Pregnant Miscalculation

wedding[Blind Gossip] This celebrity has tons of ex-girlfriends. Have you ever noticed, though, that not a single one of them has ever said anything negative about him? None have ever spilled nasty tidbits about him to the tabloids or written a tell-all book. In fact, he is unusually friendly and close with almost all of them.

It’s not just because he takes care of them during and after the relationship. It’s because they understand that the single most important requirement in being in his life is their loyalty to him. He has a huge ego, and he only wants people around him who respect his status, and are completely loyal and trustworthy. Once you are in that club, you’re in it for good. He will take care of you. He’ll even buy you a house after you’ve broken up with him!

This pregnant woman made a very bad miscalculation. She thought that if she had his child, that she would get everything she wanted: a new husband, a new baby, a trade up to a more rich and famous and fabulous life.

Well, she will get the money and the baby, but she will not land the prize she thought was at the end of this rainbow: He will never, ever marry her!

Why not? After all, she is beautiful, he has always enjoyed her company, and she will be the mother of his first (and maybe only) child.

It’s because she deceived him. She told him that she was on birth control, when she was not. In doing that, she not only got pregnant, but she broke the most important bond that he has with all the women in his life: loyalty.

She lied to him, and that lie has now exposed him and publicly embarrassed him. And he is absolutely beside himself with anger over her betrayal! No one has ever done that to him before! To him, her actions are an absolutely unforgivable breach of friendship and loyalty. He will get through this fiasco, and he will take care of the child… but he will never, ever marry her!



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