Stealing More Than A Husband

woman jewelry[Blind Gossip] This actress likes to take things that don’t belong to her. She is having an affair with one of the married directors of her hit television show.

The actress has been to the director’s home several times when the wife isn’t there. She likes to take little parting gifts with her when she leaves. We wonder if the wife even notices that she’s missing a couple of very nice pieces of jewelry.

The actress likes to tell friends that the director generously gave her the jewelry as gifts. She really wants them to believe the relationship is more than a booty call. It’s not.


TV Show:


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      • rosiedoes says

        One of them is. Three people have director credits for the series so far.

        Besides, I didn’t say it was her, I said the picture reminds me of her.

  1. prleonard2 says

    January Jones for the actress (the photo reminds me of her. Also, what is wrong with the model’s lip liner?)

    Mad Men

    Director no idea.

    • Jack Draper says

      John Slattery? He is married and directs a lot of Mad Men episodes.

      I wouldn’t think it would be Matt Weiner if only because he strikes me as gay/closeted.

  2. HermioneG says

    No idea. Well too many actually β€” and for some reason I have Glee in mind, but I love it when you post about [not reality] TV shows, Ace πŸ˜‰

    Gimme more! I want some dirt (or kindness BI) on people I watch in my favourite shows πŸ˜€

      • Rachie says

        I think you’re confusing “director” with “creator” or “showrunner”.

        Glee has more than one director – Ryan Murphy hasn’t even directed the most episodes.

        Not saying this is Glee, but the fact RM is gay isn’t the thing that rules it out.

  3. ILikeLemonade says

    The girl in the photo looks a lot like Lucy Hale from Pretty Little Liars. The blind refers to “one of the married directors of her hit television show.” TV Guide lists PLL as the #4 show on television. Also, the bit at the end about taking jewelry and lying about it– pretty consistent with the concept of a “pretty little liar.” Not sure about the director. Chad Lowe, maybe.

    • tessiec32 says

      I second this, looks like her, another clue is the a is capitalized in story headline and, ‘a’ is a main character in pretty little liars, could also stand for Lucy hales character aria. The word ‘little’ is also used in the story. Lucy Hale is my vote.

  4. ValleyOfTheGalls says

    January Jones
    Mad Men
    Matthew Weiner
    The pic looks retro. Jones seems to be more interested in wrecking relationships than having one of her own, she could be vile enough to steal more than your husband.
    I wonder if she has or has ever had female friends.

    The show has had many directors. I chose Weiner (I can’t not giggle, I’m obviously very immature πŸ˜‰ ) because of the NY mayoral fiasco. Maybe it’s a subconscious or numerology thing with that name!

    • rorythedragon says

      I hope you’re not right, kookywooky, but it just occurred to me that the pic reminds me of the actress in Mad Men who plays Jane, the secretary who Roger (John Slattery) left his wife to marry. So you may be onto something.

  5. chandler02 says

    January Jones, of course!
    Mad Men
    Don’t know the director, though…hope it isn’t producer Matt Weiner.

  6. stonn says

    January Jones? Show: Mad Men. She has a history of messing around with men who are already spoken for.

  7. css1014 says

    I am getting a Zoey Dechanel vibe with the big blue eyes
    Show: New Girl
    Director: Jake Kasdan-well connected in Hollywood

  8. La Llorona says

    This chick doesn’t look like anyone except Danielle Fishel. I see those lips and think “Topanga!”…

    Speaking of which, I looked up the new “Girl Meets World” and saw that Rowan Blanchard, the girl that will be starring in the spin off, was in a movie called “Little in Common”. Also, she was born in 2001. 2001! I feel effin’ ancient now. I’m practically a dinosaur…I’m such a dinosaur I remember when “Dinosaurs” was a TV show *cries*

    Anyway…I thought that was kind of funny. I doubt that any of these people have anything to do with the blind above. It’s probably an A-Lister I know nothing about. I just wanted to share that πŸ˜›

    • knickers says

      I thought of Danielle Fishel, too! I’ve been feeling ancient as well when I see ’90s trends referred to as “retro” by young’uns.

      • La Llorona says

        I knowwww! I can’t even believe people like Rihanna wear acid washed mom jeans not-ironically, and she’s the same age as me! (Well…soon I’ll be getting older *sobs*) It’s crazy when kids get nostalgic for movies that came out the other day, like Adam Sandler movies from the late 90s. This world, it turns too fast I tell you. It oughta slow down…

    • sarabelle425 says

      I second this guess. I read somewhere that she was going to be written off but she bisou bisoued her way to a bigger role. It does explain the sudden engagement between Don and Megan.

  9. Tkdgypsy says

    Wild guess and pretty sure I’m wrong!
    bridget moynahan? stars in some tv show called BLUE Bloods. There was so much blue in the picture. Google search shows that She and director Joseph “McG” Nichol began dating in late 2010, after having met on an airplane. So she likes directors, but Don’t know which director this blind is referring to. Peter werner? is he married? This is just a wild guess anyway!

    • JenJenJen says

      I was focussing on the blue as well and figured Moynahan but not sure. I don’t think the show is big enough to have a blind about it, much less the director be someone we’d be able to name.

    • La Llorona says

      Mhmmm, I feel like this makes a lot of sense. Did I miss something, or was there an airplane reference in this blind?

    • Zara says

      I think this is Bridget for 2 reasons.

      1. Bridget was engaged to a director who she dumped for Tom Brady. The story is either Tom asked his agent to set him and Bridget up or Bridget went to get an autograph for her fiancee who was a big NE Patriots fan. The director was either married or engaged when Bridget got involved with him. He complained to a Boston paper that he was thought getting dumped for the quarterback only happened in high school. Then when Tom dumped Bridget people yelled Karma.

      2. Back during the Bridget vs. Tom and Gisele wars a former PA for Bridget came on a board, and told all their business. She said that Tom gave Bridget a ton of expensive jewelry that Bridget loved. She said that Tom also sent Bridget and her and friends to an expensive Mexican resort. She mentioned a ton of other stuff, but the jewelry part stood out to me.

  10. tru leigh says

    While JanJo is a good guess, MWeiner is sleeping with Jessica ParΓ© and he is not the director.

  11. slantrhyme says

    Eye makeup is very 1960s so that makes me think of Mad Men. The model’s teeth also makes me think of Jessica Pare. It would explain soooo much…

  12. Katniss says

    There’s been rumors about Naya Rivera and Brad Falchuk (married, directed several episodes) of Glee for years.