Pregnant Miscalculation

wedding[Blind Gossip] This celebrity has tons of ex-girlfriends. Have you ever noticed, though, that not a single one of them has ever said anything negative about him? None have ever spilled nasty tidbits about him to the tabloids or written a tell-all book. In fact, he is unusually friendly and close with almost all of them.

It’s not just because he takes care of them during and after the relationship. It’s because they understand that the single most important requirement in being in his life is their loyalty to him. He has a huge ego, and he only wants people around him who respect his status, and are completely loyal and trustworthy. Once you are in that club, you’re in it for good. He will take care of you. He’ll even buy you a house after you’ve broken up with him!

This pregnant woman made a very bad miscalculation. She thought that if she had his child, that she would get everything she wanted: a new husband, a new baby, a trade up to a more rich and famous and fabulous life.

Well, she will get the money and the baby, but she will not land the prize she thought was at the end of this rainbow: He will never, ever marry her!

Why not? After all, she is beautiful, he has always enjoyed her company, and she will be the mother of his first (and maybe only) child.

It’s because she deceived him. She told him that she was on birth control, when she was not. In doing that, she not only got pregnant, but she broke the most important bond that he has with all the women in his life: loyalty.

She lied to him, and that lie has now exposed him and publicly embarrassed him. And he is absolutely beside himself with anger over her betrayal! No one has ever done that to him before! To him, her actions are an absolutely unforgivable breach of friendship and loyalty. He will get through this fiasco, and he will take care of the child… but he will never, ever marry her!



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108 comments to Pregnant Miscalculation

  • zaaara

    Cowell & Silverman

  • carriebradshaw

    Simon Cowell & Lauren Silverman

    • akajenb

      Simon is worth millions of dollars and he puts his trust in a gold digger to use birth control. This blind is a gold digger’s dream. I must add if someone is loyal to you they won’t need to accept gifts from you to show that. I think Simon use these gifts as a way to keep his former flames quiet.

  • Weazle

    Too easy. Mr. X Factor Simon.

  • MzDBDB

    Oh, Simon. And the gold digger.

  • FlyingSnickerdoodle

    Him: Benicio Del Toro

    Her: Kimberly Stewart

  • suzq

    HIm – Simon Cowell
    Her – Lauren Silverman

  • TanLouB

    simon cowell & lauren silverman

  • WhoDatGirl

    Him: Simon Cowell
    Her: Lauren Silverman

  • sabrina325

    Simon Cowell & Lauren Silverman

  • Annemarie123

    Him:Simon Cowell
    Her:Lauren Silverman

  • smd1004p

    simon cowell and lauren silverman


    Him: Simon Cowell
    Her: Lauren Silverman

  • slantrhyme

    Simon Cowell?

  • gwenn

    Him: Simon Cowell
    Her: That trampy Silverman creature

  • Ana-nj

    Him: Simon Cowell

    Her: Lauren Silverman

  • FiyahHotFlashy

    Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman….FOOL!

  • kittypryde777

    Him: Simon Cowell
    Her: Lauren Silverman

  • LeahLynn28

    Simon Cowell and that gold-digger?
    I read somewhere that Simon has no plans of marrying her,and never will.She’s an idiot,she used a man on purpose(and also cheated on her husband),lied to him,and now lost him.Her only link to Simon will be her future cash-cow baby.And probably will lose her son’s custody if Andrew wins in court,and her situation isn’t getting better,people already hate her.This scandal will be her ruin,if she thinks Simon will marry her,she’s wrong.
    I only feel for this baby,she will exploit him/her to get money and attention.

  • audio99

    simon cowell and his baby momma

  • RedHot3

    Why didn’t Simon get snipped years ago????

    • redstilettos

      Amen. If he was so against having kids and/or worried about his women getting pregnant I don’t understand why he didn’t get a vasectomy eons ago.

      • akajenb

        Or used protection

      • YoGo8c

        Because imo the whole ‘scandal’ part is a pack of lies?

        There’s an attention-seeking drama to be had out of it along the way. Which part of it is even true or not wholly orchestrated via the newspapers is anyone’s guess.

        The most believable part is simply that Simon Cowell wanted his own baby with a willing bucket – and getting one outside of making a big story of infidelity would make people go ‘oh look there’s goes another Ronaldo’.

        I just don’t buy this at all. Lol @ those saying she’s “trapped” SC, they don’t even know her! Or really, him.

  • Jester

    Once again, Simon and Lauren.

  • NicoleBH

    Him: Simon Cowell

    Her: Lauren Silverman

  • PandoraWolf

    I bet you the financial settlement Simon offered this chick was more than all of us posters on BG will ever see in all our cumulative lifetimes, and she likely turned it down because it “wasn’t enough”.

    Kinda makes me want to punch her in the face, actually.

    Ahhhhh, Simon, I would say I feel for you, but honestly, I don’t.

  • Purrana

    Simon Cowell

  • bubbajane

    No one but Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman!

  • lovefifteen

    Simon Cowell. Should have used a condom, man!

  • Cinzia

    Simon says!

  • Virginia

    Simon Cowell and that Lauren chick

  • travoltasbeard

    Him: Simon Cowbellend

    Her: Laura Silverbling

  • Scorpio13

    Him: Simon Cowell (check out the t-shirt)

    Her: Lauren Silverman (it’s been reported that she expects him to marry her)

  • stolidog

    Oh, Simon. The only shocking thing about this is that the woman in question is not Ryan Seacrest.

  • packerpoke


  • zeep

    Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman, but why do you even put down her name like she’s such a celebrity?

    It goes without saying he won’t marry her as he never would have wanted to marry her anyways, and certainly not now that she’s tricked him into getting her pregnant especially while she’s still married! He’s smug and annoying – and I don’t know what he has to hide – but credit given for his good relationships with past flames.

  • Blondenycblonde

    Simon Cowell
    Lauren Silverman

  • cunnawabum

    I wanna say Kanye and Kim but she’s not pregnant anymore. The “He has a huge ego” part pointed me toward him

  • Kricket1

    him – Simon Cowell
    her – Lauren Silverman

  • Mia444

    Simon Cowell, of course. Everyone values loyalty, but not all people can be trusted. If you really, absolutely don’t ever want to be a father, zip it or snip it!

  • waysouthofheaven

    Simon Cowel & his baby moma/best friends wife

    • samson

      and that silverman girl

      that white shirted guy looks like him with the color of the shirt and hair

  • DesertGhost

    Him: Simon Cowell

    Her: Lauren Silverman

    People Who Are Already Getting Tired Of This: Everyone

  • SayItAintSo

    Simon Cowell

  • 4sixx2

    Obvi Simon but my question is this: why would he not get a Vasectomy??!!! He could still have a child later if he chose to have one- reversal, harvest sperm. (Tho I don’t understand why anyone his age would choose to become a new parent). And yes, I know, I know that neither a vasectomy nor birth control is 100% but a Vasectomy is safer than trusting your potential parenthood to another.

  • kermit1969

    Simon Cowell

    Silverstein womman

  • Molls

    Him: Simon Cowell
    Her: Lauren Silverman

  • tawse57

    Data from Star Trek and Tasha Yar.

  • slimfast10

    Him of huge ego…Simon Cowell

    She of fatal miscalculation…Lauren Silverman

  • caela94


  • haley1020

    Simon cowell
    Lauren Silverman

  • masa6355

    First time poster
    Him:Simon Cowell
    Her: his friends wife

  • YoGo8c

    Simon Cowell and his latest but I’m not buying this one.

    I think there’s as good a case for it being another one of his huge PR stunts or arrangements (with the consent of all and a real baby).

    I’m sorry I don’t have the same trust in Simon Cowell or his bedpost as BG does, lol. :)

  • sassybrunette

    Simon Cowell

    Lauren Silverman (whose 15 mins have expired)

  • stanton

    SIMON of course. Simon “When you put it in” you “Fork it Out”. I don’t feel sorry for you. IF you never wanted kids you should of had a “vasectomy”. Your grown man. Deal with it!

    • Layale

      ^ This!!! Never trust a woman who says she’s on birth control when you’re rich and famous (and maybe even if you’re not rich and famous)! I’m only surprised it didn’t happen sooner!

  • CanaryCry

    Simon & the golddigging socialite.

  • Kerzep

    Simon Cowell and his best friends wife.

  • WaitLemmeGuess

    Simon Cowell, and it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy!

  • opulent1

    Him: Simon Cowbell

    Her: Lauren Silverman

    She crewed up royally. That get pregnant trap don’t work these days! He’ll take care of the baby bit she is SOL with him!

  • opulent1

    Him: Simon Cowell

    Her: Lauren Silverman

    She crewed up royally. That get pregnant trap don’t work these days! He’ll take care of the baby bit she is SOL with him!

  • Lillies

    Him: Josh Groban

    Her: Rachel Beider

  • Jennie

    Him: Simon cowell

    Her: Lauren Silverman

  • minx

    Well, I would say it’s obviously SImon Cowell and his pregnant tootsie.

  • loremi

    George Clooney and Stacy Keibler

  • ALiarsWorstNightmare

    This chick is trash but Simon is a nasty mfer! Who screws without protection nowadays??? A chick saying she is on the pill is the OLDEST trick in the book! He’s the real dummy in this mess!

  • annasophie

    how many blinds will we have to endure about simon cowell?

    if not him, then derek jeter.

  • Tkdgypsy

    Obviously Simon Cowell and the married hussy. I hope he’s been reading Blind Gossip haha

  • JaneDawson

    Simon & Lauren. Who else?

    She needs to disappear.

  • La Llorona

    Ahhh, Simon Cowell again.

    He’s honestly kind of gross, the more I read these blinds. He really manipulates all the people around him.

  • terry123

    Simon and his best friend’s trampy wife

  • lepidoteran

    Simon, Simon, Simon, you are an idiot for not using a condom with a woman married to someone else.

  • Lisa

    Simon Cowell & Lauren Silverman

  • Fergus

    Simon is a pretty funny guy. He has a nasty streak a mile wide. When you see him in interviews he is very condescending and smarmy, and expects everything to go his way. Or else.

  • CdnGoose

    Cowell and Silverman

    Although I find it funny (ha, ha not peculiar) that he has this whole loyalty creed thing going on and on the other hand, he was boinking his “best friend’s” wife behind his back.

    Sounds like karma to me.

  • effthisnoise

    If Simon Cowell values LOYALTY so much, why did he sleep with his friend’s wife?

  • UKGoss

    Hmmm… I’m not at all convinced by this Simon Cowell story. I think it’s PR-led, either because Simon’s genuinely longed for a baby as he’s gotten older and lonelier (or his beloved mother has been desperate for a grandchild); or some muck-raking about his life was about to surface and he needed a hasty cover-up. Or it could just be a cynical publicity ploy, as all his shows’ ratings are on a downward spiral.

    Where did this woman suddenly appear from? Why hasn’t anyone (in the British tabloids at least) mentioned her before? How have the newspapers suddenly got hold of all these pictures of their alleged “seven year-long” relationship? And don’t the pictures look staged?

    Nothing about the story rings true.It’s another twist in the tale that’s Simon Cowell’s public life – which seems too tightly choreographed for an unexpected burst of news like this. Besides, I can’t imagine him sleeping with a woman, let alone making her pregnant.

    • La Llorona

      Well, I know it seems far fetched, but something about this doesn’t seem so…controlled. I think this woman actually did sleep with him. And that he was stupid enough to think he could cover his tracks and manipulate her into never conceiving the baby. Cowell seems like the kind of guy who would have some groupies follow him around, and he would just sleep with them when it conveniences him. The thing is, his flings have never been that subtle, if you know what I mean. I mean, you don’t hear about him sleeping around every day, but he was dating Carmen Electra for a while and then he cheated on his last girlfriend, didn’t he? And he broke up with her rather publicly. I get that maybe he did that on purpose, (because he was trying to upkeep his reputation as an ass or perhaps because he’s a chauvinist, who knows…) but I think he’s just now starting to see his behavior catch up with him.

      And that, I think, is what is the messed up part. He treats every women he’s ever been with as a number. I think we can sit here all day and blame these women for putting up with his behavior, but that doesn’t remedy the problem. I don’t know who to sympathize with in this scenario. I think Cowell was messed up for fooling around with a married woman, period. Takes two to tango and all that jazz.

    • mizzavrid

      TRUE DAT!!!!!

      • akajenb

        Why would any woman want to be Simon’s groupie is like eww.We all know when a guy/woman is wealthy you have people that would do anything forr money.

    • YoGo8c

      My previous thoughts on the other related blinds mirror your’s prty much to the letter. Glad I’m not tht only one highly suspiciouus!

      No way could Simon Cowell just adopt a baby or have a child with a single friend because of course that would make him look g-a-y, that perfectly natural, LEGAL state of being and the thing he’s always desperate to avoid being linked to.

      So it has to be some elaborate scandal to keep the paps and papers (most of which are not hard to squeeze) happy. With everyone getting paid off behind the scenes IMO. I don’t buy this in a million years and bring on the ‘DNA result’, it still looks like a French farce imo.

      • akajenb

        Agree about this blind, maybe Simon is trying to get the gay rumors away from his image, by having this huge scandal. Simon and Ryan Seacrest always seem gay to me.

    • goldieb

      I’m thinking you’re on to something. A collusion amongst the rich and powerful would not be anything new (Lord Lucan, e.g.). Accusations of adultery and a pregnancy would tend to silence those of us who think Si’s great love is still on AI. We hoi-polloi aren’t knowledgeable about what kind and what amount of “pay-offs” might have been discussed.

      • YoGo8c

        If anyone knows how to plan these things, I would say Simon Cowell knows how to. He knows all too well that ANY scandal is a five day wonder these days and that anyone can bounce back with a reality TV show or you can smile your way through public ‘disgrace’ in no time, and even benefit from it.

    • gagirl

      I totally agree. I was also wondering where all these pics suddenly came from when there would’ve been no reason to photograph her at the time. And if the husband is accusing her of cheating that’s just b.s. The guy would have to be blind, deaf and dumb to not see his wife hanging all over Simon and playing with his hair. That alone made me suspicious. And I just don’t buy into the notion that adults don’t know how to prevent pregnancy, esp @ 53. The whole thing just reeks to me.

  • tru leigh

    Another BI about The Big C and his baby mama?

  • Heilige Bimbam

    This is much too easy. Cowell and Silverman. Cowell’s trust broken? How about Silverman’s husband filing for divorce on grounds of adultery, naming Cowell, his best friend? This treachery from Cowell is far worse.

  • august

    I don’t believe he’s even straight.
    Anyway America got it right she now a star.

  • ashanean

    Of Course it is:

    Him: Simon Cowell

    Her: Lauren Silverman

  • QJ201

    Note to Baby Daddy. Next time don’t buy your women homes, etc. Buy them an IUD. OR USE A RUBBER.

    Definitely Cowell.

  • goldieb

    Simon a fanatic about LOYALTY? Oh, that’s right; not to Mr. Silverman, only to Simon.

  • dontknowmuch

    I think this is related to the May 3, he Secretly Approves of Her Affair, BI. Everyone thought it was Trump…but now I think it’s Silverman.

  • FlyingSnickerdoodle

    Yeah, wellwhatever. Can you say Illuminati? Can you say… MK Ultra? Can you say… disgusting? Can you say… Simon is gay…

  • YoGo8c

    Oh please, this gets better. We now hear he allegedly ‘dumped’ Lauren weeks before the news hit. How convinient that he wiggles out of committing or even having to explain himself.

    So…one big PR stuuuunt. Possible real baby but whose and how it even got it there…who knows anymore. But this is playing out exactly as the cynic in me thought it would, like one big old drama minus Simon Cowell having to commit, or explain, and the papers all acting/speaking for him.