• mahalaskater says

      Signing on! Selena Gomez’s new album is doing pretty well. She finally got a number one (for the first time in four albums) with the single “Come and Get It”. Also I song featured on the new album is called “Slow Down”.

    • channel orange says

      Leading lady = actress, success= Oscar, popular movies. I’m sad to say that I think this is about Jennifer Lawrence. I’m under the impression that she is very well liked by BlindGossip (I remember they once said “leave JLaw alone” when people were incorrectly guessing that she was the homewrecker in a blind). If this blind is about her then I’m guessing it’s one of those times when they put stuff out there as an intervention, or a wake up call of sorts. If that is the case I’m guessing they’re worried about her. Maybe she’s moving on to harder things than pot? That would be tragic. I hate that JLaw is a stoner, she is too talented to be doing that mind numbing, paranoia inducing, prolactin elevating s***.

  1. mizzavrid says

    Jennifer Lawrence. And I love her, let her smoke her weed. She ain’t hurting anyone.

  2. gaelgorham says

    Jennifer Lawrence. Doesn’t make me love her less though, but I hope she stays healthy.

  3. JaneDawson says


    She has a blonde doll of herself,loves dope

    We Can’t Stop is Top 10 in the UK, Top40 in the US.

    Not bad for a comeback. Not bad at all. Hopefully she can straighten up and survive through this next tour. Doubt it, though.

  4. rreilly1012 says

    Selena Gomez with her new found #1 success? With JB on her team, it was only a matter of time, i was hoping she was above the influence.

  5. LeahLynn28 says

    Rihanna?I don’t know,could be her,or another “lady”…although i don’t consider Rihanna a lady,to be honest.

  6. Herkeda says

    Jennifer Lawrence, if “leading lady” specifically means acting. Otherwise, I’d say Rihanna.

  7. ivyleaguer says

    Kei$ha, though I am sure leading lady and slow it down may be hints for another artist.

  8. StellaK says

    The blind clearly says “this leading lady”.
    It’s an ACTRESS not a singer. I think J Law.

  9. summerlovesya says

    I’ll say Selena Gomez, since there’s “slow it down” and she has song called “slow down” and her new album stars dance is on top of the charts

  10. PatioPrincess says

    Charlize Theron (Snow White and other stuff I can’t remember at the moment.) She’s a dope-head isn’t she?

  11. Her says

    This is obviously Jennifer Lawrence. She’s a huge pothead.
    Still completely indifferent towards her.

  12. leahcorrin says

    Lady: Selena Gomez, The Hint is “slow it down” Referring to selenas song slow down.

  13. FlyingSnickerdoodle says

    I have no idea who this is, but “leading lady” means actress, period. “string of hits” does not mean music here. It means “A string of hit movies”.

    • thefantasticspazzomatic says

      Yes I agree. People just jump up and write whatever seems obvious. I would guess this to be Jennifer Lawrence, and the “high” part would be about her smoking weed. Weed is, in my opinion, not as bad as her doing coke/meth/pills. Don’t see the problem here, she’s just enjoying a lil R&R.

  14. skor says

    I thought Rihanna, though “Leading Lady” sounds more like an actress; but “string of hits” sounds more like music.

  15. SRzwg says

    “Leading lady” implies an actress, “hits” = hit movies. I’m gonna say Jennifer Lawrence. Big deal, though, she’s an adult & a little weed never hurt anyone. :)

  16. snseffy says

    I’m guessing Neyla Pekarek of the Lumineers.

    “leading lady” – She’s the only chick in the band (maybe)
    “string of hits” – She plays the cello
    “Slow it down” – is one of their songs

    I just googled the odd phrase (slow it down) in the item to and the rest kind of fit.