She Thought Denzel Would Dump His Wife For Her

denzel washington[Hollywood Street King] She’s a 41-year-old bisexual actress who was once known for using a str*p-on d*ldo during her lesbian relationship with Regina Hall.

We’re told that she took part in thr*esome smash session with Regina Hall and Omar Epps — before reportedly dumping the pair to get with a “c*ke-sniffing” Denzel Washington.

Sources say that’s when our blind item believed the “Two Guns” leading man was going to dump his wife of 30 years, Pauletta, for her.

Don’t believe me.. Just ask Eva Mendes — who’s not only said to have led Denzel to dump our mystery lady for her, the actress is also reported to have previously taken on threesomes with Omar Epps and his wife Keisha (From ’90s group Total).

Now, sources say our blind item is left still looking for love. Can you guess who I’m talking about?


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