…and the “drill” reference makes me think of drilling for oil, which is a job description for many in Texas. Also, Rick Perry was a “yell leader” (cheerleader) in college, so he’s definitely not shy. So, Rick Perry FTW?

  6. Bromance1979 says

    The only person that comes to mind is Jim McGreevey, as he’s openly gay. He’s a former governor, though.

  7. HeadhuntNYC says

    I went through the Wikipedia list of US Governors – pictures and all – and the only one I could imagine could be such a person is Bob McDonnell of Virginia. If it is him, then maybe it came to light when journalists and others were investigating his gift-taking, etc.

    • slantrhyme says

      Wait – I like the Rick Perry guesses! I’m changing my answer lol. Wouldn’t surprise me a bit, come to think of it…

  8. showtimeEI6 says

    Jim McGreevey, Governor of New Jersey from 2002-2004. His father was a drill instructor (according to Wikipedia) — clue from the blind item titlee.

  9. dawnee says

    Rick Bath house PERRY. Crazy, since apparently seriously hates the women in our state!!

    • nolabelle says

      Not true, he loves women and is not anti-women just because he is pro-life. Standing for the innocent baby’s rights to life does not automatically equate to hating women.

  10. jocar says

    Am I the only one who thinks it could be Chris Christie, current Gov of New Jersey? lol

  11. 2BEAUCOUP says


  12. Nomad says

    With the drill reference, I’m going with Rick Perry. Please let it be him, and whoever has the film, release it, NOW!

  13. Revisionist says

    yall the Drill is Ace’s title, its not from the blind. Unless Ace knows the story or Musto spilled to him its not a clue