• Lelaina Pierce says


        No, Usher is Usher Raymond IV, making his dad Usher Raymond III, NOT Ben Vereen.

      • BoatGirl says

        Ben Vereen is Usher’s godfather, not father, but Usher is out of the running anyway since he was born in 1978 (too early).

  1. mrsdarcy says

    Justin Bieber. His mom’s wikipedia page says she used to sing and act and was signed to a Toronto based talent agent.

    • kittyconfidential says

      Bieber’s too young, he was born in 1994. And the affair was in the 80s… The pop star in question is 24-33 years old

  2. JaneDawson says

    Pop act: Elizabeth Grant (now known as “Lana Del Rey”)
    Daddy: Robert Grant
    Mom: Patricia whatever

    • JaneDawson says

      Nevermind, I missed the “him” at the end.

      Bruno Mars
      His late but talent mother
      Whoever worked at Motown at the time.

  3. CanaryCry says

    Dumb guess:

    Gloria Loring is the mom of Robin Thicke – no doubt she was already cheating on Alan “Growing Pains” Thicke.

    No idea who the mogul could’ve been.

  4. What Had Happened Was ... says

    This is pretty well-known, so it’s probably wrong, but here goes.

    Pop Star: Redfoo
    Record Exec: Berry Gordy
    Client/Pop Star’s Mom: Nancy Leiviska

  5. luvprue1 says

    Pop Star: Justin Bieber

    Record Exec:Scooter (Scott) Braun of Raymond Braun Media Group,

    Client/Mother of Pop Star: Patricia “Pattie” Mallette ( film producer)

  6. Jester says

    Just wanted to say that it can’t be Justin Bieber, nor Selena. They are both too young to have been conceived in the 80’s, even ’89 and being born in 1990.

  7. tru leigh says

    The BI says, “The exec signed him, too.” Him. Rules out Kesha, Selena, The Biebs.

  8. keyakxx says

    At this point I have no suggestions but I’d like to point out that several people seem to be saying its Bieber, but the blind doesn’t suggest that the affair stretched to the 90s (he was born in 94!)

    • HermioneG says

      I have no idea if this fits for the signing the artist part, but I second this guess. The resemblance is striking.

      • HermioneG says

        I was also considering Justin Timberlake (no idea about the exec though) since I can’t think of any other guy in his 30s who can be labeled as one the biggest popstars besides Bruno Mars and JT.

    • What Had Happened Was ... says

      Wow…never thought about any resemblance between the two, but now that you mention it, I could definitely see it. It’s in the eyes.

  9. NYCMEL says

    Berry Gordy, Bruno Mars
    Bruno had a stint with Motown but it didn’t work out, early on in his career. He was born in 1985, so it fits. And if you look at pictures, Bruno looks like Berry and not much like his siblings.

  10. josette says

    I like the Bruno Mars/Berry Gordy guess..If it’s wrong..I guess again La Reid/ Neyo?

  11. MissMoney says

    Justin Timberlake
    Lou Pearlman (N’SYNC FOUNDER/MANAGER) who is now in prison.
    Justins Mom, Lynn

    IF you look at pics of Justin and his dad, they look nothing alike. Now, mind you, Lou Pearlman is not attractive at all but he could be his father if Justin just takes after his mom (a blessing, surely). Its possible.

    Bruno Mars looks NOTHING like Berry Gordy. I should know. Mr. Mars is my hubby :)

  12. Pinkie2 says

    After reading all the comments, I went to look at pictures of Berry Gordy and Bruno Mars. The resemblance is uncanny. Pictures of his kids look like Mars too. I am going with this one.

  13. kermit1969 says

    Popstar: Bruno Mars

    Record Exec: Herb Alpert (the A in A&M)

    Mom: Bruno’s recently deceased mom which would explain why this blind is coming out now

  14. kermit1969 says

    OMG wait

    Popstar: Bruno Mars

    Record exec: Ahmet Ertegun (the eyes have it)

    Mom: Bruno’s deceased mom

  15. FlyingSnickerdoodle says

    It is absolutely, positively…


    Record Exec: LOU PERLMAN

    Client/Mother of Pop Star: LYNN HARLESS

    Justin looks much more like his REAL father — LOU PERLMAN — than his own mother…

    • FlyingSnickerdoodle says

      Justin’s criminal daddy’s name is actually “Pearlman”. Sorry to offend anyone but I think JT inherited his father’s slimy… creepiness.