Trading Up

woman bikini[Blind Gossip] This celebrity has a long history of bedding beautiful (and sometimes famous) women.

The women have all been single, pretty, fit, and have some talent or career in their own right.

He had the same set of relationship rules for a long time, and he made sure to communicate these rules before he gets involved.

They all knew that they should not expect him to be monogamous. They all knew not to expect marriage or children. They all knew that he liked to “ride bareback”. They all knew that they were responsible for birth control. They all know that if they played by the rules, that they would be well taken care of both during and after the relationship.

Up until now, he had actually been pretty lucky. No marriages. No children. No major STDs.

Well, his luck finally ran out.

His luck ran out because he broke his own rules. He got involved with a woman who was married, and who had no talent or career of her own… other than marrying a rich man.

Yes, he was stupid for getting involved with her. But she had started playing the celebrity even before she met him.

She was unhappy in her marriage from the beginning. She slept with another man the night before her wedding. She had a string of affairs. She told friends that she would leave her husband as soon as she could “trade up” to someone more rich or famous. Or both.

You’ll probably hear contrived stories about how she met the celebrity, that it was all business that evolved into a friendship. Don’t believe the spin. They met because she planned it that way.

The celebrity’s brother lived in London, and she had an international affair with him over the course of several years. The brother was interesting, but he wasn’t wealthy or famous enough for her.

She wanted the celebrity himself, whom she had met several times through the brother. However, she couldn’t spend time with the celebrity without raising suspicions.

So she introduced the celebrity to her husband, and the two wealthy and powerful men became great friends. Their friendship provided the perfect cover for the affair. If anyone saw the celebrity with the woman, they would naturally assume that the two were just friends because the celeb was such good friends with the husband. Little did the husband know that his wife was planning an even bigger step towards claiming the celebrity as her own.

She was preparing to trade up.

More tomorrow.

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Woman’s Husband:


Celebrity’s Brother (not famous):




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69 comments to Trading Up

  • MelliUK

    Lauren Silverman
    Andrew Silverman
    Simon Cowell
    Nicolas (or maybe Tony?) Cowell

    • YoGo8c

      Sounds like it.

      But I REALLY wish someone would dig deeper, lol. I now see Cowell’s smug face on a TV show making ‘quips’ about not reading the papers. He knows exactly what is going on and you can tell he’s loving it. His grin is a mile wide, and no sense of shame or dignity regarding his docile-sounding friend Andrew, who it’s safe to say (if it’s true) everyone involved has let down (if he is indeed an innocent party and not in on it, or all we know he might have an open or sham marriage?).

      I feel sure there’s more to this thing and the timing and types of media outlets reporting it at source are all PR/Simon Cowell ones anyway. Now we are having DNA test and the brother is involved?

      Is Simon smiling because he’s enjoying being outed as a true “stud” this time or because he’s managed to pull off the biggest scam in entertainement since Beyonce’s faux bun-in-the-oven?

      And I thought One Direction’s conveyor belt of PR fibs and embellishments was bad!

      • YoGo8c

        I have to add something else, sorry. But does anyone find it strange that Simon Cowell’s 87 year old mother says he’d make a ‘fantastic father’ rather than ‘no comment’ (when on the face of it ths is a cheating scandal, and seemingly involving his own brother?) And who would be cruel enough to tap up an 87 year old for comment before real facts were known? Erm, Simon Cowell’s newspaper that’s who!

        This whole thing is so weird and fishy I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s been organized!

      • CanaryCry

        Said it so skeptics like me don’t have to … thank you!

        He & Liam Gallagher are milking these scandal cows big time.

      • MelliUK

        Yes something is truely amiss for me, as he has more than enough money to keep this on the downlow if he wanted too. Ive read so many blinds about him being gay this is about as big a “proof” he isnt that he could get i guess.. fishy indeed.

  • shoefreak

    Woman: Lauren Silverman

    Woman’s Husband: Andrew Silverman

    Celebrity: Simon Cowell

    Celebrity’s Brother (not famous): Nicholas Cowell

  • DesertGhost

    Woman: Lauren Silverman

    Woman’s Husband: Andrew Silverman

    Celebrity: Simon Cowell

    Celebrity’s Brother (not famous): Not sure which one of his brothers but at this point wouldn’t be surprised if it was more than one of them. What a mess.

  • JennyJustice

    Obvioulsy Simon Cowel and Lauren Silverman.

  • ccattwood

    Lauren Silverman
    Andrew Silverman
    Simon Cowell
    Tony Cowell

  • tynk333

    Woman: Lauren Silverman

    Woman’s Husband: Andrew Silverman

    Celebrity: Simon Cowell

    Celebrity’s Brother (not famous): Nicholas Cowell

  • gadgetgal

    Woman: Lauren Silverman

    Woman’s Husband: Andrew Silverman

    Celebrity: Simon Cowell

    Celebrity’s Brother (not famous): Alexander Silverman

    This woman is GOOD. Overnight, everyone now knows her name and the paps are following her on bump watch. Despicable, but her methods proved effective. I feel sorry for the family and her 7 year old son. I wonder if her affair with the brother will come out?

  • stolidog

    Well, this is obviously Simon Cowell since it was all over the papers yesterday

  • ashanean

    Woman: Lauren Silverman
    Woman’s Husband: Andrew Silverman
    Celebrity: Simon Cowell
    Celebrity’s Brother: Nicholas Cowell

  • Jennie

    Lauren Silverman
    Andrew Silverman
    Simon Cowell
    Nicholas Cowell

  • Marykay

    Simon Cowell and his baby mama

  • tiredofwhining

    lauren silverman

    andrew silverman

    simon cowell

    nicholas cowell?

  • FiyahHotFlashy

    Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman. Her soon to be ex hubby Andrew Silverman. Simon’s brother. Messy business. With all his $$$ shouldn’t Simon have a fixer on speed dial. Where there’s smoke,there’s fire. Hope Lauren has good people in her corner. She might need Ray Donovan…LOL

  • Fergus

    Simple Simon couldn’t see this coming? If he was barebacking it around town it was only a matter of time before someone actually decided to sink the hooks in. He needs to pay her off and get rid of all the evidence ASAP – but maybe it is too late now that it has gone public. Stupid.

  • val

    Woman: Lauren Silverman.
    Woman’s husband: Andrew Silverman.
    Celebrity: Simon Cowell.
    Celebrity’s Brother: ?

    My goodness. What a nice woman… I bet her parents are proud of who she has become. Simon should have known better.

    • nolabelle

      I agree with you! Although in today’s sorry world, her parents likely pushed her to this behavior and are thrilled at all this, thinking of only the $$$ that they will get in support going forward.

  • I Am PunkA

    Simon Cowell

  • Kricket1

    So obvious – Simon Cowell got played!
    The Lauren Silverman bed slug diddled Cowell behind his buddies back.
    Hope Andrew Silverman causes them grief – they deserve each other – SLIME!

  • Glitter

    Simon for the celebrity

  • azura1

    Lauren & Andrew Silverman / Simon & ? Cowell

  • carriebradshaw

    Woman:Lauren Silverman

    Woman’s Husband:Andrew Silverman

    Celebrity:Simon Cowell

    Celebrity’s Brother (not famous):Nicholas Cowell

    is this a Hollywood Street King sort of blind?

  • ppfxxx

    Lauren Silverman
    Andrew Silverman
    Simon Cowell
    For the brother I’ll guess Nicholas

  • GuiltyPleasure33

    Simon Cowell and that chick I forgot the name of…

  • bluepetal

    Woman: Lauren Silverman

    Woman’s Husband: Andrew Silverman

    Celebrity’s Brother: Simon Cowell

    Celebrity’s Brother: ? could be any of them

  • keyakxx

    Lauren silverman and SImon Cowell¡

  • audio99

    simon cowell and his baby momma


    this is obviously simon cowell and the chick who just ended up pregnant. Poor man….

  • suzq

    Woman: Lauren Silverman

    Woman’s Husband: Andrew Silverman

    Celebrity: Simon Cowell

    Celebrity’s Brother (not famous): Nick (real estate guy)

  • dontpanik

    Can’t remember /don’t care about all their names but this is Simon Cowell.

  • wfreshie

    woman : lauren silverman
    husband: andrew silverman
    celebrity: simon cowell
    brother: nicholas cowell

    he is the younger full brother, simon has a couple of half brothers as well,but going with nicholas

  • iknowiknownotreallybutmaybe

    Simon, simon, simon… smh

  • ashepp3

    Simon Cowell
    Lauren Silverman

  • Mia444

    Simon Cowell & whats-her-face. I almost feel sorry for Simon because she sounds like a conniving b*tch, but when a guy really, truly does not want to be a father, he should either get a vasectomy or at least use condoms every single time.

  • PixieNina


  • gammyjill

    Simon Cowell and what’s-her-name Levenson. It’s been all over the papes.

  • DonnaStarla

    Well, it’s obvious who the people involved are. What really surprises me is that Simon actually got sucked into it…and her!!!

  • Tennisnsun

    Obviously Silverman et al. Nothing like insuring you lead the good life thru your children’s child support payments.

  • WhoDatGirl

    Woman: Lauren Silverman
    Woman’s Husband: Andrew Silverman
    Celebrity: Simon Cowell
    Celebrity’s Brother: Tony Cowell? There’s more than one, so I picked the one that was more in the spotlight than the others.

  • Ana-nj

    We already known this one.

    Woman: Lauren Silverman

    Woman’s husband: Andrew Silverman

    Celebrity: Simon Cowell

    Celebrity’s brother: Nicholas Cowell

  • Okayeah

    I kind of don’t mind that Simon Cowell has been caught in this trap. Seems he needed a reminder he’s not a god.

    • akajenb

      I can honestly say I have no pity for Simon. You slept with a married woman, her husband happen to be a a friend even though she planned it that way. I also can’t believe that SiMon been having unprotected sex, with all his hook ups. He is lucky he didn’t catch an std. I guess the teacher had become the student in this case.Lauren playedvery well.(lol)
      I’m so sorry for that poor kid that’s gonna be born into this mess.smh.

  • hyork

    Woman: Lauren Silver
    Woman’s husband: Andrew Silver
    Celebrity: Simon Cowell
    Celebrity’s brother: Nicholas Cowell

  • waysouthofheaven

    Simon Cowell& his friends wife that’s preggo by Simon.

  • EstrellaEllaElla

    Obsessive reader, first time de-lurking!

    I might be too late with this guess, as it seems to be a breaking story today, but:

    – Simon Cowell (brother Nicholas lived in London)
    – Lauren Silverman (husband is millionaire mogul Andrew Silverman)
    – She’s allegedly pregnant by Cowell

  • sabrina325

    Lauren Silverman, Andrew Silverman, Simon Cowell

  • slantrhyme

    I guess this puts an end to the Simon-is-gay rumors that floated around for a while?

  • CapnZebbie

    Woman: Lauren Silverman

    Woman’s Husband: Andrew Silverman

    Celebrity: Simon Cowell

    Celebrity’s Brother (not famous): Nicholas Cowell

  • bjd44

    Oh, puleeeeze…. we all know this is Simon Cowell. Ugh….. you reap what you sow….. idiot…..

  • boyjack4

    Lauren . Silverman
    Andrew Silverman
    Simon Cowell
    Nicholas Cowell!!

    By getting pregnant with Simon Cowell’s child she is set up for life!! Can dump him and score millions
    What a despicable woman! I don’t like Simon much but honestly even he doesn’t deserve this!!

    • YoGo8c

      “even he doesn’t deserve this!!”

      Oh do go watch his big ol’ moonface on TV when it’s brought up. He’s loving it, lol. Please don’t be so naive.

    • nolabelle

      Wow…. “He doesn’t deserve this”? He consciously and deliberately chose this behavior and all the risks he took and that are involved. He reaped what he himself sowed. There are consequences to adultery, fornication and unprotected sex. He now has those consequences by his own hand ….and other parts.

  • stonn

    Oh Simon. Reeled in by a slick golddigger who took advantage of his weakness for barebacking it. He should have known better!!

  • carol15

    if this had been anyone else i woulda thought she’s a ‘not very nice’, but i’m actually glad some woman outsmarted cowell. he’s been too emotionally selfish with his women for far too long

  • LeahLynn28

    Oh,so Lauren planned everything…she was smart,but i feel she won’t be exactly happy in few months,she’s still married and i doubt Simon loves her,he was basically fooling her too.But if she thinks the pregnancy will make Simon live and eventually marry her,she’s wrong.She’ll have a child support,but Simon is too free and won’t be with her.And Blind Gossip finally exposed her lies and her plans…lol
    I read Andrew wants sole custody of their son…i hope he wins and destroys that cheap gold-digger and Simon in court.Both are idiots and deserve each other.

  • jmol

    This is what happens when narcissistic and histrionic personalities couple up. Sorry for the baby.

  • NormaDesperate

    wow, she sounds like a real piece of work. as for Simon, I hope the two of them live happily ever after – they deserve each other!

  • tru leigh

    Wasn’t this in another BI? It’s Simon Cowell and his baby mama.

  • chully

    Lauren Silverman – gold-digging old slag.

    They sound vile, her and Cowell. Poor kid.

  • YoGo8c

    Sounds like the brother has a shot as being a dad.

    Also, loving the silence in the British newspapers about morality and “cheating on a friend” with a “married woman”, so strangely non-condemnatory for them. Eh.

  • YoGo8c

    Oh and people should go see his tweets just posted, so loaded. :) I take it back about him ‘inning himself’, I now think those comments are rigged. I esp. liked the salmon joke a few nights ago.