1. LooLoo says

    No idea, but I did want to say that those are some of the worst shoes I’ve seen in a long time.

  2. kermit1969 says

    TV Show: Access Hollywood

    Male Host: Mario Lopez “saved” as in saved by the bell.

    • nolabelle says

      I was going to guess the usual horn dog Lauer until I saw your post. I agree with you on Lopes,since you were the only one to see the clue!

  3. Jester says

    Today Show?
    Matt Lauer? I am not even sure if he would be considered a host though, more of an anchor, so…Hmmm…

  4. rocker says

    Letterman immediately comes to mind, but he’s the boss of The Late Show. Probably Matt Lauer.

  5. OoLaLana says

    TV Show: Today
    Male Host: Matt Lauer

    Sheesh. Men and their inability to control their libido rears its ugly head in a supposed civilized and forward thinking culture. If only women could rule the world .

    Even if it’s not Matt, my POV comment still holds true.

  6. stacat1 says

    MALE HOST: Matt Lauer

    (when is he NOT the answer to these questions- ha)

  7. slimfast10 says

    Going for the most obvious that cheating Matt Lauer of course of The sinking Today Show..can I just say, I am SO not a fan of his phony baloney bs…

    • KWDragon says

      Considering his recent comments on adultery–“women need to work harder to please their men because men naturally lose interest”–this could very well be it.

  8. hyork says

    Chris Harrison of the Bachelor/-ette shows. It’s rumored he had an affair with a Bachelorette while taping a season of The Bachelor.

  9. mizzavrid says

    Jeez, so many Matt Lauer guesses. Pretty sad, really sunk low. Was good in his early days on the show, my mom said he was a nice man.

  10. eureca says

    I’m thinking that ‘Bosses’ is a clue but its not clueing me in to anything just yet.

  11. newsjunkie says

    +1. I totally would believe this. Mario cheated on one of the most beautiful women in the world, Miss USA 1996 Ali Landry, top 6 at Miss Universe. Having been in the pageant business for over twenty years, those of us were shocked regarding what he did. When Oprah was following them after their marriage it was believed that he cheated on her right after the honeymoon, during the filming of the show and Ali knew it. Mario Lopez might be pretty to look at, but he is a male skank who has no respect to the women he is married to, or his children that will one day find out how he treated their Mother.

  12. dontpanik says

    I have no idea, but the hint is in the second sentence. The sentence structure is wrong. It should read “The” bosses, not Bosses which leads me to think bosses is important but I don’t think Undercover Boss has a host. I am clueless on this one.

  13. thefantasticspazzomatic says

    This reminds me of that ‘irresistable’ dental assistant who got fired for basically the same reason. She sued him and LOST, because a man cannot be blamed if a woman causes a rise in his pants. Sexist * country.